Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Camp Granada Song), Allan Sherman, 1963

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Cherie Carpenter : I loved this song when I was a kid😂😂

suspekt29 : hello mother, hello father i've been smoking marijuana coke is good, but crack is better i'm so f-ed up I can barely write this letter

roger komula : The innocent days when a funny hat passed for funny.

Ivan Walters : "Weird Al" Yankovic. has said Allan Sherman's recordings were one of the things that influenced him.

Waldimart : »Marge, is Lisa at Camp Granada?«

Joshua Baratheon : This sounds like an awesome camp with both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jeff Hardy in attendance. You can rock out while working on your Swanton Bombs.

celestialskye1 : Oh how I remember watching this on t.v. on our small t.v.! My brother and I couldn't stop laughing ~ funniest song we ever heard. I'm 62 now and still sing it to myself for a memory and bring a smile to my face. 😳

stephan burgess : OMG after growing up hearing this song it's the first time I have seen the original performed.

Sandboxten : Amazing classic

W W : "Now to put this tape where nobody will ever find it"

dragondancer1814 : I was raised on this song-it was a family favorite on road trips. Allan Sherman, Bob Newhart, Abbott & Costello, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, and many others-I was raised on all of them, administered frequently in massive overdoses!

Michael gregory : take me back to this simple time before the chaos of now

Jim Cushman : Got to #2 on the Billboard Charts for 3 weeks beginning on August 24, 1963. It won a Grammy for best comedy record in 1964...CLASSIC!!!

Gena Taylor : Remember that song so well. Hilarious and so typical of kids at camp. Especially the end of the song. which made it even more hilarious.

Annette Elliott-Dunn : I loved this song as a child and still do. Thanks to this upload, I love it more cos he looks so funny X

Kinky : Allan Sherman - loved him with my turquoise transistor at Huntington Beach back in the early 60s. Completely tragic that he died so young.

Taylor Sanchez : Lol comedy has come so far. Only 26 now but my pops used listen to this with me so I could crack a smile as a child. Love it. Thanks for the share.: )

Steven Torrey : I wish people would STOP projecting alternative videos before the video is over!

David Welsh : Watched this for the twelfth time.. so sad this man died at such an early age. He was a talented man.

THOMAS : Ahh, when the world was a better place.

Tom Hamilton : Not a swear word great

Andrew Griffith : “Marge! Is Lisa at camp Grenada?”

sean healy : marge is lisa at camp Granada

mark allen : I grew up on a dairy farm, and my parents had me go to church camp, wrestling camp and 4-H camp, swimming lessons, bible school and I would not miss it for the world. What bummed me out was I was not around to bail hay, fill silo etc. I miss my parents.

The Viking : I haven't heard that since I fell off my dinosaur!

eshoreman : Reminds me of my first day of camp back in the 50s.

Jose Moreno : Funny Then, Funny Now. I still laugh my a$$ off when i hear it. Thanks Allan , R.I.P. .

Robyn Jones : I loved this song as a child and still do. So clever.

Taco Taco : *I promise I won't make noise* *I'VE BEEN HERE ONE WHOLE DAY*

Jon Bourno : Marge, is Lisa at camp Granada?

Edward Lavin : Lynard skynyrd chose name of their band from this song

j p : a time when people didnt have to say the f bomb to make something funny ... how i wish we was there .

Me 11 : So clever, why do comedians just stand and rant instead of doing this?

Tim Trae Tindall : I've heard a million spoofs of this song, but never the original full version. Nice!

Kayleigh Dempsey : STILL LAUGHING IN 2017!

David Mehnert : Leonard Skinner, anyone?

Aussie Aussie : We learnt this song is school, love it!

Vince Thomas : I remember hearing this year's ago always makes me laugh

phoebee : music from "La danse des heures" by Ponchielli

Meria Heller : better time than today

mark marchiafava : WHAT memories THIS stirs !!!!!

Bryan Dale : I remember this as a youngster in the early 60's, I thought it was the funnest record ever. Thanks for the upload.

gremlinuk1968 : 1st hear this as a kid in the 70s, UK,!

dice portz : Wish I had played this for my son before he shipped to Boot. lol

Ibrahim Barrie : This is funny

Aspirer : Brilliant!

Austria 1966 : love this

raverdeath100 : here i am, watching Jethro Tull and Mike Oldfield videos and this pops up... HA!

rhallnapa : I have the original 45, the B side is “Here’s to the crabgrass”

Zee Man : I actually have this vinyl album. Can any other religion warm the heart like this? You know the answer.....