The Most Satisfying Hydraulic Press Video EVER! | in 4K

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Hydraulic Press Channel : Shout out for my lovely wife Anni for getting idea for this new press tool! I think it's really fun to use and we have couple other really great video ideas ready for it! Here is link to Anni's vlog channel

Beberdje : "cummy bears"

LoveClassicMusic0205 : You and your wife are perfect for each other. Congrats on finding a good one.

electronicsNmore : I love the way she laughs. :-)

Babyboodle : 2:55 - This is what my big butt looks like when it gets spanked.

Uriah Siner : Maybe next time use a solid flat tool on top, but the cylinder on bottom has holes on the sides?

Tooth Less : Can you guys adopt me?

SunnyZ : Holy shit @ 7:58 that compression and flex of the tool. Gummy Bears are strong!

Janne Ranta : 3:07 your brain on acid.

William Hansard : I truly cannot comprehend how 46 people could dislike this!

Dovewing11 : Put real dough and make noodles. (Cook them)

Bnadem PaNørmal : 3:11 looks like a colorful brain :D

Freek Vonk : So thats how lil pump's hair is made

Justin Y. : The putty is dangerous and can attack at any time


Jobear : To clean it off why don’t you use high pressure air hose

Brandon Mitchell : The video should be called *how to entertain a child 101*

Grant Pantling : Mwahahhahahaahahaa. The slow mo laughs are epic!

CameraLizard : You are not wrong. This is INCREDIBLY satisfying...

Maus Haus : My thoughts on the First one: *mom Spaghetti*

Alex : 3:35-3:41 when you grab your girls thigh and she opens her legs

Dank Viking : 3:18 it's like a gay giant sneezed all over the tool! XD

MICHAEL FRIEL : Like popping a zit. Which reminds me, I had a hole in my skin open up on my nose, it was sore. I knew there was a black head in there. I worked on it for hours, only some puss came out, I almost gave up when all of a sudden, a Sesame seed sized shiny black head instantly popped out. My eyes were watering, I felt better, I felt like a new mother must feel. The moral of the story is to never give up.

Attackofthehank : put a cheese wheel in that thing

SixRaven Eight : Finally! A "satisfying" video that's actually satisfying. I love how the moist orbeez shined moistly then crushed so nicely to that moist sound as they turned to a moist paste. Moist! Perfect video, great idea, Anni! Maybe some cooked sticky rice, jello of course, or ballistic gel.

pyromaniac000000 : The play doh came out like a 2018 rappers hair! Edit: scratch that, the magic sand came out like a 2018 rappers hair. The playdoh was missing the look of grime, dirt, and jizz.

Riley Ring : This has to go viral

Leofred : Potatoes! Both boiled and raw

Hydraulic Press Channel : Sorry for the bit later upload. I edited this video today and it was already on youtube when I noticed that sounds weren't right and I had to render and upload again which takes some time with 4k video.

ArchangelExile : Make worms out of bananas, oobleck, and gelatin.

Gaetano Carchivi : Non newtonian fluid!

Craig B : Hydraulic Mess Channel

Get Schwifty : ZOMBIE bears!

MrJohnweez : This is what I subbed for

Thomas Wood : Slime looks like a clown's brain ;)

Inmeet Singh : Put Oobleck in that....and see what will happen 😃😃 guys are great.... always have fun watching to your videos

niklas host : 6:50 lil pump hair! :D

Maus Haus : Try it with kinetic sand

Stephen Becker : Clearly you need to put non-Newtonian fluid in that thing.

AzuriteT3 : 2:23 Snoochy boochies! 4:34 That's what powers the Robot Unicorn.

Vinod Kumar M : I want you to press *fire/burning* *charcoal* in hydraulic press.. Please

MrEagle2704 : This is how gummy worms are made

SuperStratosfear : Try to crush pykrete

Kags _ : Perfect for extruding a pizza

Alex Ace : Ruokaa/ruoka-aineita? Taikinaa, suklaata sulana, voita yms.

Nigel : This video needs to get trending! Fantastic!

Maser209 : I love Anni's laughing in the background!

Jack : Great as always, made better by the laughter in the background!

mitchell frechmann : Go up an order of magnitude! BILLIONS not millions!

Ala kitty : Press avocado!