Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" PARODY! The Key of Awesome #125

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The Key of Awesome : What parody should we do next? Did you see Taylor Swift in the recording booth? https://youtu.be/tuZ0LCbQPqM

Trinity Scanlon : Can you do a parody of Swish Swish by Katy Perry?

Iza Leonie : The key of awesome is still alive😂 I used to watch these videos when I was younger..still love them now! Hahaha so good!

Katie ALDC!!! : Love it!!

Rakha Wihangga : just enjoyed it, this is pretty good parody tho

A.R Meyer : It's great. I laughed so bad! Hhahahahahahahhaa!

Clasher12390 : Why are people so mad at that sue yo ass line people should be happy because she did sue his ass and took his dolla instead of crying about it.

Anadal 33 : So funny!!😂 her voice also like Taylor

lucy anowai : fans are triggered.... lol

ibardlyknewye : I really don't like how the comments section is flooded with Swifties complaining about ONE line. The parody isn't making fun of sexual assault. The key of awesome doesn't endorse sexual assault and neither does that one line make fun of it. In the line, Parody Taylor sings about the actions she'll take as a consequence if someone touched her inappropriately - that she'll sue them and win a dollar, which she did. The line has a lot of truth to it and it doesn't treat her sexual assault case lightly either, it instead presents it as something that Taylor really cares about. The parody makes you hear it like a threat to a potential attacker rather than something to laugh about. Finally, the persona that Parody Taylor takes is one that is an exaggeration, but it only exaggerates an accurate facade, (one that is vindictive and neurotic), that the real, 'new' Taylor assumes. Therefore, the parody shouldn't be taken seriously if you're still offended. Parody Taylor is just an exaggeration.

KyuMi -San : *Bitch Pants Hahaha*


Aimee : Once again better than the original, great job!

El Fart Lord : I died when it said "I love BS"

Sleepy : Don't make fun of her sexual assault... that's not okay :/. Other than that, I really enjoyed!

rosiesmusicvlogsx x : haha this is genius so good

cami : Why y'all have to make fun of her sexual harassment case though?

Pantene Comercial : i feel like no one would care if taylor made fun of lawsuit but when someone else does it, it's " Bad Taste "

Imma Smiler : This parody is so sarcastic 😂

Just For Fun : I used to think it was DUCKY of awesome 😂

Miztickow : Poor June. :(

Armin Bidilici : Am I the only one who loves Katy's acting in this parody? 😂💕

bughead 4lyfe : So far their worst parody ever

Ricardo AG : "I'm a pop music Cersei Lannister" XD Well that made my day.

stoner baby 自殺 : everybody freaking out about the lawsuit line need to shut the fuck up. I've been sexually assaulted, raped, and sexually harassed before and I still don't give a fuck. You're getting triggered for something that doesn't matter to your life whatsoever.

samuel razin : this one is better than Bart's

Gvf77x : I loved this parody! I've watched it like 10+ times and it's hilarious, the final line just kills me every time. Great job guys!!!

iris vlogs en diy : Just grows Taylor Swift is awesome And You're Not

Muaz Rana : Hahaha Cersei Lannister!!😂

Maria Pullatt : Taylor did write better songs when she was 15. Awesome parody btw.

Peacewoman 4 Life : Lol this is awesome! (No pun intended)

Unlucky Simmer : The Taylor Swift actress kinda looks like Deligracy

Lily Meredith : Ive been waiting for so long for this

anonymouse : Cringe and awkward level 999 *0_0*

Luuh H : Cadê os br? 🇧🇷🇧🇷

•Laurenge• : this is dumb asf I thought this would be a fun parody of her song not a bash on taylor🙄 this is low but ok

Will Miller : I don't like when you bully other singers it's rude

XDflorenceXD _yt : *Why did my assistant try and sabotage me?*Me: Well you poured diet coke on her, also poured hot soup on her and said 'make eye contact with me and you could lose an eye' AND you called her dipshit but why would she try and sabotage you? XD

Ice cream crusher ice cream 4 ever : You guys should do a Bhad Bhabie parody aka cash me outside girl

Chloe Mccanless : Sexual assault really that's what you're going to joke about it's not funny by the way and you should really learn what real comedy is.you could have at least put a trigger wanting somewhere like in the descriptions or something for someone who may have been through something like that.

Carson Trent : While most of this was funny, and I get that its supposed to poke fun of the artist the sexual assault joke crossed a line. Making fun of sexual assault is just tasteless, especially for those who have gone through similar or more serious circumstances. Another thing is that TS didn't sue him, he sued her and she made a counter claim for the one dollar to raise awareness for situations like that. This channel used to have class and now it's just gone downhill.

Swan182 : Everything was funny and awesome until the joke on sexual assault. Not cool.

Backstory Ben : 2:09 Is that a Just Dance 2018 reference?? :O Bonus points guys!

Rida Laamoumi : This one is way better than Bart's parody.

sherly V : Any army here if there are why did 2:09 remind me of go go

Sophia Gonzalez : What the hell is wrong with you!! Did you seriously just make fun of her SEXUAL ASSAULT case. Who wrote this god

Bella Fabulous : Omg both Noah and #MagicMan are both in this😂😂😂👌🏼

白冰凌 : Last time I was this early the key of awesome still mainly made parodies

nastynate6 : This is my 6th time watching this

Liana Loves Cookies : oh my gosh you used the Katy perry video of "Swish Swish"