If You're Stuck, Here's How I Get Up Again || How to Stop Quitting
If youre having problems with your Emotions Negatively impacting Your Goals Here you Go lt3

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Stephenie Naroleski : My husband is currently suffering from alcoholism and we can't afford healthcare; though the withdrawal may kill him, we are attempting to taper him off using the HARMS taper table. It's exhausting for both of us. Thank you for this message and for inspiring me to not give up. The constant caretaking for both him and his paralyzed mother is shaking me to the core. I'm losing myself in the process. It's a lonely place. After I watched this, I took a half hour to walk my dog in the forest, and I feel I can do this another day. Thank you. I'm happy to subscribe and look forward to more,

jan strydom : Good man!!! Yes, Yes and Yes!!! We love you too!!