Dave Grohl - Play (Official Video)

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BMartinSounds - Easy Guitar Tutorials : When all of the personalities in your head are getting along with each other.

Tyler Matty : Damn! This is like if Dave Grohl wrote a mid-seventies Rush song

jujucaster : The drummer doesn't have headphones, which means he recorded without a click or guide tracks, which means he had the whole music in his head instead...that's sick bro! Such a looooong track i mean. You gotta remember all the parts and play the drums pretending you hear the rest of the music. Imagine recording the drums without any guitar or anything to guide you, just your imagination, no click to guide you etc...seriously that's amazing! Dave if you read this please visit my channel, I also did a few a these videos where you get to play all parts.

Aslan : The chemistry these guys have is amazing.

Cadence Cassettes : No one believed me when I said that the drummer from Nirvana, QoTSA and Them Crooked Vultures added with the vocalist and guitarist from Foo Fighters would make such a great supergroup. What say you now ?

Neferin : It's like a tribute to the first album almost. I wonder which Dave made all the coffee. That's a shit ton of fresh pots...

whanowa : Friend: _"I bet you can't write a song that contains ALL EMOTIONS EVER!"_ *Dave: Hold my beer.*

Jonathan Latulippe : I hope this man never dies

Dr. High Music : what a mastermind. 14:30

Sylas Cormack : I think this is the best evidence to support cloning.

Tony Teh : Good to see the original members of Foo Fighters play together again

Richard M : a dozen dave grohls walk into a studio...tell me if you've heard this one before...

Nick Hill : Enjoyed this more than concrete and gold!

Matt S : ....And on the eighth day, he created rock and grohl.... I don’t care what others may think, love it or hate it, but I believe this is the audiobiography of one of the greatest genuine actual musicians who still exist in this lifetime. He really rekindled my passion for music. I shall name it “DAVE. By the Dave’s of all the Dave’s.”

James Sturrock : Dave, I don't know if you read these, but that is some amazing composition you have done. Having been raised on classical music and then growing into all the forms of music with rock being central, you are keeping rock fresh, imaginative, and awesome. It reminds me of the innovative days of Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, ...the list goes on. I believe you are going to shatter the pantheon of the music greats and create a new level to forge onward to into the Universe. Never stop, brother man, never stop!

TheDirtyPeewee : Im glad to see Dave finally did a reunion of the original Foo Fighters line-up.

Gonzalo Collao : Some people don't know that this is exactly how the first FF album was made

yaoihunter : Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl

JMTRAVELS : You can hear a lot of the first album in this...which, when you think about it, makes sense.

Braeden Gray : I thought I wanted to see Dave Grohl to play alongside Devin Townsend. Turns out I wanted to see Dave Grohl play with himself... that came out weird...

Simon Alexander : You can't dislike this guy!

cs1979 : As a fellow multi-instrumentalist witnessing one of my adolescent musical idols perform this arrangement has re-awoken my inner 11 year old to convert my house into a studio and record music again. Thank you Dave for showing us what is important in life. Doing what we love most.

Filip Koneski : The guy on the drums is amazing!

kairay1000 : Rush tribute with Grohlian elements...new adjective: Grohlian!

Tom Taylor : Waiting for the “isn’t this the drummer from nirvana” comment...

William Grike : Why is it so short

shinji112 : Jesus is really good at playing instruments..

J_ D_B : We need more Dave Grohls in the music industry

#ClaroQueSePuede Vlog : Really, this is MUSIC. This is a f7ck1ng very good MUSIC.

Anonymous Commenter : I liked Foo Fighters, but I underestimated Dave Grohl for a very long time, and thought that he was this showy band lead singer and guitarist but he's multitalented at another level. Now that I see this, I realize what a talented musician he is. I am a lifetime fan now.

Chris Barnes : I feel like even if Dave wasn't famous, he would have still made this video... that's a true musician

Kris Bartling : There should be a better button than “like” because this is EPIC! I knew he was talented and creative when I listened to the first Foo Fighters album. But now I’m thinking he may just be genius! My hero!

Road Glider : No new Tool album needed! 🤘


en person : I showed this video in class xD. We had to find a rock/pop song with basically just a lot of instruments in it lol

Guzman Arce : Probably what he always ever wanted: to clone himself and make a whole band of Dave Grohls hahaha. Pretty cool btw

EverythingIsOne. —— ‘91 : Love the fact that the only Dave you see smiling is the one drumming 😂 best drummer alive 🤟

AidanTheNerd : This isn't a Rock sound, This isn't a Nirvana Sound, This isn't a Foo Fighters sound... this is a mother fucking Dave Grohl sound <3

Evan Litchfield : Was anyone else sad when it ended?

Lee Modlin : His next side project should be Lee, Lifeson, & Grohl.

TheReverOcelot : It's so good that Dave bring Nirvana drummer to help to record this song

Shinobi606 : the 1k who disliked this have no soul

Peter Brooke : That moment when you play a 20 min prog song on every instrument at the same time for banter

Jason Carroll : This video is without question the greatest music video I have ever witnessed in my life... Dave Grohl is the definition of an absolute rock icon. And the best all-around rock musician and songwriter I have ever listened to. If you don't watch this video from start to finish you are just missing out on something amazing... at 42 years old his music still makes me feel like the music loving teenager I will always be

Mast Bardoss : this guy todays rocknroll legend. Gives me inspiration eveyday

Shrey Shantanu : Friend: Who's your favourite musician? Me: Dave Grohl! Friend: What instrument does he play? Me: All of them.

Pablo Siever : This man is a genius!! Love this song!! Can't get enough of it!! It's heavy, it's melodic, it's progressive (Rush, anyone??) ... Pfff!! It has it all!! I read an IG post by Mike Portnoy who said "Play is like a modern-day Tubular Bells". I agree. Dave, if by any chance you read this, you totally rock!! \m/ Cheers. Now give us a full album!! :P JK!!

jtrek154 : Dave’s taking pointers from Steven Wilson.....

Mike D : I think that if Nirvana had never existed, Dave grohl would probably still be a famous musician. He may have taken a different path but we'd all still know who he is. Although, we could be living in an alternate reality musically if Nirvana had never existed.

LovEaNdmusicA : David, you 're an endless source of pure love of rock n' roll that succeeds to express it in a unique way and share it with all of us. Every time!! Thank you again and again for all the magic.