Actors who can ACTUALLY sing

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Ken T : that was definitely NOT Mark Wahlberg's was Mike Matijevic from Steel is well documented that he did not sing those parts

ohthatmaggie : Uhh Jared Leto has a band. You can’t consider this is a surprising side act talent.

Makenna Bertapelle : well jared leto was the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars

markdelej : My life has really hit rock bottom

Dominique Babang : There is actually some singer in your list, so that's actually not impressive at all. Mark Walhberg and Jared Leto were singing before acting.

Toni-Marie : Has she not heard of 30 Seconds To Mars?

cum4us x : What the hell yea Jared is actually the singer of 30 seconds to mars and beside of that an actor but it's very surprisingly 😏😂

Kaleigh Richards : Fun fact christian bale was in the disney movie of the newsies as the lead. Use that instead.

Ray Taylor : I wouldn’t call that singing. 🤔

TasteMyAtrocity O : I think Jared Leto and RDJ are the only ones who were actually singing!

Brianna Martinez : Jared Leto is super goood, he’s my fave by far

Frida Lindström : Depp is not even singing in Cry baby lol it's not his voice

thelastwizard_12 : Jared leto.. seriously haven't u heard of 30 seconds to fkin Mars..

Shawn Peterman : That was NOT Mark Wahlberg singing in that clip. Do some research.

AlecDSilva : Come on Mark Wahlberg shouldn’t be on this list! He went into singing before acting

Helen McIntyre : Mark Wahlberg? started as a singer...

Fabricio Aguirre : Seems like you don't know where Jared comes from

Guilherme : now I'm confused, The Avengers is a band or a group of superheros?

Al Sadahzinia : You forgot Adam Sandler and the Lonely island LOL :P

Hunter : Most actors start in musicals, so this list could've been infinite

leighann m : That Matt Damon song at 5:04 sounds like Miley Cyrus’ song Rockstar haha skip to her song at 23 seconds and u can hear the similarity 😂

YeastyGeorge : Mark Wahlberg looks like a rapist. A rapist who rapes vaginas and buttholes. And maybe sometimes... when he’s really drunk... a penis or two. Sometimes.

TopoftheGlist : Johnny Depp was also a singer/musician before he was ever an actor just like Jared Leto.

serpentine4684 : No, Brad Pitt is a terrible singer lol.

Kamylle Santos : 2:31 i got pocket kdhzhsnesjdjdjd i got a love, and I know that it's all mine uooouh

Adam Stahl : most actors started in plays and musicals before professional acting. mark wahlberg was in a band (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) Leto was a singer for 30 Seconds to Mars.

FUNERAL BILL II : And Jared Leto is a singer who can't act.

deathunleeshed : What do you mean, Leto is the frontman for 30 seconds to mars

Sureeya Mohamed : What was that first movie for Jennifer Lawerence called

Jason Trego : Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap and NCIS: New Orleans can sing

Damian Thompson : Jared Leto is the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars who became an actor!

Returning Shadow : You should have used the video of RDJ singing with Sting. Also why didn't use footage from Newsies for Christian Bale?

Karan Khurana : That’s not Mark Wahlberg singing!

TOPNUM : I've always thought it would be truly wonderful to see Jennifer Lawrence shove a sausage up her bum. I think this is something we can all agree on and get behind.👍🏿

Real Eyes : Well a couple of these were misleading -- like Ryan Reynolds, who were only shown singing for a split moment. But, yeah... Seems most actors these days can sing, and most singers these days can act.

Lucy G. : Where's Candice King? 😍😭

Mylla Sunaya : When you saw Jared Letto on the list and rolled your eyes...OF COURSE HE CAN SING!!! HE'S THE FRONTMAN OF 30 SECONDS TO MARS FOR FUCK SAKE

John Funaro : That wasn't Mark Wahlberg, though.

Jay The Bird : Jensen Ackles needs to be in there, he's awesome!

Hiba Shifa : I don't even know a single person inside your video ....can't you pit Taylor swift in it

Erika Newell : I’ve never liked anything I’ve heard Emma stone sing... she’s a good actress.. but definitely not a singer.

Wakeshimutanemahazunakunamatittenopan : wtf Scarlett xD❤

o wisse : what about Zac Efron

Happy huWhite Man : (((Hollywood)))

Soccer Girl : Iron Man can sing!😱😆

frederik hansen : Wtf! Jared Leto is the lead singer of 30 seconds to Mars... Of course he can sing

Reggie Daniels : Wahlberg didn't sing that btw it was dubbed if you read credits and album.

Vladimir Tchuiev : I'm feel ashamed watching Eurotrip for 7-8 times and not realize the guy singing Scotty Doesn't Know is Matt Damon o_O

tardisofcamelot : taron egerton is pretty marvelous, should be here

Felix Schmidt : i was not expecting Robert Downey Jr. to sound like that omg.