I hijacked Kanye's YouTube channel - @kanyewest

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Dan Bull : Thumbs up if it's still there... https://www.youtube.com/kanyewest

Justin Y. : Thank you Dan, very cool.

Justin Clonts : dan bull is the master troll. playing the long game

NemRaps : "Dan Bull is smarter than all of us" -Nem

European Reich : How great of you to promote smaller content makers

TinkerTavern : Amazing 😂😂 Classic Dan Bull I'm sure this is perfectly legal

Ally Buoy : YT Employee 1: Are you... sure this is Kanye's album? YT Employee 2: I'm not on Tidal, how am I supposed to know? YT Employee 3: Just put it up, it'll be fine YT Employee 1: Okay...

Alex Healy : This will go down as one of the most underrated trolls of all time

Turmunhk Ganba : Why is that purple thing in the background blurred?

None Like Joshua : lol

Shark bite 792 : Hey Dan Bull, loved your Fortnite rap battle Royale with 100 YouTubers

TheRulerofEarth : Some day in the future screenshots of your album being played on Kanye’s channel will be recognized as historical artifacts. Artifacts that need to be appraised for authenticity and worn down by being passed around to the highest bidder. I intend to buy one of these artifacts before the museums can get their hands on them.

Mats Valentin : I'm confused Edit1: You're a mastermind... Edit2: God, you are a god. Edit3: This is going to be my first time. On Kanyes YT Channel.

Dan 0000 : Finally some good music on Kanye's channel

竜昌 : Yo Dan I'm real happy for you and imma let you finish, but you're the greatest youtube rapper of all time.

360o : i love the censored 'sacred sword' in the back

Tight : I love how they changed it, but your original album cover is there forever. Well done!

Lisa Krischke : this is the greatest prank of 2018

J. Michael Miller : I just listened to every song and commented "The voice of a generation" on each one 😂

Cactus Juice : He protecc He atacc But most unimpressively, He goes bacc

Smooth. : yeasty

SnakeyeSoldier : Ultra light beam

TrEZaaKamE : Brexit is a living breathing changing creative expression!!!!

Umbrella Sound : Who's that new rapper Dan? How much did he pay you to promote his wack raps? Come on! I know you are better than that! Don't sell out, keep it real ffs!

K.Moz : Dan bull for prez 2020

angle0felevation : dan.. i like this format of video. more? please?

demonstarfox1 : Dan Bull, you are a goddamn legend. I had no idea what was happening when you released the album. I thought you had a damned mental breakdown! Had I known what you were actually doing, I would have bought that stupid album within seconds. That was a brilliant act of protest against a sleazy and idiotic business practice, and I applaud you for teaching Kanye and Tidal a very necessary lesson. I hate that kind of shit, and good on you for standing up and speaking the truth so cleverly. Out of respect for this act of elegant trickery, I'm gonna go buy "The Life of Pablo" along with a bunch of your other music. I won't actually listen to "The Life of Pablo", I'm just buying it out of respect for your grand protest. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of your music, though.

Redpool :p : Its like dylan the hacker all over again

Damien Fate : This is absolutely hilarious XD

h : Top 10 Hacking Scenes in Movies

CaptainCharlie : whats that blurred pink thing in the background

Chiara I : yeah but what's the purple censored thing in the background?

Leaky Butt : Kanye is the BRIGHTEST the BEST, the BOLDEST!

Nightmare : Dan the hackerman

Arvu ReBantra : Whelp time for me to stare at Kanye's twitter and wait for him to notice and take screen shots of this meltdown...

ElmosWorld4201 : What an absolute Dan, passive legend 😅👌

Thomas : life of pablo is your magnum opus

Cactus Juice : You pronounced it as CANye... .......

Thiti2000 : 6:20 The Wolf remind me of Ghost

enochh31 : I hope this doesn't come back to bite you Dan, but you definitely deserve more subs

Josh harrington : Absolute mad man 😂😂

unspecifried : why can I only find this video in my notification box and not on your channel?

HM WB : wait what

weeedster : This, is funny.

Ali Ezz : Does Kanye even know that your album is on his channel? Is that even legal?

Falcon Storm : You deserve a Grammy

Shawn Heatherly : Honestly, you've improved his channel with your music.

Kokonut Binks : Good work on your original album, Dan. I hope that impostor Kanye gets his false album taken down.

jackslow : Hold up, I need to listen to the full album

Cannahuana : Hi Dan nice to see you back, Back to the Dan i followed back when you wrote an open letter to lily allen(Wow nine years ago)