Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" PARODY! The Key of Awesome #125

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The Key of Awesome : What parody should we do next? Did you see Taylor Swift in the recording booth? https://youtu.be/tuZ0LCbQPqM

Katie ALDC!!! : Love it!!

Trinity : Can you do a parody of Swish Swish by Katy Perry?

Iza Leonie : The key of awesome is still alive😂 I used to watch these videos when I was younger..still love them now! Hahaha so good!

Rakha Wihangga : just enjoyed it, this is pretty good parody tho

KyuMi -San : *Bitch Pants Hahaha*

rosiesmusicvlogsx x : haha this is genius so good

Raging Hormones : fans are triggered.... lol

Anadal 33 : So funny!!😂 her voice also like Taylor

Maria Pullatt : Taylor did write better songs when she was 15. Awesome parody btw.

Armin Bidilici : Am I the only one who loves Katy's acting in this parody? 😂💕

Miztickow : Poor June. :(

Lynntendo : I still love how people are mad saying you are "bashing Taylor Swift", yet the original is literally her bashing other people though...

Rida Laamoumi : This one is way better than Bart's parody.

Ice cream crusher ice cream 4 ever : You guys should do a Bhad Bhabie parody aka cash me outside girl

Jade Attempts to Art : Dude, the sexual harassment case was the one thing she did that was good, why would you ridicule it?

LeaderLance : The "I ❤ BS" shirt got me.

Ricardo AG : "I'm a pop music Cersei Lannister" XD Well that made my day.

Peacewoman 4 Life : Lol this is awesome! (No pun intended)

UnluckySimmer : The Taylor Swift actress kinda looks like Deligracy

sherly V : Any army here if there are why did 2:09 remind me of go go


GeneralGreivous66 : Please put it on Spotify

ava : this kinda sucks

•Lauren• : this is dumb asf I thought this would be a fun parody of her song not a bash on taylor🙄 this is low but ok

noob gaming x : I hate this... she should be satan

rakshanda banu : When the chorus and bridge of the parody has more lyrics than the actual song...😁

Bella Fabulous : Omg both Noah and #MagicMan are both in this😂😂😂👌🏼

TheDailyCrumb2 : once the diet coke lines happens the rest of it is brilliant

Expose the Narcissist : making fun of peoples hard work is sad

cami : Why y'all have to make fun of her sexual harassment case though?

gracie robinson : Roses are red Violets are blue I love key of awesome And so do you

Penelope : Go to 0:00 and keep pressing the left arrow button

Blondie and Brownie : anyone else catch that Elliot from svu was on her mirror

Ricardo Guerra : This one and "Can't remember to forget you" are my favourites from you! Amazing!

Cute Cat : Can somebody notice the key of awesome duckey of awesome like if you already noticed

aramanth : The last line killed it!

The Flaming Delphox : "You remember that one time, you cut in the lunch line?" LOL

Feeling Empty : Love it!!

Veronica T : The Katy Perry Actress had me cracking up! LOL!!!

nastynate6 : This is my 6th time watching this

Liana Loves Cookies : oh my gosh you used the Katy perry video of "Swish Swish"

mel's sims : where did you find the background at the moment 0:46??(

AR Gamr : Says The Key Of Awesome Hears Duckey Of Awesome

Clasher12390 : I would say you guys should do a Swish Swish parody but it's already a parody of itself.

William John : To be honest taylor blood is made of milk.

AyeBuddy : Holy balls, you guys still make videos

Sadrak Ferly : Amei. Muito Bom

Elsa The ice queen : UMMM NO BAD WORDS IM JUST 7!!!