What is it like to buy koi in Japan?

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Your Neighbor Amos : I'm not even interested in Koi fish but I can't fall asleep. So here I am watching this. You too?

GUUD KELLY : Love the Narrators voice,keep it up.The Film makers were unobtrusive,good Job...

Kadem Mohamed : Like if you think they should stop selling Kois and get into the documentaries production industry ! #NatGeoKoi lol

ross cab : 38:50 " what how carefully they introduce these expensive koi into the indoor pond water" ... and the guy just lobs the fish hahahahaha

SosaltySereezy : *its saturday, everyone is out having a good time and im watching a video about fish*

Jessica Crawford : You have the most relaxing voice to listen to. I really enjoyed this video.

Mimmi isaksson : I must say that I am impressed with how present each location, give credit to each breeder and properly list their specializations. I know next to nothing about koi but still found this video very much enjoyable to watch. Thank you for your hard work in making this video.

MrsUial : I have never met a koi in my life, I don't have a garden, and here I am debating if I really need my bathtub, or if I could turn it into a koi pond.

Weirdo : Why am I here? I have a test tomorrow. I'm not even interested in koi. Why can't I stop watching?!?!

Tom Nguyen : What a beautiful documentary of your trip to Japan and thank you for showing us to the wonderful world of koi.

im rui : Didnt realize I was watching a 1 hour video till I was 40 minuted in. Who knew koi buying was so intresting

SCARLET★STAR : Lucky I can't tell which are good and which are bad. So I can just pay for the cheaper ones and get just as much enjoyment out of it :D

Reid Smith : Rural Japan looks like it would be a really neat place to live

AJ N310 : Apparently.... I will watch anything on YouTube

X averius : 1,2k dislikes? This is the most unbelievable dislike ratio I've ever seen on YouTube. I need an explanation. You are free to explain your reasoning. Please.

Hallenor : 5000 dollar for a fish... i hope he speaks,cleans and cook. :)

Thai : Can you make another video like this for your next trip? It was really entertaining to watch. :)

Anna Glenn : I love finding well done educational videos like these. I learned so much in 57 minutes.

lana q : learned so much about this koi business; i particularly liked the way you detailed your journey from start to end; it gave me a feeling that i was on the same trip; clear visual and audio

Joshua Osorio : I really like Japanese culture, the people are so nice and respectful.

eatSLEEPshitHONDA : wish i had the space time and money for this hobby beautiful fish

Keyalis : It's 4am and I'm learning about Koi.. I love where latenight Youtube adventures can take you.

Yolanda Max : the guy who is buying it for his ponds.. all I'm thinking is a coyote catching and eating 8k fish lol

WillieRants : Great video. I love the Japanese culture. It is a very honorable culture and I was never scammed nor have I ever felt unsafe during my travels there. I also felt joy in the culture unlike other APAC cultures I've experienced. I really enjoyed this video. I appreciate the respect your showed the fish and most importantly the people. You gave me goose bumps a number of times throughout the video and made me think about returning with my family. It is very expensive so it may be just a dream for now but one I will consider seriously. Thanks.

MrKazuma52 : saw this video and was like "oh that would be a cool 15 minute video to watch" Then realized it was almost an hour long video... my day was made *_*

Ambi Cahira : Wow, such gorgeous video. Your voice is so easy to listen to and the quality footage was very enjoyable. :) I kept thinking that wow, there are people that someday can watch this video and go "look, there is my fish!" And see what kind of people raised him or her. :) I will always wish I had koi in my life but not sure if I ever will be able to. I breed cattle though and I could somewhat relate on seeing a whole "crop" of animals and suddenly go "whoa look at that one!" In a way that didn't show as clearly when they were more spread out with moms in the fields but next to eachother it shows and some of them can stand out in this incredible way that I think can't be explained to those that have never felt it! I could tell too that these breeders have over a very long period of time valued good mentality as well besides good looks and I tend to think it says a lot about a great person when they are breeders with good mentality animals! No matter the species. <3

Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More : I can't count how many times I said "wow" watching this

John Jenks : What makes one koi worth $1k and another $10k ? They all look beautiful just curious how they value them?

Mr Sausage : so you atleast bring a million dollar to japan just for koi?

Jo : Wow, I dont know anything about koi but on 16:02 or so they had some that looked like army camo fish I have never seen that color before the were awesome! I would love to add those in my pond!!

Jack Turner : It’s a Sunday night, dreading Mondays early starts so I’m sat here watching a man pick fish, I’m loving life!

Pete Fai : Rich people's hobbies! One thousand to ten thousand dollars a fish at whole sale price? So how much is going to retail? I like koi don't care what their fancy name is! As long as I like the colors most important the price!

pokcay : This is well made video, thank you for quality content!

Frank McConnellogue : DID you ever fall in Just asking

gobot567 : Anyone else love Steve? He just reminds me of my grandfather and I mean that in a good way, just want to hear him talk and feel an ember of joy in my heart again.

Boaty McBoatface : I'm suddenly compelled to start a koi pond. 😄

Alberto Alonso : 4 million koi experts watching this

Daan van Dongen : why are the koi bred in japan? seems like a lot of effort to buy them on the other side of the world.

Michael and Stephanie Ames : what is the difference between gold fish you see in the store for 9 cents and the Koi you have here. I use the gold fish in my Aquaponics system.

Marcus A : 10k for a fat goldfish!!?!

Lana Robles : "Look at how carefully they introduce the new koi into the ponds" *guy literally tosses the fish in with a splash*

SaRaH Kruch : When you say harvest , you don’t mean kill and eat do you? I can’t imagine eating them, I consider them pets!

prinzoe moyo : why is koi expensive

Kurt McKelvey : Expensive gold fish !!!!! 😕

Clyde Day : I have to say I loved the video. You would think after a few years of going there you would learn Japanese. I am sure it would go over well with the people you're buying from.

Koppakzz : You should make a video from the time you receive the koi in America to the point until they are ready for sale.

KingTokes Blissful Adventures : What a great video! Keep the content coming please!

tomtalker2000 : Oh i CAN'T WAIT to travel to Japan...!!! I'm going solo on a "bucket list" trip to Shinjuku for 12 days. And one of the trips is to a Koi farm and i can't wait since i have such a great love for aquariums. Thank you VERY MUCH for putting this awesome video presentation together. It was not only beautiful but also very educational at the same time. I learned A LOT about Japanese Koi and the different varieties. But more importantly how to take care of them properly.

burly636 : I am not a vegan or think it is wrong to eat meat, cause it is ridiculous. I just think eating a live animal is barbaric. I don't care if it is customary and just a squid. That got to me in the end. Beautiful Koi.

Winter Night : Well this was just a wonderful video. I loved the shots of Japan, the voice over was educational and pleasant, and the shots of the many koi were fantastic. WOW! I want to be rich so I can buy koi from you!