Girls Like You - Walk off the Earth (Maroon 5 Cover)

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Walk off the Earth : Hey friends. If you’re loving this rendition, then add it to your Spotify or iTunes playlist here:

emir canlas : MY GOODNESS THE BEARDMAN HITTING THAT HIGH NOTE IS THE BEST PART! Not to mention all the parts are great. AMAZING!

First Name Lily : The best thing to ever happen to Canada!

Asep Cahyogi : This guitar made in indonesian.. Proud to mr wayan (bali)

Jess oo : Ellen must watch this!!!!!!!!😍😭 #ellenshow

Raphael Cutia : Love what they added at the end.

John Paul : You killed the Cardi B part!!!


Nayara Faiza A. : Love from indonesia...❤❤❤

FLORIDIANFLOP : This is seriously one of the most talented groups of people in the world. Longtime fan here.

Jeremy Sun : I was wondering what is the man in black being there basically doing nothing but that countable number of Tings... and got so shocked by his "STOP". LOL.

React Brasil : Sarah is a freak of nature This was BRILLIANT

Beardly : Wait... Is that Sarah?

Darth Black and Mild : One of the few pieces of my media diet that really consistently brightens my day. Walk Off The Earth, you are my spirit animal. ❤️ love it ALL!

katycat12 1 : Plz do a katy Perry's cover plz

Riccarlandine Joseph : came here from an ad, usually i'd immediately skip but it was so entertaining that i had to stop by & drop a like .. AMAZING

Edward Lorn : These Siamese twins are talented af

Alahna O'Brien : Wtf the coordination here is incredible! You’ve got my subscription anyway!!!

Happy Ace : I don"t usually comment but I can"t stop myself from saying that you, guys, are amazing! I got goosebumps listening to this!

Naïs 12 : Killed it ! New subscriber from france guys 😉

Ozan : Last time i was this early beardman doesn't have a beard

Walk off the Earth : Thanks for all the comments! As well as having some new original music in the works. We’ll be doing more covers like this. Let us know in the comments what songs you want to see us cover!

Somebody : YouTube Rewind 2012 got me here :')

Joe Jones : She gets prettier and prettier.

Singingindiangirl : My favv songg! You guys made it more amazing 🔥 Lots of love from India ! 💕

Kips 254 : Perfecto!

Irfa Nuraver : Great talent. Thunder - imagine dragon for the next song please

TCubillas : I also heard this by way of a commercial. I was about to click skip but once Walk off the Earth started the song, I was hooked and heard it in its entirety. I'll definitely download this song on Spotify!!! Your group is super-lit!!!

Neta Fein : better than the original song

AlittleYorkie : This is absolutely AMAZING!❤️ In love with this cover!

Ozan : What kind of guitar is that?

Johnny Mayfield : But no one else knows how to make the clinky noise!

David DiMuzio : I didn't know Maroon 5's new songs were this awful. guys are super talented though.


IRIS XD : I didnt like the song until I heard this- you've got another subscriber, and spotify follower XD (3:26) was awesome

Nawa Yoga : Best cover of girls like you. Love it 😍 😍

Rinzuala Nexus : *THE BEARDMAN PART* 😀😀

Tartiq widian : kereeeennnn

Michael Jon : This is what i call art.

Sachin Sharma : Far much better than original one!

HeyyBrey : The beard guy coming through with that little flick. ❤️😂❤️😂

Sachin Sharma : Maroon5

Nwrh wl : EPIC BEARD GUY SINGS A HIGH NOTE!!!!!!! i’ve seen enough in life .

Melanie Brainerd : Mind blown.

I Like Cats But I'm Allergic To Them : Better than the original. And that guitar/ukulele thing is sick! :D

Teresa White : Great! I love Beard Guy : )

Alexandria Gallardo : Lol I can’t even play a regular acoustic guitar by myself.... — saw this in an ad, fell in love with it instantly.🤩🧡🧡🧡

Syazwi RosshamTPF : 3:35 😍😍😍😍

Jason Miller : omg beard guy spoke! ...or at least made noise with his voice...

Summer Larson : This was so great just subbed. You all are awesome😍