Pubmasters - The Movie

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Seph F : I miss these days, playing til the wee hours of the morning every weekend throughout junior high and highschool. I am now 28 years old and I have never found another game I enjoyed as much as CS.

Chadtopia : One of my all time favourite gaming videos <3

Trevor Clarke : omg the nostalgia is REAL!

Kevin Puzak : #findscrim #findringer. bring me back to 2003-2007. my youth, teenage years. now 28 =/

AJ A : if you don't remember the joy of finally waiting out the filefront queue to download this video then you aren't even a gamer

robertha : Watching in 2017, thinking about 2003, mIRC finding your own scrims 5v5 / WEST / CAL -M / De_dust 2 / Teams ONLY!

kliganN : im was 11 when I watched it now im 21 xD

David Davidson : i miss the old days

Skobee : I remember this like it was yesterday. It's a shame I hate CS:GO so much now. Loved it when it first came out, but it just died out for me. Been playing since 1.3 and I thought the pubmasters stack tactics had use in cal and cpl. I wonder if this comment will be here in 10 years. I wonder if I will be.

ajayb : 13 year olds be like... the graphics suck

Gwee : when counter-strike was counter-strike

Syed Hassan Talal : The memories of ... late night practice sessions, matches during exams, the team selection, choosing the weapons, the strategies, some of the really cool friends are the people whom i met during CS LAN Parties and we formed up the clan! I miss those days of CS1.6 ... and sorry guys buy CS:GO is not upto the mark!

Karla Hurst : I miss timekeeper. Where you at?!

Peter Delincak : I have never ever played better game than CS 1.5 / 1.6

James Lapaz : Damn, I remember watching this almost 8 years ago. I was in elementary school staying inside for recess because I didn't bring my homework. Daaaaaamn.

Khazaroth : Thanks to ZeratoR :D

Christian Rader : damn this brings back some memories

Thomas Fontaine : TEAM ZERATOR. Je préfère tellement 1.6 à CS Go ou Source, mon dieu ! Cette vidéo rappelle des bons souvenirs, l'époque ou les AaA rulez le monde_O/

piggie916 : So many emotional attachments to this video.

Le Micro et la Plume : La team Zerator ici ! :)

minigooshey : Legendary video

Fuzion180 : Damn I miss CS 1.6! this game was my childhood lol I remember taking it so seriously, playing everyday after school. It's just not the same anymore :( might have to start playing again after watching this

Erin Andrews : when cs was about passion and fun. now it's all about skins/greed and trolls/meme's.

Kiril Kiril : Everyone comes back here once :)))

Ryan Conlon : Started playing this game when I was 8.... Now going on 25.... Still play. Game had quite an impact on my life and this video is the epitome of a big part of my upbringing.. Pretty nostalgic and cool stuff. God does this bring back memories.

Andy Perkins : I love how the res of this video is the same as you would have it gaming back then

Mc.Marc1993 : Damn boy this is good oldstyle youtube videos. Missing that time!

pudge_tv : Настольгия :(

Kenzo Alex : Still didn't forget about you guys !

Hater Profissional : Watching in 2017 :)

RiktigMusik : Back in the days, when cs was CS and not a crap game.

Winston Shull : Still the best CS 1.6 movie ever made

aappa en : 2016 - Still getting goosebumps from this. (yay, im a nerdie.)

Анатолий Strong : TaTy - Нас не догонят =) t.A.T.u. - Not gonna get us

steelseries1k : 2015 and we're still here representing.

Renat Faizullin : Guys music Tatu-Нас не догонят.

Karvelis : Best gameplay ever

Algis K : Nostalgic video, missing those days of CS

Peter Delincak : 27 yrs old, played since beta 7.1 with POD bots, still rocking AWP 1.6 servers

OvermindBG : Nostalgia

Jason Lee : nice movie, cs1.6 forever!

Romel Negut : Good old CS.

Adam Arzo : The absolute golden days of 1.6.

Sharath Pujar : 10:45 the best ninja difuse

MonsteRpro96 : 10:40 Was the best part :)

c α r u н : Nostalgia :')

Sneg in Action : кто от ЧБ лайк

Sozzikof/since/2k14 : кто со стрима чб ?

nosd : I miss these guys, no one wants to do this shit anymore

Hi_ Story : Лайк кто от чб