Actors who can ACTUALLY sing

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gretchen :

Grizwold0001 : Leto? Realy?

Martin esInWhite : Jared Leto is actor and simger in 30stm

Crystal Navo : Slap this person who forgot Jared was a singer before acting

Emily : Emma Stone ahahhahhahaha xD

Mia Cutelli : “Jared Leto” HE’S BEEN A MUSICIAN FOREVER

Iris : Zooey deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt

KarebuLikesMusic : J A R E D L E T O I S A S I N G E R

Grant Stoutenburg : I knew Jared Leto as a singer long before I even knew he was also an actor. For me he was one of those singers who is also a really good actor.

Mr. Bubblegum. jr : Where’s Ansel Elgort aka Baby?

Lucy Livvy Samal : Where is Emma Watson??

Аня Искандярова : Jared Leto?! NO WAY!

Emil Wiklund : NO SHIT! Can Jared Leto sing?! xD Hahaha!

SeaWolf : That was not Mark Wahlberg singing, that was Miljenko Matijevic from the band Steelheart. Miljenko(Mike) and Jeff Scott Soto did the vocals for the movie.

Kevin Pearce : I cant believe you didn't put Chris Pratt! Come one, Mouse Rat!!

Mitchell Rohrbaugh : Lol have you never heard of 30 seconds to Mars?!

Tre Tuell : Didn’t expect Jared Leto

Violencia Dreaquence : Kristen Bell, and almost every cast in Riverdale

Angie Frey : Johnny Depp ❤️

Snug Vapes : lol when jared leto came on I'm like,....uhhh hello? 30 seconds to mars? lol

Paola Oliveira : Emma Stone and Jared Leto 💕💕

Bummpis : Mat Damon is lip syncing.

C Thompson : WOW Jared. Nice !!

Ludwig Vonn : sorry, but this is a bad video... I was surprised only by Downey Jr. , he aint so bad actually... Why didnt you put on Zooey Dechanel or some people who actually sing lol... Brad Pitt?????????????????????? for fok's sake...

Maria Tereza Rodrigues Alves : Jared❤🔥

Vicky Mason : wow! I never knew Jared Leto could sing!? who knew!

Maya Reads : jared leto has a band

Amanda Gomez : Gretchen stop trying to make actors who can actually sing happen its never going to happen

Jasmine Lepelaar : The Avengers should have a karaoke night.

Doctor Simin : Jennifer , Jared, and Robert Rocked it!!

The Otaku Within : Most of these are far from "ACTUALLY" singing... And those that can actually sing are actually professional singers...

metalbornmetalbred : LMAO! That's not Mark Wahlberg singing, it's Mike Matijevic of Steelheart.

Dylon Strange : Jared Leto.... 30 seconds to mars 😑

Vidiura Winai : Jared Joseph leto Is a Singer who can act .

johnsnow stark : Seriously??? .... Jared Leto is my fave singer.... Actually band.....

iamcanon18 : Jared Leto really??????? he is a singer....


jonny boyce : LOL at Leto! He’s a singer. But in reality he can neither sing or act.

kc _24 : the fact that christian bale was singing the power puff girls theme song is just so beautiful

Virginia Piani : Jared Leto IS a singer ¬¬

Kenzie Rat : Christian Bale sang in Newsies {1992}

chuckgobbo : No Jim Carrey singing "Somebody To Love", from "Cable Guy"? :(

Mya Holcomb : What about Donnie Wahlberg he can sing too (hes in a band ) and Tom Hiddleston can sing too

Ozzie Z : Robert Downey singing voice!

Karla.Marvel stella matallana garcia : La la land 😏

Faith Neary : bruh christian bale was in newsies. You should’ve included that

Samyra Awesome : Mark 😂 that’s my actor tho...

hemmings to pala : tbh i only clicked this to see if there's robert downey jr and im not disappointed

rrr : "actors singing" is more accurate.

Landon D : Seeing the amount of people that don't realize this is a joke makes me really sad