"Baby Whisperer" makes babies under four months stand on their own

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Phil Osophical : I think this is not good for the babies freshly and rapidly developing skeletal system. Its important that minimal stress and weight is bearing on the devloping bones and joints so they develop properly

umbraemilitos : I think Babies need to be allowed to crawl, to build up some coordination between arms and legs.

Scheren Schnitt : Really really bad. the nature solves it itself. Babys are used to stay with 10 months to 16 months. If you bring them to stand earlier it could occur that the hips will grow in an offset position. Its not a problem of strenght, its the problem of misalignement and epiphyseal growth. Their braingrowth isnt that far. For standing you need to step through several steps in an programmed order. It is bad for the bones, the muscles and the brain. Veryvery bad.

RAVENSNFLIES : i had no idea youtube reached so many doctors. wow!

Just Chill : Why so much in a hurry to make them stand at the right time surely they will stand. Whats wrong with people nowadays?

T.J.C.P : So apparently the comment section is full of doctors and pediatricians...🙄

Troels Lychau : i don't like this, i am afraid some parents could try this at home

Sean : Standing is overrated

Burial : What's the point?

ShyanaTrinity : Very unsafe in my opinion

Tipsylou : but their legs arent developed enough for this yet? There's a reason they don't stand at that age. He just gets their knees to lock and then balances them?

twes619 : I joined his class at 3 months and now everyone calls me parenthesis ( )

Expose Em All : Forcing them to get bow leg

Kerry Stone : It was fascinating to watch but don't see the reason for why a baby at this age needs to learn that? They will stand when they are ready surely? Why people in such a hurry to make them do it?


Thatsme : No. Sooner they walk the sooner they can get into dangerous and fatal situations.

Michael Robson : It doesn't say why you'd want your kid to be able to do this or if there are any benefits beyond the circus spectacle.

Shivam : Before 11 months mind muscles( talu of baby ) are very weak and they dont develop fully. If we make them stand on feet or give pressure on lower legs , this may damage the brain muscles . Please stop this . U have to not make them work so early why playing with their mental and physical health

Nazia Khan : Silly people expect too much from babies

MJruling : If nature wanted them to stand earlier it would have made them so....

a1919akelbo : Babies can stand the moment they are born, their legs naturally lock. This guy is scamming people. Babies cant stand till they are older because they need to develop their balance. This guy is essentially balancing a stick on his hand, balancing the baby so it stays upright.

Cup Walker : take a bat and stand it on its top, will it stay? no. Now take that bat put it in your palm and balance it, does it stay? yes. nothing more than balancing a baby, he has the strength to hold himself up, the guy is balancing him, nothing special!

Raj : he is just balancing them.. like we can balance sticks on palm.. but babies are not meant for this.. it ia okay..that babies learn this naturally..

Jack Wagon : Legend has it the man is still trying to find liability insurance.

Brandon Shave : Obviously your definition of unaided excludes the man holding them and shifting their balance.

Paola Lazo : 😂😂😂😂 This is sooo common in Mexico.

Reagans Ghost : I did this with my kid. It's not hard

Vines O : They are not at all under four months... wrong projection (atleast 6-10 months)

swedge, PhD : really impressive

Asya Asya : I feel like he does something to their back

Ikke Oliver : This looks like torture

Rebecca kent : Thyre going to get bowed legs

Ben Grimm : Your kid still won't play in the NBA. Buy a book instead.

Gianni Wood : He is balancing them like balancing a stick

Micheal Rosen : nonce

Rohan Bhardwaj : If you forcing bones by let them stand at that age they are likely to form knock knee or even flat feets

Breathe A Smile : Standing in that age is ubnormal... let the babies follow their own natural path! They shouldn’t even shit in an upstraight position in that age let alone stand. Even if it actually happens pediatricians should prevent it... you don’t know what it could do to their back!

Alexis Giles : Where can I find him!!! I need him for my future kids!!!!! Does he potty train too!!!

HappyKat 9 : Let nature take its course.

Angus Law : harmful to their legs. leg not strong to support the body weight.

#HASHTAG#SlimeAndGacha : New sport [Drum roll] Watercheerleader

E- Mail : no point in doing that, the bebies are unconscious and become conscious around the age of 2.5-3 years.

KTdesign : PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. It is extremely unhealthy and dangerous. Do not hurt your babies in the long run!!!

xtps1 : Babys cant stand on a solid plate, but the parents balancing them out. The baby wants to stand, the parent is balancing. This is the result

RussianBot [Lvl 9001] : Didn’t know cows could swim and that beta males were able to procreate. Oh wait...modern times.

Steve Bailey : All babies do this, I used to do it with my daughter. And years later, with my niece. It’s not the guy, it’s a natural reaction of balance from the baby.

agsn : its not a good idea for babies to be standing at this age

Ben Grimm : Only 8 babies died during the filming.

Atoms GV : Noway 😂

ComedicEinstein : Looks like a man making money balancing babies on his palm.