The difference 9 months makes with terminal cancer.

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darkenmarr : This is pretty disrespectful towards him and his family, I know you probably have the best of intentions. But you should take it down. Right now people need to be focusing on sending him positive healing thoughts. Not showing the bad things that are happening to him.

darkenmarr : I don't know if this video is appropriate considering what he is going through...

matthew lucenti : keep at it

Cher Bear : I agree. Let’s have some respect. Please take this down. After all, he only just passed away. I hope you find it in your heart to do that.

Gabriel's Not Dead : Take this down , it's not your journey to share.

MrJohnnyBQuick : Not even 9 months. He's gone from seemly okay 2 weeks ago to really bad pain and nausea 1 week ago to being bedbound and basically moribund today.

Jenn Marshall : I’m sorry but this is completely disrespectful you need to remove it!!! There’s a way to do something tastefully and then there’s this!