My friend sent me this video of a bison in his car with no context

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Xavier Rhodes #RhodesClosed #Lockdown : This is the type of stuff that should be trending, I’m tired of seeing the same old things.

electronicsNmore : Wow, what a tongue. Must be related to Gene Simmons.

C Miller : Can’t monetize any videos with cursing but YouTube can sure plaster it to the trending page lol

Mykul22 : Lmao this is amazing

King Zames : Why did I laugh so hard at this😂

The Midway Maniac : Every video on trending needs to be like this : The buffalo fed this guys entire family for 6 months after the filming of this video.

Nathan Doveel : 0:15 😂😂😂😂😂Red Neck head ass lmao

dat calculation tho : Finally, some *quality content.*

Dion : One day there’s a buffalo cuddling with me kinda banging me around a little bit.

and Peggy : Finally a _good_ video on trending

Salmax Kayak : Natives: hunt buffalo for food and use remains for tools and clothing. Crazy White People 2018: Hoooooooley Sh*t!!

Black Mr.clean : Wtf did I just watch..... LMAO

Unyt : Holy -cow- bison


Jomo & The Possum Posse : Dang man. That's up close and personal! Thanks for the shout-out!

AMagicProduction : By far the best video I’ve seen in 2018

Sike _ Lex : 0:12 I thought he was singing lmao 😂

Berero Dimet : "Holy cow!" _in bison's mind_ *_im a bison not a cow you know how insulting that is I'm leaving now this is why I can't trust you humans and I'm going to hit you some more because you deserve it_*

Itskash646 : 🎵 Like a good neighbor State Farm is there 🎵

Brant Frans : A great moment of his life.

Jed Rhoades : *What did the buffalo say to her son when he left for college?* Bi son.

Alex Goodman : That’s one hell of a friend

Madam Geeksalot : "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there."

Vulcan Vlogs : Best video ever!

spllitz : I was waiting for the bison to eat his head

Maggie Carlson : Damn girl what that mouth do

Jim Blank : Lol, this is the Olympic Game Farm in Washington. It is a blast. You feed all the animals with wheat bread. The Buffalo are very aggressive so you have to be careful. PS Don't bring you new Mercedes here, the Buffalo and Moose will destroy it.

Christian Altamirano : Now this is trending material.

jeso317 : Don't feed the animals dude

Mariam Arabi : Congrats on trending 😁

Mr. Moo : Moo

andui alvarado : bison wants a kiss

Anonymous Toaster : This is the stuff that should be on trending

Mr. Moo : Eating Pringles while watching.

Lonesome Queen : *B i g M O O*

Fixo Music : Kind of banging me around Little bit 😂😂😂

Zeus Carter : Appa??

Soccer Freestyler : “Kinda BANGING me around a little bit” LMAO

tortuga388 : That is not a bison. A bison is a plice where people wash their fice.

Nathem : This is the random, internet-class, top-grade stuff that deserves to be on trending.

antdude : "And then?"

Big Sean : Hi bitches

GloryGaming HD : “Holy cow”

Ashley Dream : What did the buffalo say to his kid when he went off to college? Bison I'll go kill myself now

CivilGuy : A year later you post something and it goes viral, interesting

TheFuriousPigman : What kind of dog is that?

GraceAction : These are the best kind of videos to get from your friends

nibba yee : its black appa!

Yomo Kontabi : Wow, I didn't think you'd post my video on youtube lol