UK Energy Firm Caught Forcibly Installing Smart Meter Against Person's Consent
UK Energy Firm caught forcibly installing Smart Meter against persons consent

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This shocking video shows the moment Northern Irishman David Barr, who suffers from a medical condition which sometimes renders him housebound, has a Smart Meter forcibly installed in his property against his consent. The video suggests that Power NI have acted beyond their authority in forcibly installing a Smart Meter against a person's wishes, something that the UK Government has repeatedly admitted cannot and will not happen. As reflected in a statement by former Energy Minister Charles Hendry (Hansard, 29 November 2011), whilst Energy suppliers will need to take “all reasonable steps to install smart meters for all domestic and smaller non-domestic customers by 2019” – they: “do not expect suppliers to seek an entry warrant simply to fit a smart meter and it will not be an offence for householders to refuse to accept a smart meter”. Hendry was later quoted in The Register stating that: “We believe that people will benefit from having smart meters, but we will not make them obligatory. If people are concerned about the electromagnetic issues, they will not be required to have one. We have been willing to give assurances to Hon Members on that account.” From the Video: David Barr (@ 6:25s): "Just take the [existing non-smart] meter and everything out - I don't want a Smart Meter..." Power NI Engineer (@ 6:36s): "I have to fit a Smart Meter" Power NI Engineer (@7:15s): "You can get a normal meter put back in if the bill's cleared -- there's no problem there." This interaction suggests that Power NI are using Smart Meters as a billing enforcement tool, confirming that the true beneficiaries of the UK's £11BN Smart Meter Scheme are energy & utility firms -- leaving consumers like David Barr enfeebled and disempowered. In an act of protest, David is now living without electricity, meaning he is using candlelight, has no hot water and no ability to cook his food. Know your rights and say no.