Dave Grohl - Play (Official Video)

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BMartinSounds - Easy Guitar Tutorials : When all of the personalities in your head are getting along with each other.

GigiTB Drummer : Great Collab "Guys"

liquidSpin : When I was a kid growing up in the 90's no one could've guess this would be the evolution of the drummer of Nirvana. He's come a long way~

Ectoplasmic36 : Ah sweet. The original Foo Fighters line up.

David Gómez : the musicianship in this project it's so amazing you can't believe that just one man did this

Maximiliam Andersson : This is really, really, really cool. What an inspiration. Way to go, Grohl!!

Netsuko : "Ladies and Gentlemen! Foo FIGHTAHS!"

LE GRAND JD : best groupe

The Moon : How many clones do they have of this man, and are they for sale?

Will Gaines : "Middle School sucks." Oh honey.... If only you knew what's coming

William Grike : Why is it so short

Luis Ortega : Dave created his own Villa Strangiato and we want to go there.

Nick Name : Scrohl Nirvgrohlna Foo Grohlers Grohls Of The Stone Age Grohlbot Grohlacious D Them Crooked Grohls Anything else?

www.DrumsTheWord.com : This guy. This. Guy....Guy...This...Guuuuuyyy.....thiiiiiissss.....

Riot Act : Ya can't get more Original than this. Right On Dave🤘

John Wins : Dave, what a guy! Congrats, sir!

Kevin M : 23:57 Has got to be turned into a Foo Fighters song! Please.

Apprentice : 19:28 that bassline doubled with the guitar sounds beautiful

Vaishnav Pande *_* : *"Fuck despacito"*

Jellybeantiger : The Groovin’ Grohlies.

Guzman Arce : Probably what he always ever wanted: to clone himself and make a whole band of Dave Grohls hahaha. Pretty cool btw

Raka Ristian : When the cast from "Learn to Fly" music-video make a music

Jellybeantiger : Now we’re talking prog rock!!!! Bring prog back!

Pirate 19 : Is it me, or do you ever like the video in the beginning of it, then as it starts getting greater and greater you realize you've already liked the video.

Nordine Araba : I believe in Jesus now.

Adrien Piette : By Thor’s balls that was awesome!

W Parro : Wow people giving this a thumbs down makes me feel sad for them

Lev Shpitz : Dave Grohl is probably the only popular musician who is so passionate about advertising the music as a form of art instead of just advertising himself as a brand. I was hypnotized until the very last second, amazing piece! I have to notice though, that it was a bit weird that after all the talk about "stepping out of the comfort zone", the track mostly had a very classic Foo Fighters feel to it. But who am I shitting, I am 100000% percent OK with it :) Please make the next FF record sound something like this. I am all for experimenting, but you just do it so good, Dave!

Patrick Cigančić : If the Foo Fighters go full prog, this will be a landmark in their history

Picks N Sticks : I feel like even if Dave wasn't famous, he would have still made this video... that's a true musician

Stahp it : THIS. IS. AMAZING.

Tirdfish : I think Dave is a great guy, seen him with Nirvana and Foos etc, but is this a bit of an ego stroking session going on? I actually thought he was going to get those kids involved in the playing - nope.

Enigma776 : Very Mike Oldfield, Which is a good thing.

connor anthony : Thanks Dave. I needed to hear this...

Simon Alexander : You can't dislike this guy!

A Rottie : Is it just me, or does this sound like it was written by A DRUMMER!! Ha! Awesome stuff, I sure wish I would get invited over to Dave's. & get to play with some of Dave's TOYS!!!<3 ;) Grrrrr.

RebelThoughts82 : Favorite part starts here 19:10

Delano Potgieter : Must be the worst band to play in when you have anxiety. No matter how good you are, Dave can take your instrument and essentially make you redundant lol. Love the Story. I had the privilege of playing music as a child...nothing this fun though..i had a trumpet shoved in my hand and was told to join the school band. As if I didn't have enough reasons to be bullied. Perhaps one day Foo Fighters might just look toward Southern Africa and see a little country called Namibia, which would benefit hugely from a "join the band" setup. Without music and art, without dignity, compassion is an enigma #Namibia

Hasslein Curve : I must say, I wish this could have replaced 23 minutes of the "Concrete" album..

Neferin : It's like a tribute to the first album almost. I wonder which Dave made all the coffee. That's a shit ton of fresh pots...

ruben tiago qualquer coisa : Everything that comes out of this man's head - good or bad - is so authentic. My god. He never ceases to amaze me.

Isileili Paris : You can really hear his Rush influence in here.

Luis Reyes : Reminds me of his first album when he played all the instruments. Firstlieutenantband was created inspired by his first album when everybody believed in Megadeth and Metallica you changed the world of music thank you Dave

Peter Spadaro : Dat change over.... 23:57. Bestcpart of the whole thing... well done. What an inspiration and talent you are

sami topuz : Oh, hello Jesus

Seth Holland music : Beethoven would shit his pants and his head would explode trying to comprehend how this was pulled off.

Robin Angulo : the drummer, guitarist, bassist goddamn everyone looks like the drummer from Nirvana.

Zed Studio : 29:52 drum stick learn to fly)

Turkey Man : I can see the RUSH influence.

Gabriel Freitas : This is BEYOND amazing!!!