What is it like to buy koi in Japan?

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Woojong : I'm not even interested in Koi fish but I can't fall asleep. So here I am watching this. You too?

Reid Smith : Rural Japan looks like it would be a really neat place to live

BlissBoo : Thank you SO much for this video! I've been dreaming about having my own Koi pond in my backyard, and this video has pushed me over the edge, lol. Beautifully made, lovingly crafted. I fully enjoyed the process in how you obtain your Koi, felt like I was there! I've been to Japan many times in my life, and it never gets old. Thanks again. p.s. If I'm ever in the SAC area, do you allow public viewings?

Tariq Choudry : Thanks to to YouTube we are discovering new things other than good old TV. Which is no longer a fun.

Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More : I can't count how many times I said "wow" watching this

WillieRants : Great video. I love the Japanese culture. It is a very honorable culture and I was never scammed nor have I ever felt unsafe during my travels there. I also felt joy in the culture unlike other APAC cultures I've experienced. I really enjoyed this video. I appreciate the respect your showed the fish and most importantly the people. You gave me goose bumps a number of times throughout the video and made me think about returning with my family. It is very expensive so it may be just a dream for now but one I will consider seriously. Thanks.

Beer Buntenbach : 38:54 ''watch how carefully they introduce these new koi, into the new pont water'' *DUNKS THE FISH IN THE WATER*

KingTokes : What a great video! Keep the content coming please!

Mark Lumley : Great video, it made me want to purchase some koi fish. Nicely done I don't know why someone wouldn't like the video. I'm not even a koi person but this video was just very well put together and the fish so colorful I could stop watching.

Rafael Caracu : *Very Good.* 👍👍👍

Bud Nunyerbusiness : How do you cook them?

KEEGO : I'm not really into all the Koi, but I've been brought up around them ever since I was born. My mother's fiancee travels to Japan twice a year and we have a few hundred Japanese Koi. They are very gorgeous, fascinating fish.

Boaty McBoatface : I'm suddenly compelled to start a koi pond. 😄

Xaverius 1 : 1,2k dislikes? This is the most unbelievable dislike ratio I've ever seen on YouTube. I need an explanation. You are free to explain your reasoning. Please.

Bioacuatixz Oficial : Awesom... Congratulations.

MrDude88 : For someone who don’t have the patient for fishing, doesn’t own a single fish and absolutely can’t see how “beautiful” a fish is; I find myself watching a butt load of fish video and subscribing to a lot of them. This documentary was super interesting and am glad it finally became a recommended video.

Jeremy Napoleon kic mooperwe : I wonder why they dont use these tanks in a aquaponics system to grow food .and even fish food .and it would help keep the water clean...and be able to sell the extra food you can't consume..and cut your fish feed bill

Jessica Crawford : You have the most relaxing voice to listen to. I really enjoyed this video.

Halex#1 : watch how carefully they introduce the koi into the water: shows footage of them just dropping them in with a splash

EVIL HAMHZM : Koi fish

danny : stunning, absolutely stunning.

MXFILMZ : Wow... The Quality of this Video is so stunning. It could easily be presented in television. And there was pretty much Information too. Like!

Angilo Milante : most entertaining video i've seen, i love fish & i did not even noticed it's coming to an end...i did not skip not even for a second...fantastic video =)

pigeonfarmboy : I don't remember what path I followed to watching this video, but I can't stop thinking about how interesting it was. Really interesting presentation even for someone that doesn't necessarily have an interest in keeping Koi.

Rubana Manzur : It would be nice to see if how they are shipped and if they all arrive safely

Alex Ruzgus : I have no interest in koi but watched your video in amazement. Top job. As a kid close to home there was a large clay pit ( dug for brick making ) the size of a small lake which was filled with Koi. Some over 2ft long. We use to fish for them with bamboo pole and line but could never hook them. We referred to them as Gold fish.Hate to think what they would have been worth to a collector.

Kashmiri Jatt : Looks delicious 👌😁

Justin Lortie : thank you for the great insight on how you get the fish to your own shop and how you select them. so many beautiful koi's

ademuyiwa isreal adediran : Nice,nice ,very informative video.

Avelia Roman : Great Video!

stezothewhitenegro : Breeder smoking cigarettes  wearing his Adidas tracksuit

tomtalker2000 : Oh i CAN'T WAIT to travel to Japan...!!! I'm going solo on a "bucket list" trip to Shinjuku for 12 days. And one of the trips is to a Koi farm and i can't wait since i have such a great love for aquariums. Thank you VERY MUCH for putting this awesome video presentation together. It was not only beautiful but also very educational at the same time. I learned A LOT about Japanese Koi and the different varieties. But more importantly how to take care of them properly.

Anna Glenn : I love finding well done educational videos like these. I learned so much in 57 minutes.

001 002 : i ended up with a koi he was in some old abandoned pond at a wrecked house... all alone. we just kinda looked at each other... i think he knew he was leaving he swam right into the bucket. took me a week. but i made a pond for him. he lived on an ice chest lol he now has a GF. and the wild ducks hang out once and while also. he seems much happier.

kevin fay : Very interesting to see a coy farm and the different fish colors and quality we have 1 koi fish orange white and black that we got from pet smart at about an inch and a half now about 25 inches long we need to move to bigger area outside currently inside any ideas on how to move fish is huge and dont know if I could handle anymore I see you use net in video for a large fish as well as small we need to move about 100 ft to larger tank any ideas on how to move currently the tank is ok but will need to move in future

Ras Putin : Thank you

Nicole Miller : I am bored and raised in Sacramento, we had no idea such high quality is local. My mother native to Hawaii has wanted to get Koi and start a pong. As soon as I heel from my back surgery we will be down to visit. We of course will be watching more and come to discuss possibility before bringing these gorgeous fish home. I never knew all of the different types of koi had names, this video was fun, educational and very informative while being enjoyable too. We are glad to have watch it and excited to see your shop. Thank you so much for sharing your trip and business practice with future clients.

Daniyal joher : Amazing documentary.... I have no interest in fishes but then also i ended up watching full documentary

Dave Brittain : I felt like my hand was held and I was taken right along with them on the trip. Living pieces of art! Such a very well done video!

Joey Dunn : I love how thorough he is.

Preeyaporn Kongphonpan : สวยมากๆเลยครับ

Christyne Long : Dumb question, what makes them “cheap” or “expensive”? What is considered “beautiful” in a koi?

natasha oneluv : The Koi fish are so beautiful. x

Riley Blanchard : THEY BUY THEM TO EAT?

artist45 : I live in N. Ontario, Canada and know very little about koi. This video was fascinating!! I didn't realize how many different kinds of koi there were and really how beautiful they all are. Living where I do, when the winters get to -40 degrees (it's the same in C and F), maintaining a koi pond, I think, would be difficult. How lovely it would be, though, to have a koi pond in my yard!! Excellent video...thanks for posting!

Nick Avalos : I think i need to put in a pond now...

Mr Sausage : so you atleast bring a million dollar to japan just for koi?

Koppakzz : You should make a video from the time you receive the koi in America to the point until they are ready for sale.

neal the Deal : is this like finding Nemo Godzilla style

QueenMeaw : ❤ Koizzz have tonz at my aunt's pond 😍😍😍