Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" PARODY! The Key of Awesome #125

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The Key of Awesome : What parody should we do next? Did you see Taylor Swift in the recording booth? https://youtu.be/tuZ0LCbQPqM

That One Weirdo : This really sucks and Im not even a Swiftie

Light Rine : Taylor Swift, what you made Marioman do?!

sivan rottelman : Who else remembers when the key of awesome produced actually good quality parodies?

Deq'Ah Bieha : Better than the real song 😂😂😂

Gorana Bjelovuk : taylor has no friends because she is evil!

The angel of awesomeness Loves u : Actually the song is about Beyoncé

Yana Muhammad : what the fuck with this video!!! i laughing so hard!!!! LOL!!!!

Anonto Rocky : the girl looks horrible as Taylor Swift

Christian Niccolo Felipe Valencia : I hate to say this but why the f**k do people keep making this stuff. It looks so stupid .

Brendan Daniel : When the original music video is the better parody

Gamer_Gurl 669 : Omg the actions are like the ohana adventures moves

Dione : 1:35 "And don't make eye contact with me or you could lose an eye" Alois, is that you?

Helena Guillén : fuck you and your sexist self. you think making fun of a sexually assaulted woman is funny? fucj you

Crystal Nyako : Why did u doing this?! That's not nice... i think the only reason u and other people doing this just because u wanted an ATTENTION! So please stop and respect!

Hans Bjorgman : Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are getting worse and worse. Their new songs are just awful!

Christian ChimChim : Make fun of taylor all yo want. She just did a mic drop with her song in front of all the haters.

Frank's emo child : That was so good! Absolutely spot on as well!

Arianne Raeven Digolto : So much funny i can't stop laughing


Егор Хлебушкин : a link to the dancers PLEASE

South Wales 2017 : So crap get a life

mr's lolipop : Why you are so mean..you made taylor look bad you shitt!

Juno Boy : Funny but that girl she look mess as hell

Putri Jasmine : love everything except the sexual harrasement. this pretty much sums up why taylor is such a drama queen

Sergio Alfaro : My earphones broke while listening to this .-.

Vegito Blue ツ : Parodys are always cringey

Ma. Lily Boogine : Cringe level 1000000000

kalen time : wtf

Wayne Cooke : ummm..............

Tostada Jones : hot boy at 0:25

eye ksma : wtf is this shit

kayla rasyida al fatih : so funny hahahaha

Lovely Dalmacio : Hahahaha taragis sakit sa panga

Diya Chaklader : the actual diss trick

Didi Loz Mtz : Haha it's funny. Taylor swift is Satan !!

Celestial Veil : I guess getting sexually assaulted is wrong unless Taylor Swift is the victim.... sad.

xDMN8x dominate : This is so funny... and to all those people saying oh no poor Taylor Swift didn't deserve that part, are you kidding me? She is the one who publicly brags about Karma and now it is simply coming full circle. I mean, every word in this song is true and calculated, just like Taylor's songs. I agree 100% with every word. Let her get mad. maybe she will write another song LMFAO

MidnightAnime ShadowNightcore : ... I don't like this cause it makes fun of things that are actually serious... -_- But then it's my opinion

kelly Lavigne : that girl have a really wide thigh gap

kittygamer : Side to side by ariana grande

MsTM MS : I ...don't ...read your comments...dot dot dot...I ...love ...BS too!

me me : Yall tbh i have had the worst day ever i had to get my teeth pulled and a cyst popped i need love please like😩😩😩

Chelsey Leigh : Fucking yes. The actual song is shit. This, is hilarious.

Lucy Blades : Amazing and hilarious in every way except for the mocking of the sexual assault lawsuit ($1)

Holi 5810 : This was so funny

Spuster ツ : This Taylor sounds better then the actual Taylor. Then again, thats not a real accomplishment.

Tobi Mastermind : 0:20 What's ramsey bolton look alike doing here

Virtual AssassinAdaz : Quite boring wasn't as good as others

Ahmet Adar Irmak : The first part was good but the Kanye thing is not that drama and I am team katy and swift