The love of my life rejected me..

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Comments from Youtube

Joas Paats : BEST OPENING LINE EVER: "What'd you eat for cereal today..."

次郎JIRO : damm the beat hits harder that my moms belt

Tom Stunt : Can you release the full instrumental for this? Kinda wanna bump this in my car LOL

Edu M. : - Thanks... You're pretty beautiful too. ... ... + Yeah...

Darren Ernst : You my friend have made lemonade

Diego Parra : I've replayed that beat an insane amount of times.

Ben Wonder : there's always more fish in the sea... there's also more videos like this on the way so be subscribed to see what's next ;)

huh968 : She doesn't eat breakfast? Mate, call her back immediately and tell her she shouldn't be skipping the most important meal of the day.

Zzzzap : it's lit fam.

Robi Zemi : i would lend you my gf.

Mr 617 : This guy's already a Legend. He just spews Legendary.

Dimitar L : Damn this video makes me wanna get rejected

Gordon freman : No time for girls, u have sick beats to do.

C North : This ginger may not have a soul, but he's got beats!

Salim Ouli : that piano makes you feel some type of way.

Wabi Sab - E : I love your face.

Ксюша : I would go on a date with you, but I'm from Russia.😅

FRESHBRU : Dope AF, would totally chill with this dude ladies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kamikaze Gorilla : Have you tried being less ginger?? Chicks dig non-gingers.

Kitty : Poor girl's a meme now. 😂

Karen Absuelo : ur beautiful

Alvaro Rivas : About to witness the birth of a YouTube star! The beat is hard man , glad I stumbled across your page

Pixel Party Plus : and this is how music producers deal with a rejection.

Bifemen2 : That "...... yeah...." was beautiful man!

Anthony Santosuosso : Can you make this downloadable? Even if it's an unfinished version? This shit is fire my guy

Owen Ikimotu : Need a longer version of that beat!!!

Dean Chisvo : Make the beat longer haha its kinda dope but cereal??? really man really :D

Physio Absolute : Dude, because of the amount of likes and watches on this, you'll probably end up going on more than a date with or without her.

Big T : FBE might've sent me here but I stayed and subscribed for those sick beats.

Briola Nugent : *This is a good jam♢* I'll always come back to it #StillWatchingtilltheendof2017

Navajo David : If you make a longer version, i would buy it. Promise.

JOUA1400 : That IS pretty much the way 2 deal with that kinda thang! BTW..Good luck with Asa!!!!!!

Davie : +Ben Wonder Dude I'm begging you, I need the instrumental. Please release it. Good content btw

Rsmith573 : Just wait till my man blows up and becomes producer of the year, then he'll be saying not really to her. keep doing your thing Ben Wonder

1999. : Damn bruh this shit a banger man, could you send this on email to me????????

DanDan : Best rejection, BTW faze Apex brought me here.

Josean Zhao : 😂😂😂 how to save urself from being rejected

MrLAM : Ben you should have done a hopeful looking face at the parts in the song where she says "yeh?" then straight back to the sad face after. still... hilarious!

Sabastian : D A M N🙌🏾😁

GenericName : Benjamin please do some full songs. I like literally every song youve made but theyre all under 1 minute

ragnarok700 : Your vids are great, keep up the good work! :) Looking forward to more of them. Also, any chance you can make something happen with, hmm, a computer chair?

Mr88jboss : Dumpert FTW

Paul : damn, keep it up man. Plenty of fish out there, just this video alone probably nabbed you 100+ fishes, you just don't know it yet :) Kudos Ben Wonder!


3rimm : i can actually spit to that beat

Hermilo Rodriguez : The fans want an extended version

Andrew Calavan : Hey Ben, I'm glad I watched your videos. You're hilarious and your music is awesome. Do you plan on doing any fine-tuning and releasing full edited studio style tracks?

Sub Space : I feel you bro. Nice song though.

Dashernite : dude add download links to your songs