Pearl Jam - Whip It - 10.31.09 Spectrum Philly 4 - Halloween

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bazz rainbow : as a devo fan i love this

Guillermo 'AS : qué bueeena!! xD

hdrjunkie : a fun band with great talent.

Craig Jones : I guess Pearl Jam didn't realize that it was just some BS song and actually was more work than they realized...they at least paid tribute to an awesome band, even if it was with one of the more "popular" songs.

Hana-Marie : this is officially the best thing i will see all fucking day, thank god for Pearl Jam :D

BebeLush2 : Ahhhh, Pearl Jam. Is there nothing they can't do utterly brilliant?

Daniel Coy : whip that shit!!

Mesarphelous : Only interesting thing Pearl Jam has ever done

Hilario Hernandez : cause its fricking PJ!

motleycruisecontrol : Well it doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this.

Michael Taylor : @shedendboy1 hit wonder. Please. Anyone who actually listened to their music and didn't mindlessly settle just for the one song the corporate machine wanted you to like found a treasure trove of fun, weird, brilliant, and profound songs. Long live Devo!

SquornshellousZeta : Wow how did I not know about this?! It's Brilliant.

spiralmetal : Fun song to do I'm sure.

wiz3421 : I haven't read every comment but the dissenters on here do realize this was a one time deal, done on Halloween, on the final show at the Spectrum, & done very well? I was fortunate to seem them play the first of four shows in Philly that year. Always a great time!

Tony Music : What kind of tea did the shellfish drink? Pearl grey

RL R : Love how they got into character, even with the Steinberger bass, lol...

jeremyshambles : are we not men, we are devo

judgies : He dont know the vocals. Makes a few mistakes.

Pablo Andrés Morales Muñoz : My head melted and explode simultaniously with this

NothingSound : Please explain to me how this band was ever uptight? They're about as liberal as they come. And it's loosening, not loosing, idiot.

John G : This actually sounds great! Are We Not Men? We Are Dev -uhh, Pearl Jam.

Wilson Ramirez : I Love McReady's dance jajaja

John Cabrera : Damn thing wont stay in focus, I liked it anyway

Brendan Cheever : Eddie definitely made 5 mistakes.. but LOL.. this is great.. awesome job - better than we could do! - glad to see it..keep it up PJ


jürgen potzkoten : best pearl jam song ever! LOL!

Dietpepsivanilla : The greatest current band giving a huge salute to another great band. Love PJ and DEVO.

birddoc47 : Quite a bit of sound distortion but great anyway.

jasfromoz : Too bad he screwed up the lyrics.

cgonza51 : haha so trippy! lovin PJ anyways<3

David Steinlage : Focus... FOCUS!

DungeonStudio : Eddie's so HUGE, we named a mountain in Canada after him. (Vedder Mt, B.C.) Also have Booji Boys liver going for top dollar if anyone's interested. LOL PJ and The Spud Boys, who knew?

Piginasack : It was already cool & great.

Scrumpilump2000 : Yeah.....I guess I might sell out, gets tight.......Swifter!!!! Yeah! I'm gettin' down with corporate cleaning products, yeah!

AK E : 😁👍

Joe George : I am a big Devo fan...and this kinda sucked...E.V. can't sing Devo...I have heard better covers in city bars!!! Just crap...and if they were gonna cover this and another song first

Canal do Josh : The fact is: people who say Devo is one hit wonder don't know a shit about music. Pearl Jam covering one of Devo's songs only proves how important they were and are to rock.

stekert : Yep, he was! :D

Ignacio Cortez : temaaaaazo... whip it good!!!

Felicia : what a crazy night to remember! last time in the spectrum. Halloween night Phillies playing in the world series .. best of all seeing PJ !

Juliana Ruiz : Freaky awesomeee!!!

Sean Ninneman : the Steinberger is a nice touch !

pankcopi : jajaja medio mucha risa devo es como una banda chistosa ahora y siempre lo fue xD

Carlos Sierralta : la de los Prisioneros y ésta, están buenas

nevmiles : I love Jeff's 80's-style bass.......

Ernesto Hernandez :

treblok : You know sometime you feel a band is so deep and doesn't have a sense of humor. Eddy is way cooler than most and Pearl Jam rocked. I was glad I got to see the last show at the Spectrum. Glad someone got this immortalized.

James Compernolle : yea and he was doing the robot during most of the song

MDuchek : yeah you can see Boom in some other angles. And Eddie seems about as into this cover as he could possibly be

MDuchek : was Boom dressed up too?