What is it like to buy koi in Japan? (Newest Version)

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Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More : I can't count how many times I said "wow" watching this

Bioacuatixz Oficial : Awesom... Congratulations.


Koi Partner : Hi Steve, what a fanstastic video you share with us. Thank you! It was a great pleasure to meet you again in Japan last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTthK91rSJY (Jumbo Koi Harvest 2017) I feel honored if I can share my experiences with the koi lovers who watched this video. I hope that I may be free to post this link here. I hope to see you this summer in the USA. Best wishes, Yvo

Dr. Erik Johnson : Like everything you do, Steve, this video is a class-act; polished, impressive and full of Light. I love it.

acatinny : What a great video, so beautifully shot and well put together! Also I was so impressed by your knowledge. Sometimes I wonder why some people are obsessed with Koi and spend so much on them. Those are living animals, which means that they all eventually die. Yet some of them spend more to them than to jewelries or art pieces, and I bet some of them do that than to their women. Why? I call it culture, just like any other forms of our obsessions, and they make our lives more colorful, and dealers make annual trips to mountainous areas in Far East. Thanks for sharing your great experiences with us!

torpa15 : this is an exceptional doco. I have no real interest in Koi and it was just recommended to me on Youtube. But i ended up watching the entire doco - thoroughly enjoying it. Thankyou for giving us such an amazing insight

Dood Susa Stela : I did enjoy the video. Beautiful and informative. I didn't know though that kois can be that expensive.

Keyalis : It's 4am and I'm learning about Koi.. I love where latenight Youtube adventures can take you.

Anthony's Outdoors : I've been keeping Koi and Goldfish for 25 years. And this is probably the best YouTube video I've ever seen on the Japan buying process. I've never had the chance to go, but it's on my bucket list of things to do in life. Great video and I hope there is more to come.

32sparklyflashy : "Watch how carefully he introduces his expensive koi into their new pond" *throws fish into the pond *

Dave Brittain : I felt like my hand was held and I was taken right along with them on the trip. Living pieces of art! Such a very well done video!

ademuyiwa isreal adediran : Nice,nice ,very informative video.

Eduardo Fenili : I know this is about KOI but it's a fantastic video just for Japan itself. A wonderful country with wonderful people.

Rafael Caracu : *Very Good.* 👍👍👍

cardmaster971 : never had an interest for fish, and here i am watching the whole video at 3 a.m

Hamza Mehmood : Amazing.... Thanks for sharing with us ^_^

Cademan Caden : Great Video....fascinating

Owen Copson : really good video, excellent quality, clear voiceover. Good job guys, enjoyed watching this!

South African Farm Dog : What camera you using? The editing and image is so crisp. I would never buy koi, but they are stunning, just above my pay grade.. :) Loved the video.. really a great insight into the Koi world.

MtotheM : Very good production value on this video.

Lou B : You had me until that squid scene at the end. No words.

Future Sponsor : This video has turned me on to how beautiful these Koi are. Thank you so much for genuinely translating your passion, and sparking one in me.

Gettin BeyWay : I want all of the Koi. It's squishy

Supernatural Swamp AIDS : I LOVE the small all white koi....makes me want to get some. Beautiful.

chris : the quality of this video is insane... you deserve more subs

Alice Bonnet : Koi taste like fish.

Nathan Fischer : Is it me? Or are all these specialized fish looking the same?

Defiant306 : Amazing video, I some how came across this in my suggested videos. I glade that I watched the whole thing, it was very enjoyable and informative for someone that does have an interest in Koi. Thanks for make this video!

Jeremy Napoleon kic mooperwe : I wonder why they dont use these tanks in a aquaponics system to grow food .and even fish food .and it would help keep the water clean...and be able to sell the extra food you can't consume..and cut your fish feed bill

stan duba : wow that doitsu showa is amazinggggggg 34:24 i would be smiling ear to ear if i got to net that first before the other buyers

001 002 : i ended up with a koi he was in some old abandoned pond at a wrecked house... all alone. we just kinda looked at each other... i think he knew he was leaving he swam right into the bucket. took me a week. but i made a pond for him. he lived on an ice chest lol he now has a GF. and the wild ducks hang out once and while also. he seems much happier.

tritoobe : beautiful work and video!

Michael Wang : 55:21 That made me laugh. "Eat me while I am alive" (why won't you) I seem fresh seafood that's cooked before you eye but never as fresh as that!! I have viewed many other Koi videos before but this one takes the cake and is my first one that I watched continuously for over 40 minutes!!! I didn't even realized how long the video was until it passed 20 minutes before I choose to continue to finish watching the rest. Very enjoyable and informative while manage to successfully narrowing down your trip to under 1 hour video. Thank You, Arigato!! Mike

Michelle Buckingham : Wonderful video.

Dudenat or : Extremely well produced video.

ArtSaurus : I've been painting koi fish for a while now and I'm starting to want my own pond. I can't seem to find any place near me where they sell koi fish though

Breeding Aquarium Fish : Some amazing fish there, thanks for sharing this! I have a question - why did the breeder sex the fish to make sure they were all female? Is this something that you desired, or is it because he doesn't want to sell males to avoid other people breeding his fish?

skip drummer : Wonderful video! thanks for sharing.

khomol : AMAZING! Gorged on every minute.

Me Chim Chim : koi are illegal in nz...so sad..T.T i love koi fish

jayfordPLAYZMc mcpe : Wow wow I said wow like 50 times I am so Jealous of those koi

Thananand Vittayaprechakul : Great video. Subscribed

MrDagrom : did all the koi survive the trip ?

jrainmaker19 : Thank you, very well produced video

Munching Browse : Look at how carefull they introduce the expensive koi into the pond Bredder proceed to throw the koi 😂😂

Judith Walker : Thank You! I loved this video. Such beautiful fish, jewels indeed as are the people. I have yet to own a koi but saw a few in Japan in 1972.

Ryan Morris : Fantastic! Really nice camera work, and I was floored at some of those beauties. Thanks for the video.

Amos Chiang : There is a gold Koi @22:58 on the bottom of the screen with black eyes swimming away from the camera. Can someone help me identify what variety that is? I really want that one! Thank you!

Jonn Marvy Santamaria : Wonder how much money you shell out on that trip