[ENG CC] BTS SPEECH at UNICEF: “Youth 2030: The UN Youth Strategy” #Youth2030⁠ ⁠ #BTSxUnitedNations

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BTSGal 1992 : whO'S OuR PreSiDeNt?! Kim Namjoon!

n' dovxz : *The president in ARMY world~!*

akanksha rajput : This literally brought tears to my eyes.What people don't realise is the fact that we live in a world where most music these days is about sex, and drugs and objectification of people there is a group like BTS who is making music and teaching everyone regardless of age gender and race to love themselves and make their lives better and it is okay to make mistakes you are who you are . We need to accept and love ourselves first and foremost. Can't be more proud of our Boys. BTS for life

Gale : "Maybe I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday me is still me. Today, I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistakes. Tomorrow, I might be a tiny bit wiser, and that'd be me too. This thoughts and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life." -Kim Namjoon Man... I respect him so much

Park Jimin’s Wifeu : *”Bts has become artist performing in those huge stadiums and selling millions of them right now but I AM still an ordinary 24 year old guy. If there’s anything that I have achieved it’s only possible that I have my other Bts members right by my side and because of the love and the support that our Army fans all over the world made for us.” -Kim Namjoon 2018*


haney tial : donald trump, who? i only know *KIM NAMJOON* !

Matilda Kate : If he ever gives up his rap career, he should totally be a motivational speaker!

Emma Cutts : I saw tweets from people confused as to why a mere ‘boy group’ were talking at such an event- I hope this proves to them why. The power and conviction in his voice as he so eloquently recounted his speech was captivating. I have never been more proud of these boys. They used their platform to help others and bring about change in the world, and were given a secondary platform to prove to representatives from EVERY country that there is more to be done and no matter who you are- everyone is equal (something that you would think in this day and age should be almost common knowledge) Well done Kim Namjoon. Well done BTS. You did us proud🧡🧡

African Queen : “ no matter who u r, where ur from, your skin color, your gender identity just speak your self” this hit me so hard

Jackson's Baby Mama : Tears are streaming down my face. I am soooo proud to love a group like BTS. Thank you RM for showing us the power of loving ourselves. ❤

farewell kokobop : He is their speaking on behalf of the youth of the world sharing our inner conflict which our parents are unable to notice , I too have lost faith in myself that I may be useful. I know that I am no match to RM and never would be but if he said we can overcome it I 'll surely give it a try and voice out my name to the world . He is the person I look up to my idol apart from APJ Abdul Kalam , Dr. B R Ambedkar , Barack Obama

Jin is Worldwide handsome! : *_PREACH THIS SPEECH!_* This was one of the best speeches/messages I have ever heard. RM, Namjoon whoever you are thank you for this meaningful speech that means so much to us army's and non-army's. I remember hating myself because of my mistakes. But we should love ourselves for who we are, though we made mistakes in the past, we shouldn't hate ourselves for that. Kim Namjoon, RM the leader of BTS, you are one amazing human being.

Sip.the. tae : Other people might say that BTS is just doing things for attention. What they don't know is that they don't want fame. They want people to love themselves, just like what they did. They want us, the people or fans, to realise that you are you .like RM said "I have come to love myself, for who I was, who I am, and who I hope to be". Like them, you may have setbacks in your life. However, by loving themselves, they conquered the problems that they faced together. Speak yourself. What is your name?

International Playboy : Funny how for a programme called "UN Youth Strategy", there are almost no 'youth' (except BTS) to be seen...

gyuu niku : "these faults and mistakes are what i am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life" the natural poetry that flows from the intellect that is kim namjoon is incomparable 남준씨 정말 수고했습니다, 방탄의 목소리는 김남준이예요. 방탄 자신을 믿어요, 방탄의 믿음 다 말해요. 감사합니다 자랑스럽습니다 사랑합니다 💜

Sushii : Tbh i never fell for BTS because of their songs..no, infact i heard some of their songs at first and thought yeah it's good but not to the point of being a hardcore fan. But after watching their interviews, their personalities behind the cameras...they acted and behaved ordinary, humble and dorky. In short, they acted like normal human beings which made me relate to them. Even after all this fame they never act cocky they're still the same guys. They might have become a tad bit serious but it's all due to the pressure to do even better. The higher the fan's expectations, the harder they have to work for their next album. They have such good personalities both on and off camera that it's hard not to love them.

Sophie Star : Kim Namjoon for President 2020

I need kpop corn : "Why is RM the leader?" Me:

Ali Arshad : "Maybe i made a mistake yesterday but yesterday's me is still me. Today I am who I am with all of my faults and mistakes. Tomorrow I might be bit wiser and that would be me too. The faults, and mistakes, are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life." Growing up, conditioned to internalize others' unsolicited opinions about my 'femininity', my 'womanly posture', my fatness and so many ways i am not a normal boy. growing up, believing that happiness lies in conforming, to give people what they wanted, to be like how they wanted - I lost myself and the version I could be. Conditioned to loathe myself, to dread every single minute of every single day over things I just could not control, I forgot that self-respect, or self-love is even a feeling to have. #BTS came in my life, at a relatively better phase. It however is still a strange feeling if someone is trying to tell you that you are just fine, or even worse, that no you look good, and there is nothing wrong with being who you are - you can't fathom that the person might actually be sincere to you, or if they're crazy that they actually do believe what they're saying. But this is unlearning, and unlearning takes time. BTS is helping me in ways I cannot explain. As there famous song explains: 'Loving yourself is harder than loving someone else. And let's just admit that the standards you've put out are harsher on yourself.' 'WITHOUT MISSING A SINGLE PART, WITHOUT LEAVING A SINGLE GAP, EVERYTHING OF ME... I'M LEARNING HOW TO LOVE MYSELF' <3 <3

Aestheticz xx : *Me tHiNkiNg ThAt KiM NamJoOn AS A lAwYeR*

snail snails : I’m not even saying this because i’m a fan of BTS, but this is so amazing that they’ll go up and speak out about loving yourself as a person. I applaud Namjoon for giving that beautiful ass speech and i applaud the rest of the boys for being there for him, backing him up. I’m proud to be an ARMY and i hope you all are having a good ass day ❤️

T T : Can't stop listening, watching and crying I'm so proud of him I'm so proud of them I'm so proud because I'm part of this family I'm so proud because I'm army I'm so proud because i can hear this powerful words He is kim namjoon Our leader

Himashi Dissanayake : "Wake up and listen to yourself. Who are you?" ~Kim Namjoon ( RM of BTS) That was one of the best speeches ever💖💖👏

G. Yazel Marzon : Before I fell for BTS I was the type of person who only really liked or followed songs not the artists. Yes, there music was the first thing I saw of them, but then I watched one of there interviews and became obsessed. There personalities and there messages have helped me through so much. You have no idea how much they mean to me, and how proud I am to be apart of this fandom. Thank you for teaching me to love myself.

Imma New Generation ANPANMAN JJANG JJANG MAN : When BTS speaks.. The World shall listen. I have to say this: It's so hard to find a song and artist these days that doesn't make a song about sex, parties, and never ending love/break up songs. While most artist only focus on making a song that will surely hit the market or surely be catchy, ever since BTS debut, they already showed they don't give a damn about whether they'd hit big or if people will agree or disagree with them. They will say what they want no matter who will listen. And they chose to voice the youth. Can you imagine a rookie back in 2013, who's already singing about society's flaws, discrimination for youths, lies of the education, and the forced bending of will in the minds of youths? As long as someone, even just 1 person who'll listen, it's enough for them. And now.. The world has paid attention to them. I cannot be more proud to have a group who defied all the odds.

Candice Kim : I already watched this..but i can't help it to watch it again n again n again..Thank you BTS for this powerful, inspiring and delightful speech for the YOUTH..You are not just an idol but also inspiration for all the young people all over the world through your music you taught us to LOVE OURSELF..that TRUE LOVE BEGINS IN LOVING YOURSELF..Self-love is the best way to find true love❤ Pls continue inspire people most specially the young generation..I'm here not just because i am ARMY but also as a YOUTH.. Thank you😄..GOD BLESS BTS🙏

Amy Chen : I always listen to Bts music when I am sad, mad or happy, their music helped me through my hard times.

LilWoman : I became an army because bts make different song not about drugs or sex and they help me to love me . I remember before I became an army they bullying me because I have big teeth i thought that i was the problem but bts changed my mind and help me to love myself this speech make me cry I hope that more people star to love themselves.

Sarah Sazali : "and maybe i made a mistake yesterday. but yesterday's me is still me." "lets all take one more step. we have learned how to love ourself. so now i urge you to speak yourself." "find your name, and find your voice by speaking yourself." "i have many faults, and i have many more fears. but i'm gonna embrace myself as hard as i can. and i starting to love myself gradually just little by little." he really does know how my life is going now and how i feel about myself. he speaks from heart. i'm crying so hard right now. i love this man so much 💜

todayillfight becauseImarmy : Next era: “speak yourself”

Linh Mai : "Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself"

Minty Suga : AHHH I vote Namjoon as president anyone agree??

Dem I-ARMY Reacts! : And I'm left speechless......Kim Namjoon you repeatedly have shown your beautiful heart to the world. This right here proves how open, understanding, warm hearted, and loving Kim Namjoon leader of BTS, ARMY, and a special brother to six other great men really is. Like he said he's made mistakes many times in his life but rose above it all. RM has been put down by people many times but that never stopped him from doing what ever makes him happy. It never stopped him from going forward proving himself that he can do it and proving to others he was capable of doing it.....id like to go on with this but I have to much to say right now. Kim Namjoon, you're making history for everyone around, doesn't matter what age a person is, his words will still hit anyone's hearts so thank you for being who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.

BaNgTaN ARMY : RM's hands were literally shaking... But Our boy just shaked me and everyone else out there i guess. His speech was strong enough. And they've come so far.💜 I'm a proud ARMY. Are you? 😊

싱그운명 : I know I'm speaking much.. But one day I want to be like BTS, reaching my goals of dreams and spreading love and peace and good deeds around the world. And I'm much confident with my goals, I hope my efforts will come across. I just wanna thank BTS for inspiring my so much. I'm not an ARMY just because BTS is much more than an artist for me. I can always relate to them. For now I'll say where BTS is today, they really really deserves to be there not only because of their music but also the concept. Not only because of WHAT they do but also because WHY they do that. I really wanna meet BTS after being successful so that I can thank them for inspiring me. Well who knows ~ where I'll be. But I'll always try to entertain people, spread love, do good deeds, achieve my dreams and most importantly LOVE MYSELF AND SPEAK MYSELF.

CatchYouLaterr : I'm so emotional right now. Joon's hands were shaking, he was so nervous! I'm so proud, I can't actually explain it in words. This is the first of many many big speeches for them. They literally started from nothing, but through talent and saying him keep without forgetting their roots, they have come so far. We support presidents who give us the courage to speak ourselves and who remind us that it's okay to also love ourselves. Thank you Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook. You work so hard and do so so well.

Maryam TJ : I am not saying bts are legends but that exactly what i am saying

Claireyy Jeon : Kin Namjoon's speech made my tears fall down. He, BTS taught me how to be loved, and it is by loving myself. I am so thankful to BTS. I'm proud to say "BTS change my life." THANK YOU God, I met this guys who are aiming to change the world. I'm very thankful for having them in my life. All I can say is THANK YOU a HUNDRED TIMES. NO. BILLIONS OF TIMES I F I CAN. Thank you BTS. We love you. Thank you for being our (Youth) voice

Angela Mouzenidou : "I'm Kim Nam Joon and also RM of BTS" I don't know why but when he said that, i felt exactly what he was trying to convey through his speech. By saying his name and also his stage name was him embracing all that he is and loving it. That's what I felt both times he said that. You did well boys, all of you.

Anna Avertho : "I want to hear your voice and i want to hear your conviction, no matter who you are, where you're from, your skin color, or gender identity, just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself." RM for world president

Hanny : Kim Nam Joon as president

Infires men :v : Ahorita estoy llorando demasiado con todo lo que dijo... Quisiera amarme a mi misma, se que no es fácil pero quiero empezar a hacerlo... Solo puedo agradecerle desde aquí a ellos toda la esperanza que me han dado qwq💕

Vanshika Trivedi : Hello Everyone I am Vanshika from India. It's not been so long when I started listening to Kpop but the day I started ,I kinda automatically became a part of army. I love their music and they are so humble and talented as human beings. I really wish to see them performing in India in their upcoming years. ♥

Park Jimin : Taehyung in the corner being proud of namjoon

amanatee27 : 5:23 "What is your name? What excites you and makes your heart beat? Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice, and I want to hear your conviction."

pretty babe e'dawn : I'm proud to be a part of this family. I want to cry because this is beautiful. Our boys are changing the world!

hyungwon is done : those tiny smiles he would give during the speech, he’s proud of them and himself. i’m glad they know they’re doing well, i’m glad they know that they’re helping us and not just being artists and giving out music, they’re giving a message.

SᗩᘉSᕼᓰᘉᘿ : His voice is so smooth😍 I BTS really helped me Last year In year one of middle school, I had 2 friends, I talked to alot of People, but like not friend-ish. My girl friend was in a group I also was In but I also wasn’t, I didn’t talk to them because Idk, I just didn’t, I told her I’m stopping going to them with her and she actually got sad so I decided to stay with her, but I told her I wasn’t going to speak, when it was summer vacation I only talked to my girl friend we’d always go out and do fun stuff yk, and when summer vacation was almost over I posted a snap chatt saying: “this year I’m going to be 100% myself if you don’t like me, then don’t talk to me” and That’s what I did, now I’m talking to the same group I didn’t talk to last year and they’re one of my bestest friends😆 and I gained ALOT more friends beside them, I can say it’s because of BTS’ song “21st century girl” the line that hit me was “everybody wanna love you, everybody gotta love you” 💜 BTS is the source of my happines and that won’t change Loveyou ARMY💜 Loveyou BTS💜

Rozalia Ishfaq : I'm in the process of writing a speech, and can't do any better than RM. <3