Starmap Light - The modern map of the nearby stars in 3D space with an advanced light system

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The modern map of the nearby stars in the 3d space with an advanced light system. And the nearest black hole. And the galactic core. You name it. To connect you to the universe you call home. The map is in a 1 cm to 1 light year scale, so it gives an incredible insight to the vast distances of our galaxy. The stars seem to be only inches away at the scale, but the nearest black hole or the galactic center is hundreds of meters in the distance. We all have a goal in the universe - and it is, to be home in it ! This is a community project to create this map, not as a business, but as a project of passion! Check out the link and join us ! - Dozens of stars - Significant galactic locations - Dual light system (Warm white and real star emission color) - Mobile app to filter the lit stars by mass, type, distance or group them by personal taste ! - Guessing game and more Link: Good discussion here (Reddit):