Actors who can ACTUALLY sing

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Martin esInWhite : Jared Leto is actor and simger in 30stm


halsti99 : why did you include movies in here? you know many actors dont actually sing themselfs right? .. matt damon for example didnt sing scotty doesn't know. just listen to the album version that the band "lustra" did.. its 100% the same.

Chino Wantan : So The Avengers are a music band?

HardVibes : Well of course...jared leto is the singer of 30 seconds to mars. DUH.......

Mr. Bubblegum. jr : Where’s Ansel Elgort aka Baby?

Life With Jae : If you were going to do Jared Leto you could've done one of his original songs. He has had a band for years.

Leah87 : I feel like having Jared Leto on this list is kind of cheating.

chuckgobbo : No Jim Carrey singing "Somebody To Love", from "Cable Guy"? :(

Jessi Pichardo : where tf is Adam Sandler?

Grizwold0001 : Leto? Realy?

Pearl Trident : See it was a clever trick... It never said could sing good

Robert McKinnon : "Here's Jared Leto singing!!!" Or, just listed to 30 Seconds to Mars.

Lilyroseabell ? : where’s jensen ackles on this list

fakewalka : No Hugh Laurie? Seriously? Like, this is the guy who can actually sing, along with Jared Leto. geez

Jasmine Lepelaar : The Avengers should have a karaoke night.

I Am A Pigeon : What do u mean Jared Leto can 'surprisingly' sing? He's literally in a world-famous band lol

That dude : Basicaly, avengers 3 is a musical

Victor Fraga : Just a correction. It's not Mark Whalberg singing there. He doesn't sing in Rockstar at all. Actually just found a live performance of this song from the real deal

*Stardust*Disnerd* *Lullaby* : I'm so ready for an Avengers musical damn it. 😍

Ozzie Z : Robert Downey singing voice!

littlefreak3000 : Jared Leto is a singer who has acted.

Makk Hovland : Christian Bale sang in Newsies {1992}

Cynthia G : jennifer lawrence cannot sing to save her life. there's a reason that in the hunger games shes always singing quietly lol. its cuz at any other volume her pitch accuracy goes down exponentially. plenty of proof on youtube.

Vadim F : jared leto does not count - he sings in the band - 30 seconds to mars mark wahlberg also sang in some boy band in the 80's or 90's

maria sanso : Is this a joke???

Flash Sirius : Basically every Disney channel actor

Rae Bartholomew : i feel like with the mark wahlberg one, yall are forgetting marky mark existed

chadbrochill19 : Take off Matt Damon. That was lip syncing. Add Jensen Ackles, Chris Pratt.

Serena H : Johnny Depp did not sing in the movie crybaby that with somebody else

Jasmine Lepelaar : Most of these actors are from Marvel and DC. I guess they have more superpowers than we thought.

Drizztgeass : sitting here waiting for Jack Black to show up

Kathleen Bretz : Johnny Depp actually isn’t singing in Cry Baby. I was so disappointed when I found out because he really is an amazing singer. Also, where’s Hugh Jackman and Tom Hiddleston, especially if you were going with a few Marvel stars?

imperiajor : that IRONman Rocks :)

Alison_Wonderland : Okay but why is Jared Leto in this?? This is meant to be actors who peeps didn't know could sing is it not? Like so that it makes people go like 'wow they can sing', so why pit a professional singer 😂 I mean he's the lead SINGER of a famous BAND

BeautyBby XO : Jared Leto is such a good singer

Kim N : This should have been titled "Actors who've Attempted to Sing Before. and a few who actually can"

Ineida Medina : Christian Bale on newsies as jack Kelley

Falcon S : Chris Evans 😍

Tanya Lynn : Lol Jared Leto is a singer

Isu Upadya GT : JEN

Денис Луцкий : То есть то что у Джареда есть своя группа не в счёт?)

Taz Lol : So Jensen Ackles isn’t amazingly perfect at singing........ WELL I THINK HE IS!

patrick kimbrell : Jennifer lawrence? Really?? Come on lol

TheMrVengeance : Wow, Jared Leto can sing!? Huh. He should start a band! Like, 60 Minutes To Jupiter, or something.

Fenty Love : Johnny depp 😍😍😍😍

Crystal Camerano : Do your research!!!!!!

Iron Man : Where is Wolverine 👊👊

Chino Wantan : Jared Leto should form a band....

Chase Salyer : Do your homework. That was not really Mark Wahlberg singing. You want to hear what he really sounds like singing, check him out in Boogie Nights but don't say I didn't warn you. Also, that was not Matt Damon singing in Eurotrip.