Dave Grohl - Play (Official Video)

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BMartinSounds - Easy Guitar Tutorials : When all of the personalities in your head are getting along with each other.

Cadence Cassettes : No one believed me when I said that the drummer from Nirvana, QoTSA and Them Crooked Vultures added with the vocalist and guitarist from Foo Fighters would make such a great supergroup. What say you now ?

Tyler Matty : Damn! This is like if Dave Grohl wrote a mid-seventies Rush song

Dila Tenan : Never thought I’d enjoy watching another man play with himself for 23 minutes but boy was I wrong

Aslan : The chemistry these guys have is amazing.

Neferin : It's like a tribute to the first album almost. I wonder which Dave made all the coffee. That's a shit ton of fresh pots...

yaoihunter : Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl ft Dave Grohl

fssproduction : Dave Grohl should be a Marvel super hero.

DudeMoose : Sorry for the 981 dislikes... They were all from my neighbors.

AidanTheNerd : This isn't a Rock sound, This isn't a Nirvana Sound, This isn't a Foo Fighters sound... this is a mother fucking Dave Grohl sound <3

Planet Axolotl : Why is it so short

Jonathan Latulippe : I hope this man never dies

Sylas Cormack : I think this is the best evidence to support cloning.

Gonzalo Collao : Some people don't know that this is exactly how the first FF album was made

Adam A. : What's better than Dave Grohl? Five Dave Grohls!

Tony Teh : Good to see the original members of Foo Fighters play together again

Dr. High Music : what a mastermind. 14:30

#ClaroQueSePuede Vlog : Really, this is MUSIC. This is a f7ck1ng very good MUSIC.

Richard M : a dozen dave grohls walk into a studio...tell me if you've heard this one before...

Braeden Gray : I thought I wanted to see Dave Grohl to play alongside Devin Townsend. Turns out I wanted to see Dave Grohl play with himself... that came out weird...

TheDirtyPeewee : Im glad to see Dave finally did a reunion of the original Foo Fighters line-up.

cs1979 : As a fellow multi-instrumentalist witnessing one of my adolescent musical idols perform this arrangement has re-awoken my inner 11 year old to convert my house into a studio and record music again. Thank you Dave for showing us what is important in life. Doing what we love most.

Shamus Wilde : n o t q u i t e m y t e m p o

J_ D_B : We need more Dave Grohls in the music industry

Vishal Sachdev : I liked Foo Fighters, but I underestimated Dave Grohl for a very long time, and thought that he was this showy band lead singer and guitarist but he's multitalented at another level. Now that I see this, I realize what a talented musician he is. I am a lifetime fan now.

Simon Alexander : You can't dislike this guy!

Nick Hill : Enjoyed this more than concrete and gold!

Thomas Mills : My favourite part is... When Dave Grohl is playing.

Ryanem : Should just put tasty vocals only on this and call it an EP.

Road Glider : No new Tool album needed! 🤘

EverythingIsOne. —— ‘91 : Love the fact that the only Dave you see smiling is the one drumming 😂 best drummer alive 🤟

Larry1077 : And the meek shall inherit the earth :)

en person : I showed this video in class xD. We had to find a rock/pop song with basically just a lot of instruments in it lol

Shinobi606 : the 1k who disliked this have no soul

Guzman Arce : Probably what he always ever wanted: to clone himself and make a whole band of Dave Grohls hahaha. Pretty cool btw


Mike D : I think that if Nirvana had never existed, Dave grohl would probably still be a famous musician. He may have taken a different path but we'd all still know who he is. Although, we could be living in an alternate reality musically if Nirvana had never existed.

Peter Brooke : That moment when you play a 20 min prog song on every instrument at the same time for banter

SteelRat76 : "The RUSH is strong with this one"

Chris Barnes : I feel like even if Dave wasn't famous, he would have still made this video... that's a true musician

Leboman : His next side project should be Lee, Lifeson, & Grohl.


Fluffy Bunnykins : Prince is looking down at him and nodding sagely.

Nick Name : 2018: Play ▶️ 2019: Pause ⏸ (?)

TheReverOcelot : It's so good that Dave bring Nirvana drummer to help to record this song

Hayden H : How can anyone dislike this? Even if you don't like the music you have to at least respect his talent and the time it must have taken him to put this together.

KipCasper : Is the first one his classic blue drums? The one with the 24' kick

stonerdemon : In a nutshell: Dave's personal hommage to Rush.

Sam Helmer : How could anyone not love this man? His attitude is phenomenal, his drive, inspiring, and his passion is evident in all that he does. 23 minutes, multiple instruments and it doesn't suck. It's an amazing feat. Not surprised he was the one to do it. Very Foo vibe to it. Music video is shot in such an intriguing way as well. Love love love this man.

Maximiliam Andersson : This is really, really, really cool. What an inspiration. Way to go, Grohl!!