unbelivable vedio inside the borewell

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Shankar McBhārat : Feet reference on the video would've been interesting. Look at that fine granite !

mike o'neill : My YouTube is on random play next, and I missed the first minute or so of this video..... thought it was a rectal examination and was 10 mins in all lubed up before I realised what it was..... oh well, I was nearly there I thought... although it WAS the strangest wank I've ever had it was oddly satisfying at the same time.....

The Keyless Shop at Sears : how deep?

Indian ninJA : No traffic in borewell

danita powell : cool to watch

Awesomeness is Overflowing ! ! : Pani nahi lagla ka re Bhau ? Hahaha

kotha vamshi : Em vundi andulo water vundakapothe Bore lo em vuntundi

Heretic : what exactly makes this an unbelivable vedio

saleenan ithikkat : finaly i found him there...

Syed Sajid : Which camera is that

Ahmed Khan : send me your no