What is it like to buy koi in Japan?

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Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More : I can't count how many times I said "wow" watching this

001 002 : i ended up with a koi he was in some old abandoned pond at a wrecked house... all alone. we just kinda looked at each other... i think he knew he was leaving he swam right into the bucket. took me a week. but i made a pond for him. he lived on an ice chest lol he now has a GF. and the wild ducks hang out once and while also. he seems much happier.

Keyalis : It's 4am and I'm learning about Koi.. I love where latenight Youtube adventures can take you.

Lana Robles : "Look at how carefully they introduce the new koi into the ponds" *guy literally tosses the fish in with a splash*

Dave Brittain : I felt like my hand was held and I was taken right along with them on the trip. Living pieces of art! Such a very well done video!

Rafael Caracu : *Very Good.* 👍👍👍

32sparklyflashy : "Watch how carefully he introduces his expensive koi into their new pond" *throws fish into the pond *

cardmaster971 : never had an interest for fish, and here i am watching the whole video at 3 a.m

chris : the quality of this video is insane... you deserve more subs

South African Farm Dog : What camera you using? The editing and image is so crisp. I would never buy koi, but they are stunning, just above my pay grade.. :) Loved the video.. really a great insight into the Koi world.

Bioacuatixz Oficial : Awesom... Congratulations.

Woojong with the Word : I'm not even interested in Koi fish but I can't fall asleep. So here I am watching this. You too?

Cademan Caden : Great Video....fascinating

Hamza Mehmood : Amazing.... Thanks for sharing with us ^_^

Tariq Choudry : Thanks to to YouTube we are discovering new things other than good old TV. Which is no longer a fun.

Extinct Robot : Koi fish

MtotheM : Very good production value on this video.

Nathan Fischer : Is it me? Or are all these specialized fish looking the same?

ST TasuGe stream : Look at how carefull they introduce the expensive koi into the pond Bredder proceed to throw the koi 😂😂

Arie Nc : Awesome video

ademuyiwa isreal adediran : Nice,nice ,very informative video.

Jeremy Napoleon kic mooperwe : I wonder why they dont use these tanks in a aquaponics system to grow food .and even fish food .and it would help keep the water clean...and be able to sell the extra food you can't consume..and cut your fish feed bill

Beer Buntenbach : 38:54 ''watch how carefully they introduce these new koi, into the new pont water'' *DUNKS THE FISH IN THE WATER*

ArtSaurus : I've been painting koi fish for a while now and I'm starting to want my own pond. I can't seem to find any place near me where they sell koi fish though

Ders JuanPablo : I watched the whole thing without realizing how much time has passed. And I dont even truly care about koi. Beautiful

Koppakzz : You should make a video from the time you receive the koi in America to the point until they are ready for sale.

*Frnkn shw : You're just being koi about it

Cerulean Fish : Thank you very much for sharing this. You cannot help but feel the love you have for koi when watching this. I really liked the stills of all the people who breed koi and the details for what type of koi they specialize in. This really personalized the video experience. Best wishes to you with your business.

A. Gomez : I really enjoyed your video it was very informative and entertaining all at the same time.

monicasm : It's 3AM and I'm watching a video about purchasing koi fish... why....

Scotty : This video was absolutely amazing. Thank you SO much for taking us along with you on your koi buying trip. I've never had this experience myself, but would jump on the opportunity in a heartbeat. Noticed a few midorigoi in some of the holding tanks I would have gone for... they are my weakness. :) The gin rins are also truly stunning no matter their type.

Jan NachnameVonJan : i never thought i could be entertained by a video about some fish. this is realy well made. thank you for this informative and visuall impressive piece.

John Doe : IDK why this showed up on my feed, but I'm glad I watched it. So interesting.

MrDagrom : did all the koi survive the trip ?

Dr. Erik Johnson : Like everything you do, Steve, this video is a class-act; polished, impressive and full of Light. I love it.

Dudenat or : Extremely well produced video.

Rekodio : When I found out is was a documentary I was like nope cant stay this long

fog : stunning, absolutely stunning.

Angilo Milante : most entertaining video i've seen, i love fish & i did not even noticed it's coming to an end...i did not skip not even for a second...fantastic video =)

Whomadeyaboiedward Edward : I would like 2 of them male and female to start a farm of my own

Daniel Villacreses : Awesome video ... it was so relaxing to watch this .... thank you

Jonn Marvy Santamaria : Wonder how much money you shell out on that trip

Madhan maddy : Awesome video great job koi farmers and my favourite kio is rancho koi

Alice Bonnet : Koi taste like fish.

allowmi : Thank you for this video. A very enjoyable hour.

KingIceHunter : I’m only 30 seconds in and my only stupid question is “Are Gold Fish related to Koi fish?”

Maxima : How do u know the one you pick is the one u get?

KEEGO : I'm not really into all the Koi, but I've been brought up around them ever since I was born. My mother's fiancee travels to Japan twice a year and we have a few hundred Japanese Koi. They are very gorgeous, fascinating fish.

The Fupa Lord : it never occured to me that koi can be so goddamn expensive! but damn, they are beautiful!

Megan Gilmore : I totally want to have their job lol this was the coolest thing!!!! Jelly!!!