We got free chicken wings in London using theories of persuasion (very persuasive)

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The Zac and Jay Show : PART 2 OUT TOMORROW PEOPLE. Who will win? oooh cliffhanger, like a proper tv show. Follow the instagrams for behind the scenes stuff. https://www.instagram.com/jamie_rawsthorne/ https://www.instagram.com/zacalsop/

Aaliyah Mukhtar : Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait

lily : Swear bossman just gave zac the wings because he looked homeless n felt sorry for him😂😂

GTJ : Will Jamie ever go back to that chicken shop??? 😂

Ricky Baillie : Jamie could sell a condom to bill Cosby

Tom Seed : Turned bog snorkelling in to a globally recognised sport & you've now discovered the secret to solving world hunger. In less than 2 weeks. Doing bits lads!

David Baird : "wAnt tO pLaY CoNnEcT fOuR?"

Lizzy Woolmer : I don’t know why.. but this kind of video just makes me anxious 😂😂

UnoriginalContent : Honestly such awesome guys, by the way your world mental health day video got played infront of my whole school in the assembly so well done boys :D

Jack Foley : Fried chicken and a video call with Stephentries, big boys journeying up in the world!

Shoaib Bakhsi : Top quality content, I enjoy these type of videos the most and truly appreciate the effort that goes into making them

Mo Samuels : You two will have a TV show within a year

LewisTopic : Another banger lads! Keep them coming!

Adam Coyle : Best duo to ever exist

Alex Kevan : All the yutes now going to get some clipboards and whiteboards to get free wings cos of this video

Frank Hall : to be fair the chicken shop owners where generous guys

George McNie : Ngl one of the best channels around

Frederic THESIGER : These just get better and better.

Dan : You guys will have 1 mil next month 😂😂 love the vids

Robbie Nado : Jamie could persuade Donald Trump to take off his wig

Matthew Wood : Great content guys , cant wait for you to blow up , you deserve it!

Connoratess : "The boss men of London" - Jamie is chuffed yous nailed it and then he's like "oh no Zac's not stopping there" ahah. Great video

Dinosaur : I gotta try this bois


King Ghost : Quality original content.

Dee Dastroya : this just makes me want to eat wings really badly

Bradley Sparkes : Jamie with the "free wings" chant... Ledge!!

JB FW : Jamie really reminds me of Devvo

d k : Everything that's wrong with this country

jimmy jam : surly get invovled with the sidemen

Kyle Lassiter : It said creep in his mouth at 1:01 😂

jetski Dex : Yo bossman

Ollie Smither : yo this is the best new channel !!!!

fred ayre : As if they made two eps out of this😂

That Guy Magnum! : This channel is legendary!

Luca Calabrese : What a video!

Jonathan Cunnane : Love your vids . Lol this is not really persuasive the first one is basically a scam

Jamie Hobbs : that werent chunkz XD

Gethin Ovens : Nice one lads. Keep coming up with creative content. Deserve more subs from the editing alone.

Jack Hannan : 3:42 jesus how long has zac been up, the man has pink eyes

Kromex : Mad how you saw chunkz in the street and his sister in sams chicken chop

Sachindra Bhattacharya : Want to try this, but I'm missing a partner in crime like you xD

Dinosaur : confidence is key

Ethan Coffey : I swear Jamie is a man of the people

Dominic Stunt : All bossmen felt sorry for Zac 😂

pan : I'd feel too guilty about doing that haha

NegativeFeedback : love it

Josie Russell : 👍🏻👌🏻

Retromech101 : gonna be good

Crust Nust : I can’t wait until this channel explodes and I get to say “been here since 24k”