Lemon Blueberry Scones - You Suck at Cooking (episode 78)

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You Suck At Cooking : I accidentally left out the salt clip. Put half a teaspoon of salt in the dry ingredients, please. Or 2/4 coffee spoon.

Thoraya Maronesy : *finishes watching *closes laptop ... "Maaaaa! Can you make me some lemon blueberry scones?

Bronze : I feel like you might be misleading us with a few of those facts.

SAK- SOON : That intro song hurts my feelings 😔 lol

jimmyolsenblues : How is pemblockto?

You Suck At Cooking : Do you pronounce it scone or scone?

John Smith : Hiya, some tips from a pastry chef: 1. You should do some folding of the dough to get the smoothest top surface that you can. A smooth top surface will create a pretty scone, not a rough one. But be careful of over-working it. 2. You don’t need parchment paper on the tray if you flour it directly. 3. You actually don’t want to space scones out. You want them just touching on the tray so that they can help each other rise up straight. This is especially important if you make round scones, they like to flop over.

Tsetsi : i can only imagine how delish those taste!

Missy Pope : Ugh i can't watch these videos, they make me so hungry XD

A Vsaucy Boi : As a man who watched the video, let me tell ya. I watched the video

Morgan Lemons : "These was meant like a joke but it actually worked" lol

Gwen Northcutt : cut the sugar and cut into circles and you got american biscuits. then you can get UK and US people arguing ad infinitum about what "biscuit" means

Chefe Jamon : You sir, do not suck at cooking.

The Raptor Pack : I’ve been looking for Baking Soda all over the world, in every soda machine, how did you get it?

LuLuBell : I had British Scones in the town of Devon, where Clotted Cream comes from. I literally died and went to heaven.

RedRiot : Man didnt think I'd be relating to leftover scone dough today

Cinderfire : Why’s are pastries illegal in Ireland?

ElCaballoDiablo : First one was a peepscone

Pastel Cobra : I just love some tasty fresh rocks.😂👌

Venom Seeker : I'm actually going to try this.

Avanda The Screaming Llama : theses videos make me crave food I've never had

Ellie Art : Oh my god you are the funniest person I follow

BTRemoteControl : this is one of those channels that had around 400 subscribers when I watched the first video and I was like "this needs more subscribers" and then when I watched another video a week later and it had like 10 thousand subscribers and I was like hell yeah! and now you have over 1 million subs, which is pretty dope

KarnageX : Why no show in sub-box

Dime F : I am worse at cookie then the cookie in the intro.

Rori Runacon : Watching Scone on a phone makes me hungry

Emma Whitworth : As a Brit, I'm frankly appalled that you didn't rub the butter into the flour with your fingers. Also as a Brit, I'm grateful to you for mentioning our scone plight. I firmly believe it will tear our country apart more than Brexit ever could.

Shelby Garcia : I love how YSAC just stays replying to random ass comments after the initial upload.... Anyway. I'm about to try to make these scones. Not the stone scones, the merican scones.

Wina B : The production value of the rolling scones were immense

PK Saenz : Being a Grandmother who's children loved my scones, back in the early 70's, well, I haven't had this good of a laugh in years. Thanks, keep up the good comedic work. Loved it.

Pete & Pete : I have a sconer ....

my lifee : *S C O N*

MyFictionalChaos : I work at starbucks and we sell blueberry scones so i instantly clicked on this vid bc damn my mouth is watering already

Nayfin : About to go make this, wish me luck!

E. Kelbell : You left out the sweetener. Maple syrup or honey.

ElyssaAnderson : I have adopted the leftover crumbles and now they are living happily in their forever home.

Matthew Wainwright : Can't believe people pronounce it "scone", it's clearly pronounced "scone"

Mackey Mouse : That last scene was actually wonderfully shot

lovelife02 : lol I loved this


Ismail Emre Akcan : Just watched it. Now I can go back to missing YSAC.

Scott W : Good god this is a lot of work... I ordered delivery.

Maliyah Thompson : ive been subscribed to this channel since you had 10k. now youre #4 on trending! im so proud of you!! keep doing what you do.

HeyImTrash : I don't unterstand why this is the best cooking channel on the internet, but it is.

Syrebral : Aren't these.... Rock Cakes? Cuz...I've never heard of SCONES

Christina Nikol : bone app the teeth 👌🏽

Lizzie Hollis : The dough needs to be round on a greased & floured pan. Cut it into 8ths, then double the recipe cause 8 isn't enough. Seductively brush milk on top of the dough WITH AN ACTUAL BRUSH then sprinkle sugar on top. Also make it more cakey unless you want to break your teeth

Moore Time in the Kitchen : Scottish scones can be found inhabiting the same hilly terrain as the common haggis, in the highlands of Scotland.

Greg Madden : This was such a good episode! It definitely had a more serious cooking vibe to it, and the motivational song at the end was great.

Flashy Paws : omg. the song is right. i am wasting my life on the internet. when i could just as easily be making scawns.