Eating a Whole Cactus at the Perth Cactus

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HowToBasic : Jegg

Soup : not bad, not bad

Marth : That’s one way to deep throat a cactus

DogBeef : jeff

Willy Wazzle : Good morning everyone currently I am starting my day in school at 7:25am but have time to squeeze this video into my daily routine

Said Filfil : fuckin bloimey mate

Flyguy0110 : Dude I wanted to come so bad

————_—— : Anyone else catch that meaty voice crack at 2:17 ?

Boi Mann : The largest gathering of intellectuals of all time.

Cody Lehr : this isn't a man. it's a machine

TZ Gaming : He is the perfect example of an Australian

Iamsosaucee : This makes me proud to be Australian.

Groovy Ninja : What does cactus even taste like?.. I don’t plan to find out for myself

DisasterousComedy V1 : This is modern art👌

bob1012350 : If another jackass comes out jeff should be involved.

Moist Nuggeteer : So cacti developed spikes to deter be eaten. Millions of years later, this dude is deliberately selecting cacti to be eaten precisely because of their defensive spikes. Life's a trip.

MrBananafanatic : This is the height of human culture.

Justin Y. : Nice video see you guys next month

dingo gaming : Dad?

nafabulous : I love my country God bless jeff

RingoDeathstar : This is what peak performance looks like

Alexx Sh : he's in pain and still takes photos and interacts with everyone. respect

FLEYM GEYMZ : The new motto for this channel is "dont die jeff" seriously

Eggquinox : Seriously, how does this not cause life threatening cuts in your throat and stomach??

TakeN : I think everyone should aspire to be like you jeff

green paisano : me llamo jeff

Philip Sick : Generation degenerated

Sean Avery : Splash zone.

Sarcastrophe : Don't fucken die Jeff

ללא כותרת : Meanwhile in Australia

Zeus : This is a demonstration of peer pressure.

rabbid man : king of australia

iNitroForTheWin : Love the hype lmao

MeHow : Momma said eat your greens

Shaun Shaunington : Onya Jeff! Truly the peak of human evolution

Mental Vortex : go vegan

Christian D'Amore : Hey wait a minute this isn't the quantum physics convention

John Chaney : I heard that this is what jesus did in a scripture of the bible

shit post : Green means go

GrimTaito : What a beautiful country

Francis Bolster : Jeffabel Challenge: 1. Drink 10 candles of wax 2. Eat a cactus (the type with spikes and deepthroat) 3. Chug 10 beers


malou : best audience tbh

Carlos Berrios : This is modern art

Donald J. Trump : Staple your nutsack to your leg, next

Wickezoid : Jeff

KYS : Me name Jeffabel

Louie Jackson : Let ya nuts drag

Tem Sely : You can almost hear Advance Australia Fair playing in the background

p4g3 : How did you escape from hell and settled in Australia?