Pearl Jam - Whip It - 10.31.09 Spectrum Philly 4 - Halloween

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bazz rainbow : as a devo fan i love this

Guillermo 'AS : qué bueeena!! xD

hdrjunkie : a fun band with great talent.

Craig Jones : I guess Pearl Jam didn't realize that it was just some BS song and actually was more work than they realized...they at least paid tribute to an awesome band, even if it was with one of the more "popular" songs.

BebeLush2 : Ahhhh, Pearl Jam. Is there nothing they can't do utterly brilliant?

Daniel Coy : whip that shit!!

Hilario Hernandez : cause its fricking PJ!

motleycruisecontrol : Well it doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this.

SquornshellousZeta : Wow how did I not know about this?! It's Brilliant.

spiralmetal : Fun song to do I'm sure.

wiz3421 : I haven't read every comment but the dissenters on here do realize this was a one time deal, done on Halloween, on the final show at the Spectrum, & done very well? I was fortunate to seem them play the first of four shows in Philly that year. Always a great time!

Tony Music : What kind of tea did the shellfish drink? Pearl grey

RL R : Love how they got into character, even with the Steinberger bass, lol...

Nothing As It Seems : I was 10 rows back... Last night of the spectrum in philly.. It was an epic show!!

Felicia : what a crazy night to remember! last time in the spectrum. Halloween night Phillies playing in the world series .. best of all seeing PJ !

Eddie DePaul : Alice in chains

AK E : 😁👍

karvarna : just STFU & don't humiliate yourself more :)))

gro PJ : I love this! I heard of this show (Philly 4) when I was at both shows this year 21st and 22nd of October in Philly.. First bootleg I am gonna get - comes from this show - that's for sure :)

jonomoar : I saw Devo in sydney in late 2012. They were absolutely brilliant!! They've got plenty of energy for old guys.

Patch .rat : Okay, guys? What Pearl Jam did here was dress up as Devo and play Devo's most-known song. A great song regardless, but still. Pearl Jam did nothing original with it, so why watch them play the same song when you could just hear Devo play it?

spiralmetal : Lol! Awesome!

Lost Dogs # 05 : this is just pearl jam...having fun lighten up...peple bitch about the most ridicolous shit.... lighten up Fuck.....

JasonLanzaBSR : Freakin' Hilarious!!!!

jvaish : @trustinstinct Neil Young's not melodramatic? Or how 'bout them drama queens the Who? Or the total lame-ass melodrama of "To Lay Me Down" or "It Must Have Been the Roses"? Life's full of all kinds of feelings and emotions; we are entitled to them all. Lighten up, man.

Pablo Andrés Morales Muñoz : My head melted and explode simultaniously with this

Terrapin Flyer : oh and I forgot they copy Phish with this lame were another band routine. Messing with the Jam band scene this group is not a part of ironically. Go away please ............peace to the world.

Terrapin Flyer : does Pearl Jam have to destroy every god band from Neil Young to Devo, How about the Jam of Seattle sticks to there own lame melodramatic crap. peace

chicagosportsmike : 23 people forgot how to whip it....

Why I Hate the World : I have new respect for Pearl Jam now. I might even check them out again.

hilliuno : why there's so much space in the front?

FD4Pickles : Would love a DEVO-covers album from some of these heavy-hitters. I think "Satisfaction" would have brought out the signature PJ sound better than "Whip It", but glad for the props, none the less.

Joe McDevitt : @cgnetwork1 he's likes ok enough I hate wearing this thing

Daniel Aptekar : @ElSlunko Thank you very much.. I have enjoyed Devo for over 30 years myself its just that the dumb radio people can only focus on 1 song. That's whip it. OF course they Also did the music from Dr. Detroit with Dan Akroyd which is a great them for a movie. Mark Mothersbaugh I think is a genius. Enjoy their new CD Something for Everybody. Also check out their song Watch Us Work it.. It should

foulballchuck13 : Philadelphia has the most fun in the USA

John Shepherd : lmfao 2:18 it was clearly not Jeff's idea.

TOBORE8THMAN : how much fun was that!

Michael Taylor : @shedendboy1 hit wonder. Please. Anyone who actually listened to their music and didn't mindlessly settle just for the one song the corporate machine wanted you to like found a treasure trove of fun, weird, brilliant, and profound songs. Long live Devo!

Dana C : holy crap this is funny.

Pat Kozak : He fucked up the first bridge,,, any one else realize??

Idontcare_626 : this was freaking Kool!!!!!!

FriedAudio : PJ had a couple good songs back in the early Nineties. But I preferred Nirvana a little more; so yeah... LOL

SuperDachshund : Wow. Jacked up the lyrics six ways from Sunday. Ah well. Rock and Roll!

Ameer : @FriedAudio you hate pearl jam???/??? your a nirvana fan arent you lol

Sean Ninneman : the Steinberger is a nice touch !

FriedAudio : LOL! I hate PJ, but that was a good cover! So, a thumbs up.......

ratedcorpus : jaja Ican´t believe this. Look like Mrbungle stuff

Alex Linden : Yeesh. This sounds like it was hastily thrown together, still, very cool of them to give Devo props.

lovin fleury : holy