The love of my life rejected me..

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Ben Wonder : I am returning. If you've got the notification bell ticked on my channel, you'll be notified when the new videos come out. I'm excited to build and share amazing things with you. For those that read this, i'll see you soon.

Diego Parra : I've replayed that beat an insane amount of times.

Wabi Sab - E : I love your face.

Ben Wonder : there's always more fish in the sea... there's also more videos like this on the way so be subscribed to see what's next ;)

Robi Zemi : i would lend you my gf.

Mr 617 : This guy's already a Legend. He just spews Legendary.

Joas Paats : BEST OPENING LINE EVER: "What'd you eat for cereal today..."

huh968 : She doesn't eat breakfast? Mate, call her back immediately and tell her she shouldn't be skipping the most important meal of the day.

次郎JIRO : damm the beat hits harder that my moms belt

Ксюша : I would go on a date with you, but I'm from Russia.😅

Tom Stunt : Can you release the full instrumental for this? Kinda wanna bump this in my car LOL

Darren Ernst : You my friend have made lemonade

Karen Absuelo : ur beautiful

Edu M. : - Thanks... You're pretty beautiful too. ... ... + Yeah...

Dimitar L : Damn this video makes me wanna get rejected

C North : This ginger may not have a soul, but he's got beats!

Zzzzap : it's lit fam.

Salim Ouli : that piano makes you feel some type of way.

Gordon freman : No time for girls, u have sick beats to do.

HOPPE : man, the honesty of this video makes my uncomfortable

MrNewt : As someone who can't even operate FLStudio or Ableton without wanting to cry I love this stuff. How long did it take you to learn?

Kamikaze Gorilla : Have you tried being less ginger?? Chicks dig non-gingers.

Rory Milne : I'll date you buddy

FRESHBRU : Dope AF, would totally chill with this dude ladies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bifemen2 : That "...... yeah...." was beautiful man!

Kitty : Poor girl's a meme now. 😂

Alvaro Rivas : About to witness the birth of a YouTube star! The beat is hard man , glad I stumbled across your page

Owen Ikimotu : Need a longer version of that beat!!!

Physio Absolute : Dude, because of the amount of likes and watches on this, you'll probably end up going on more than a date with or without her.

Anthony Santosuosso : Can you make this downloadable? Even if it's an unfinished version? This shit is fire my guy

Dean Chisvo : Make the beat longer haha its kinda dope but cereal??? really man really :D

Imre AGV : i need more of your video's

Robin Abresch : classic as always.

RealShufi : Who tf starts a conversation with "what did you eat for cereal this morning?"

Mr88jboss : Dumpert FTW

1999. : Damn bruh this shit a banger man, could you send this on email to me????????

Briola Nugent : *This is a good jam♢* I'll always come back to it #StillWatchingtilltheendof2017

Pixel Party Plus : and this is how music producers deal with a rejection.

Josean Zhao : 😂😂😂 how to save urself from being rejected

Navajo David : If you make a longer version, i would buy it. Promise.

Rsmith573 : Just wait till my man blows up and becomes producer of the year, then he'll be saying not really to her. keep doing your thing Ben Wonder

Hermilo Rodriguez : The fans want an extended version

Xd-noahz : i can actually spit to that beat

Epikm 161 : 0:44 song start

Supergecko8 : I cringed my guts out of my mouth

Createetaer : What her ig?

Isabel München : i cant understand how something can be so heart breaking and cool and the same time. 😂

tiagounb11 : Dude, you're so talented! Why did you stop posting videos?! Keep up!

Vincent Segers : Have you tried plastic surgery?

SkRimy bro : Where can i take that song??? i wanna listen it every day!