Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" PARODY! The Key of Awesome #125

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The Key of Awesome : What parody should we do next? Did you see Taylor Swift in the recording booth? https://youtu.be/tuZ0LCbQPqM

Katie ALDC!!! : Love it!!

Trinity : Can you do a parody of Swish Swish by Katy Perry?

Rakha Wihangga : just enjoyed it, this is pretty good parody tho

Maria Pullatt : Taylor did write better songs when she was 15. Awesome parody btw.

Lynntendo : I still love how people are mad saying you are "bashing Taylor Swift", yet the original is literally her bashing other people though...

Miztickow : Poor June. :(

Rida Laamoumi : This one is way better than Bart's parody.

Jade Attempts to Art : Dude, the sexual harassment case was the one thing she did that was good, why would you ridicule it?

Iza Leonie : The key of awesome is still alive😂 I used to watch these videos when I was younger..still love them now! Hahaha so good!

samuel razin : this one is better than Bart's

Ice cream crusher ice cream 4 ever : You guys should do a Bhad Bhabie parody aka cash me outside girl

LeaderCartman : The "I ❤ BS" shirt got me.

Ricardo Guerra : This one and "Can't remember to forget you" are my favourites from you! Amazing!

COLTON : Omfg the shade the sarcastic im shook

Peacewoman 4 Life : Lol this is awesome! (No pun intended)

UnluckySimmer : The Taylor Swift actress kinda looks like Deligracy

The Flaming Delphox : "You remember that one time, you cut in the lunch line?" LOL

cami : Why y'all have to make fun of her sexual harassment case though?

Thicc Christian : I died when it said "I love BS"

AR Gamr : Says The Key Of Awesome Hears Duckey Of Awesome


sherly V : Any army here if there are why did 2:09 remind me of go go

Alex P : I love Key of Awesome. I have been a victim.. umm.. Anyways. I can honestly say that those of you who get offended of a PARODY!!! Are just sad.. I know lots of women and men who have been victims of a sexual and hate crimes. Crimes that breeds fear and hate. Not just hate for the people who could do these crimes but against other people who are innocents. Laughter helps against depression, against hate and fear. I love Key of Awesome because if you are a fan you know that they do not do these parodys as a insult.

Backstory Ben : 2:09 Is that a Just Dance 2018 reference?? :O Bonus points guys!

TheDailyCrumb2 : once the diet coke lines happens the rest of it is brilliant

Kurt Lagasca : I love this but the joke about sexual assault is just too much SMH

Liana Loves Cookies : oh my gosh you used the Katy perry video of "Swish Swish"

GeneralGreivous66 : Please put it on Spotify

noob gaming x : I hate this... she should be satan

Bella Fabulous : Omg both Noah and #MagicMan are both in this😂😂😂👌🏼

Veronica T : The Katy Perry Actress had me cracking up! LOL!!!

Expose the Narcissist : making fun of peoples hard work is sad

Imma Smiler : This parody is so sarcastic 😂

Blondie and Brownie : anyone else catch that Elliot from svu was on her mirror

iris vlogs en diy : Just grows Taylor Swift is awesome And You're Not

Swan182 : Everything was funny and awesome until the joke on sexual assault. Not cool.

Peachy! : Don't make fun of her sexual assault... that's not okay :/. Other than that, I really enjoyed!

Muaz Rana : Hahaha Cersei Lannister!!😂

Sophia Gonzalez : What the hell is wrong with you!! Did you seriously just make fun of her SEXUAL ASSAULT case. Who wrote this god

Will Miller : I don't like when you bully other singers it's rude

Penelope : Go to 0:00 and keep pressing the left arrow button

Cute Cat : Can somebody notice the key of awesome duckey of awesome like if you already noticed

Ricardo AG : "I'm a pop music Cersei Lannister" XD Well that made my day.

Gowri Unnikrishnan : Making fun of the fact that he actually grabbed her ass and cracking jokes about that is just plain mean and disrespectful. On the whole, it was funny but firing back at something that isn't all that funny is just rude.

Feeling Empty : Love it!!

Korissa Nails : Older KOAs are way better. This is disappointing.

nastynate6 : This is my 6th time watching this

GIO RAMIREZ : She wasn't even the one that sue the guy 😂😂😂 the guy sue her lol

Celestial Forces Astrology : She has so much Capricorn influence in her chart, its crazy. She acts just like a Cap, I believe she is a Sag though. Can't forget about past Scheming Cold and Calculated Love their money Worried about keeping up a good image or reputation. Controlling, esp in romantic relationships where she may end playing a Mommy figure. Very Resourceful. If not afflicted ,these people may think the world is a chess game, and they are thinking several moves ahead. Prone to grumbling and complaining. Precocious. That's just a few things. This girl is a trainwreck.Sorry.