How Tony Stark WILL Defeat Thanos In Avengers Endgame

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There is no way Disney and Marvel will let all those properties off that easily. But also they can't get rid of Thanos because he is OP. I have a theory about Thanoses kryptonite. If you disagree with my theory you are officially wrong and I am right too bad. Discord: Patreon: Music: and Music Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


BrasilBall : I still think that Killian is actually Thanos telling how he died

Christopher Moon : Tony will defeat Thanos by destroying him with FACTS and LOGIC

William Glass : You’re wrong, Howard the Duck will come forth from the ashes and save all of existence.

Erick Albani : Holy crap, he managed to stay mostly on focus for the video

William Glass : Ant man will go right up his Thanus.

Android boy : Tony Starks death: he almost starves to death in space so when he comes back to earth he eats too much and dies

Aspiring Marauder : "Because this had no chemistry, and Thanos fixed that" Jesus CHRIST

Green CatGurl : "I got back by showing the Soul Stone my contract with Sony for more movies." I LOVE IT.

PaleGhost69 : Thanos was defeated when he got existential depression. And that is the Killian Experience.

Anton Ellot : Thanos: *Snaps* Me: You see, I am an energy man. Thanos: *Sweats, starts snapping faster* Also: I still wonder: Can I send you parcels with HENT... Fanart.

keychera : 10 seconds in my rectum expanded and exploded thanks kilimanjaro

Trigonometry xp : "you may have our earth thanos, but you will never have.. our wifi password" -thor from marvel i think 2019

Cyranek : damn just got back from the future, marvel sues you for leaking the plot of their movie... wasn't looking good

ReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeMastered : How about throwing a toaster at him when he's showering

Gavadar : *sees thumbnail* Ugh, another dumb theory video. I don’t even care, I’m just gonna wait and find out for myself when it comes out. *sees that it’s Killian* *instant click*

Kj16V : I predict that Squirrel Girl will defeat Thanos off-screen.


Jamestown : 3:51 - That's you? I never would have suspected! Truly, Kilian is the red panda with 1000 voices.

Ser Davos Seaworth : *"Got any counter arguments ?"* *"TOO BAD. My theory is waterproof"* Logic 13/10. Kilian, you could have been an excellent lawyer. Why are you wasting your talent ?

Your Lord And Saviour : Thanos planned on getting rid of half of everybody to save food. Thanos had the utilities to make a bowl of soup for Gamora on his ship. Thanos fully understands the need of living beings to consume food in order to survive. Consuming food causes you to poop. Conclusion: Thanos has a rectum confirmed.

Flame of Udûn : I think Thanos is more redeemable than Chuck from Better Call Saul personally

Meicoo- mon : Avengers is good but lets talk about Something GREAT Like Digimon

Yellow : They'll throw chess pieces at him until he falls over.

Andy Roid : By asking him 'Where's Gamora' of course Big T. will burst into tears. Only then Tony will ask him 'Why' That finishes him.

Nick Perro : 1. This is probably one of the best videos you have ever made. 2. They should actually put the Thanos Helicopter in Endgame.

Eriko. Oy : Tofu is the most accurate description of Captain Marvel I've heard

JirB : I unironically think the first ending you proposed would be amazing.

Archer143 : This had no chemistry *AND THANOS FIXED THAT*

GBenedict _ : They won't defeat thanos because he did nothing wrong

DagisJuliencoPalace : Kilian: *uploads a video about a movie* Me: A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one

Leo Anderberg : Did you get the real actors?

xBasilisx : I read the tittle as Tony Hawk at first and thought what kinda sick flips he would do.

FEARLΞSS : In reality, black widow will accuse him of sexual abuse and he gets arrested Edit: thanks for all the likes

csxfan : 5:06 I REALLY am looking forward to the Halo 3 ODST soundtrack being in Engame.

Tinnakorn Wantae : Captain Marvel will dig Thanos's tweets from 10 years ago boom, Thanos defeated

For3st Spirit : “How will the Avengers defeat Thanos?” They’ll use the legendary Grongo, of course. Even Shaggy couldn’t stop Grongo.

Potatonite : Nobody: Thanos: *S N A P*

Ginger phillips : Could you do Zelda Breath of the wild plz

Josh Wilson : Can't wait for The Rookie to drop-pod in on top of Thanos and play the film credits out with his saxophone.

Tobias11ize : Kilian Experience back at it again with that bi-yearly topical video

Oscar Scherer : To be honest ant man could easily defeat thanos, he just needs to throw one of those shrink disk on his glove so it would shrink and break

Papa Dadams : Plants didn't die as well, it was a misunderstanding cos everyone saw that all the plants were still there

Brosph Brostar : Great theory, too bad Feige already confirmed that Captain Marvel will effortlessly beat Thanos in a 1v1.

Balsiefen : Personally I'm a great believer in compromise, so I believe that Captain Marvel should climb inside Thanos' rectum and expand.

ioletsgo : why did you spoil end game for me!

JammyJamFam : And here was me thinking captain marvel would carry.

Goodbrew84 : honestly - its as legit as any other theory.

Lucas Carvalho : This video confirms Killian is omnispective, judging by how he predicted my better call saul flashbacks

Lightning Volt : Thanks for telling us it was you I wasn't sure