Girls Like You - Walk off the Earth (Maroon 5 Cover)

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Walk off the Earth : Hey friends. If you’re loving this rendition, then add it to your Spotify or iTunes playlist here:

emir canlas : MY GOODNESS THE BEARDMAN HITTING THAT HIGH NOTE IS THE BEST PART! Not to mention all the parts are great. AMAZING!

Jonah Baker : Damn this definitely beats my cover lol 😱😍

hi : Bearded guy is me in a group project 😂

Ahsonli : the beard guy was going thru so many emotions...

Labrador Gaming : Who's listening while reading comments 🖐️

JP Raps : You killed the Cardi B part!!!

K Khan : Beard guy does nothing in whole video but here 03:33 😁😁😁🙏

Vex : The bearded man is their secret weapon.

More KINGCOOKie : Personally I think these guys are better then pentatonix

stewart : When my girl yells at me next time I will take tips from the bearded dude. Just stare at her and say nothing. Then yell STOP! Then scream like Michael Jackson and see how it works out.

React Brasil : Sarah is a freak of nature This was BRILLIANT

Kacper Nowocień : This guy in black When youre in school project and pretend you do anything

Jessica lo : The drum guys was amazing, he can handle many instruments at the same time

BEN MOUA : Best solo of the year is STOP!

floydian _ : Reminds of me somebody that I used to know

Walk off the Earth : Thanks for all the comments! As well as having some new original music in the works. We’ll be doing more covers like this. Let us know in the comments what songs you want to see us cover!

Frog Fish203 : Where on earth did you get that instrument

Lukman Fauzan : Idk why but this is better than the original

Hater : "Walk off the Earth" is the new Pentatonix 😍😍😍

Vish S : 2:40 😂 best part

BahamutKaiser : When you secretly try to include Severus Snape :P

777 urinonitizyou : 日本人

wazo : STOP !

EnricoGamez : Who is that guy wearing black? He is the best! 😂 Love that guy.

Cho Plays Piano Piano : U guys look like u came out of da woods especially the dad and what the hell of instrument is that.

Sir Bobsolot : here you can see beard man in his natural habitat...WAIT! did he just say something? hurry grab the camera!

Muhammad sesar : Apa cuma saya yang menunggu pria ber janggut itu bernyanyi?😂

Lee Stevens : You guys are absolutely awesome! Mr Beard Man Sir..... You are utter class! 😂

The Guardian : The bearded stallion has spoken.

sid arya : Balck tshirt man..! :D L O L

The LuKezT : It's perfect.

Maëlle : Like si tu es français

Melvin Fernandez : Does Beard Man really have a 'falsetto' like that????? !!!!

Matthew Rech : Beard man is so damn majestic 👌🏼

Manjunath Hondappanavar : Yeah..24 hours... I listing this song...😘😘😘😘

beverly vesprey : That bearded man tho that high note is AWESOME WOW SO GOOD

Weihan Bi : beard guy is so great😁😁😁

Jess Climo : love the sing <3

Irfa Nuraver : Great talent. Thunder - imagine dragon for the next song please

Alex gaion : Like usual, over the top, so cool and funny !

Crowzstreet Present : Perfect amazing❤ no lipsync

Andrei Ojeda : I like this song!

David gamer : Its better than the original version

Glophobia : BEARD GUY HIGH NOTE😲😲😲😲😲😲 (03:27)

PineAPPLE StrawBERRY Dizon : where did you get the triple guitar ? 🤯🤯🤯

X Tan : You Guys Deserves A 50 Million Subs😅

Kevork Deokmejian : i don’t know what to say 😅 it was incredible 😲😃

Dr. Noontime : Damn guys, I’m listening to it for the 5th time now and it’s still amazing!!!

navin sharma : Who else liked the beared man ? Hit like.