Girls Like You - Walk off the Earth (Maroon 5 Cover)

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Walk off the Earth : Hey friends. If you’re loving this rendition, then add it to your Spotify or iTunes playlist here:

emir canlas : MY GOODNESS THE BEARDMAN HITTING THAT HIGH NOTE IS THE BEST PART! Not to mention all the parts are great. AMAZING!

Julius Marques : Nobody will be like Beard Guy ever again. Not with this look. Rest in Peace, Mike Taylor. :'(

Leya Goudriaan : Who else is here to honor Mike Taylor, the best beard guy ever. Just going on a nostalgia trip on yt, I think it’s awesome that there are videos of y’all. We can remember him by them! 😭😭 R.I.P. bears guy we all mis you and love you!😭😢

Jupiter199 : 3:27 I will never forget the "Call Of The Beard"

stephen burton : Much has been said about the bearded one over the last few sad days but the last 30 seconds of this song are the best ever commited to video. It may be a cliché but he really nailed it this time.

Enrique dixon : RIP Beard Guy. You were the heart and soul of this group no matter what anyone said. you will be incredibly missed. i for one tuned into WOTE videos to see what you would do next. Rest In Paradise my man.

eileen stark : This is the first and the last time I heard the Beard Guy sing. Rest in peace man. Didn't know your name until now. Mike Taylor. Condolences to Walk off the Earth band members. Keep making music. WOTE wouldn't be the same without the Beard Guy but everything has to play on. Can you at least keep Mike's puppet with you in your future videos?

Memes Aqui : Cadê os brasileiros ,vamos dominar o YouTube !!!!!!

mhmd ramdhani : 2019?

React Brasil : Sarah is a freak of nature This was BRILLIANT

Stevie Arde : this video is my favourite video clip cover in 2018 , actually I laughed at minute 2:41 😂 GOODJOB WOTE 👍 but , RIP Taylor Beard Guy 😢 You are everything's in this band 👍because of you I like this band .


Britain Mermaid : Rest easy beard guy

Nia Asewedeh : MANTULLLL👍👍👍👍

Walk off the Earth : Thanks for all the comments! As well as having some new original music in the works. We’ll be doing more covers like this. Let us know in the comments what songs you want to see us cover!

PRO VENIX : Lol its very amizing than mrron

Ochiemaro Chestnutz : im terribly missing beardguy already..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

random stuff : Rip Mike the beard guy

Yamite Kudasai : Rest in peace, Mike 😥

Clash with LabradorGaming : Rest in Peace Mike Taylor 🙏

Raquel Ferreira : Extraordinário slc🤩🤩♥️

Door Tech : Sarah has insane talent. They are all great, but watching her stomp this rap flow harder than Cardi B... it's amazing! Hard to not tear-up watching Mr Mike Taylor, it so sad he's gone. Peace and respect WOTE !

Hannah S : I was kinda expecting the guy on the right to start rapping 😂

Kieran Haze : REST IN PIECE BEARD MAN. what a voice what a tragedy

Jonah Baker : Damn this definitely beats my cover lol 😱😍

Alejandro Baeza : No mamen, estoy en shock, Beard guy era lo máximo, descansa en paz :''(

Baran Obama : I cant belive it R.I.P 😰😰😰😰😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

James Pickering : So Sad to hear about Mike. Condolences. His high note in this song, along with him appearing in the "Shake it Off" video will always be his highlights. such a loss.

denny vasanando : R.I.P beard guy 😢

Teresa White : Great! I love Beard Guy : )

Unknown Person : R.I.P Beardguy😢

Bradley rivers : RIP Beard Guy 😓

DFlute07 Challita : wow, wow, wow, wow, woah!

Hema Sampath : RIP BEARD MAN

Major Havok : Just heard the news about Beard Guy. R.I.P. Mike, you will be deeply missed

#abhay# am human : The person who is standing at the center and the boy beside him They both are singing amazing hat's to them

Gina Amalia Febryani : Miss u mike 💕

Bing Chua : Rest In Peace mike

NcampLax : Sorry about your loss guys😭 RIP Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor

The Guardian : The bearded stallion has spoken.

mobiduck LP : Mike will be forever a legend!!!

sreerag kn : RIP Mike the Beard guy

lhaicstyle : where can i buy that *_insane guitar_*

Dede Fadhila : I really miss him:(

HeyyBrey : The beard guy coming through with that little flick. ❤️😂❤️😂

Adam Hackwood : R.I.P Mike

Pishbol 84 no videos : RIP beard guy

हाम्रो 9C : I joined to make our 4m family. Channel like you, Get recommended around me...Yay yay!

trumpet4life : Absolutely love this cover, but it’s bitter sweet. R.I.P. Beard Guy. You will truly be missed.