Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Camp Granada Song), Allan Sherman, 1963

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Cherie Carpenter : I loved this song when I was a kid😂😂

suspekt29 : hello mother, hello father i've been smoking marijuana coke is good, but crack is better i'm so f-ed up I can barely write this letter

roger komula : The innocent days when a funny hat passed for funny.

Waldimart : »Marge, is Lisa at Camp Granada?«

Ivan Walters : "Weird Al" Yankovic. has said Allan Sherman's recordings were one of the things that influenced him.

Joshua Baratheon : This sounds like an awesome camp with both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jeff Hardy in attendance. You can rock out while working on your Swanton Bombs.

stephan burgess : OMG after growing up hearing this song it's the first time I have seen the original performed.

Sandboxten : Amazing classic

celestialskye1 : Oh how I remember watching this on t.v. on our small t.v.! My brother and I couldn't stop laughing ~ funniest song we ever heard. I'm 62 now and still sing it to myself for a memory and bring a smile to my face. 😳

W W : "Now to put this tape where nobody will ever find it"

ℋarlan ℰ†ling : I remember it like like this: *Hello Mother, hello father -* *I am smoking marijuana -* *Coke is good, crack is better -* *I'm so high I can barely write this letter!*

dragondancer1814 : I was raised on this song-it was a family favorite on road trips. Allan Sherman, Bob Newhart, Abbott & Costello, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, and many others-I was raised on all of them, administered frequently in massive overdoses!

TitusPazmany : Hello Muddah, hello Faddah Here I am at Camp Grenada Camp is very entertaining And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining I went hiking with Joe Spivey He developed poison ivy You remember Leonard Skinner He got Ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner All the counsellors hate the waiters And the lake has alligators And the head coach wants no sissies So he reads to us from something called Ulysses Now I don't want this should scare ya' But my bunkmate has Malaria You remember Jeffery Hardy They're about to organize a searching party Take me home, oh Muddah, Faddah Take me home, I hate Grenada Don't leave me out in the forest where I might get eaten by a bear Take me home, I promise I will Not make noise, or mess the house with Other boys, oh please don't make me stay I've been here one whole day Dearest Fadduh, Darling Muddah How's my precious little bruddah Let me come home if you miss me I would even let Aunt Bertha hug and kiss me Wait a minute, it's stopped hailing Guys are swimming, guys are sailing Playing baseball, gee that's bettah Muddah, Faddah kindly disregard this letter

Kinky : Allan Sherman - loved him with my turquoise transistor at Huntington Beach back in the early 60s. Completely tragic that he died so young.

Michael gregory : take me back to this simple time before the chaos of now

THOMAS : Ahh, when the world was a better place.

Steven Torrey : I wish people would STOP projecting alternative videos before the video is over!

Tom Hamilton : Not a swear word great

David Welsh : Watched this for the twelfth time.. so sad this man died at such an early age. He was a talented man.

Andrew Griffith : “Marge! Is Lisa at camp Grenada?”

Me 11 : So clever, why do comedians just stand and rant instead of doing this?

Jim Cushman : Got to #2 on the Billboard Charts for 3 weeks beginning on August 24, 1963. It won a Grammy for best comedy record in 1964...CLASSIC!!!

Taylor Sanchez : Lol comedy has come so far. Only 26 now but my pops used listen to this with me so I could crack a smile as a child. Love it. Thanks for the share.: )

The Viking : I haven't heard that since I fell off my dinosaur!

Gena Taylor : Remember that song so well. Hilarious and so typical of kids at camp. Especially the end of the song. which made it even more hilarious.

mark allen : I grew up on a dairy farm, and my parents had me go to church camp, wrestling camp and 4-H camp, swimming lessons, bible school and I would not miss it for the world. What bummed me out was I was not around to bail hay, fill silo etc. I miss my parents.

Taco Taco : *I promise I won't make noise* *I'VE BEEN HERE ONE WHOLE DAY*

Annette Elliott-Dunn : I loved this song as a child and still do. Thanks to this upload, I love it more cos he looks so funny X

sean healy : marge is lisa at camp Granada

eshoreman : Reminds me of my first day of camp back in the 50s.

Robyn Jones : I loved this song as a child and still do. So clever.

Tim Trae Tindall : I've heard a million spoofs of this song, but never the original full version. Nice!

j p : a time when people didnt have to say the f bomb to make something funny ... how i wish we was there .

Jon Bourno : Marge, is Lisa at camp Granada?

Kayleigh Dempsey : STILL LAUGHING IN 2017!

Jose Moreno : Funny Then, Funny Now. I still laugh my a$$ off when i hear it. Thanks Allan , R.I.P. .

mark marchiafava : WHAT memories THIS stirs !!!!!

Vince Thomas : I remember hearing this year's ago always makes me laugh

Aussie Aussie : We learnt this song is school, love it!

Edward Lavin : Lynard skynyrd chose name of their band from this song

phoebee : music from "La danse des heures" by Ponchielli

David Mehnert : Leonard Skinner, anyone?

Meria Heller : better time than today

LORD EXPLOSION MURDER : Hello mommy Hello Daddy I do not want, to sound catty But my grades are, so depressing And my teachers are starting to get opressing. all my classmates Seem to hate me Because my parents Over-rate me I'm lower than Kylie Jenner And my standards probably won't get that much better

Phoenix Kit : I listen to this all the time because my grandpa sang it to me all the years I was growing up, and he just passed a few days ago💙🙁

BEACH WALKER : Eating Tide Pods, Snorting Condoms, Shooting kids in schools, Killing cops. Please take me back when I was 2 in 1963. Sitting watching this at 8pm was a treat ..... 1963... I remember when JFK was assassinated I have a great memory.. ughh

Bryan Dale : I remember this as a youngster in the early 60's, I thought it was the funnest record ever. Thanks for the upload.

rhallnapa : I have the original 45, the B side is “Here’s to the crabgrass”

gremlinuk1968 : 1st hear this as a kid in the 70s, UK,!

SirNumcelot : thank you recommended, very cool