Pubmasters - The Movie

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Chadtopia : One of my all time favourite gaming videos <3

Seph F : I miss these days, playing til the wee hours of the morning every weekend throughout junior high and highschool. I am now 28 years old and I have never found another game I enjoyed as much as CS.

Trevor Clarke : omg the nostalgia is REAL!

David Davidson : i miss the old days

Skobee : I remember this like it was yesterday. It's a shame I hate CS:GO so much now. Loved it when it first came out, but it just died out for me. Been playing since 1.3 and I thought the pubmasters stack tactics had use in cal and cpl. I wonder if this comment will be here in 10 years. I wonder if I will be.

Kevin Puzak : #findscrim #findringer. bring me back to 2003-2007. my youth, teenage years. now 28 =/

Christian Rader : damn this brings back some memories

Jordan Livermore : This video inspired me make a CS short for my clan at the time. I enjoyed making it so much that I'm now lucky enough to say that I work in broadcast television. It's clear that an awful lot of soul went into this video and I owe my career to Pubmasters. Love you guys XX 

robertha : Watching in 2017, thinking about 2003, mIRC finding your own scrims 5v5 / WEST / CAL -M / De_dust 2 / Teams ONLY!

AJ Your Sexy : 13 year olds be like... the graphics suck

Le Micro et la Plume : La team Zerator ici ! :)

minigooshey : Legendary video

Fuzion180 : Damn I miss CS 1.6! this game was my childhood lol I remember taking it so seriously, playing everyday after school. It's just not the same anymore :( might have to start playing again after watching this

kliganN : im was 11 when I watched it now im 21 xD

Syed Hassan Talal : The memories of ... late night practice sessions, matches during exams, the team selection, choosing the weapons, the strategies, some of the really cool friends are the people whom i met during CS LAN Parties and we formed up the clan! I miss those days of CS1.6 ... and sorry guys buy CS:GO is not upto the mark!

James Lapaz : Damn, I remember watching this almost 8 years ago. I was in elementary school staying inside for recess because I didn't bring my homework. Daaaaaamn.

Thomas Fontaine : TEAM ZERATOR. Je préfère tellement 1.6 à CS Go ou Source, mon dieu ! Cette vidéo rappelle des bons souvenirs, l'époque ou les AaA rulez le monde_O/

piggie916 : So many emotional attachments to this video.

Sneg in Action : кто от ЧБ лайк

Kiril Kiril : Everyone comes back here once :)))

pudge_tv : Настольгия :(

Peter Delincak : I have never ever played better game than CS 1.5 / 1.6

jsXanatos : stepsize i think it was..totally can't believe they risked pulling that in a match hahaha so awesome

jsXanatos : classic counter-strike movie

Kenzo Alex : Still didn't forget about you guys !

Renat Faizullin : Guys music Tatu-Нас не догонят.

Mc.Marc1993 : Damn boy this is good oldstyle youtube videos. Missing that time!

Sharath Pujar : 10:45 the best ninja difuse

Hater Profissional : Watching in 2017 :)

aappa en : 2016 - Still getting goosebumps from this. (yay, im a nerdie.)

Анатолий Strong : TaTy - Нас не догонят =) t.A.T.u. - Not gonna get us

Algis K : Nostalgic video, missing those days of CS

Ryan Conlon : Started playing this game when I was 8.... Now going on 25.... Still play. Game had quite an impact on my life and this video is the epitome of a big part of my upbringing.. Pretty nostalgic and cool stuff. God does this bring back memories.

Andy Perkins : I love how the res of this video is the same as you would have it gaming back then

James Henenlotter : No, the fact that I played 1.6 competitively for years and have also played CS:GO competitively puts me in a position to judge the game. In fact I've become an expert on CS mechanics, and I could easily tell you exactly why 1.6 mechanics are better for competition, not that you would understand or even care. You probably played source too, which would explain why you're more willing to accept CS:GO's flaws instead of pushing for improvements like the 1.6 players do.

RiktigMusik : Back in the days, when cs was CS and not a crap game.

Sozzikof/since/2k14 : кто со стрима чб ?

Jason Lee : nice movie, cs1.6 forever!

steelseries1k : 2015 and we're still here representing.

C a r u h : Nostalgia :')

OvermindBG : Nostalgia

Hi_ Story : Лайк кто от чб

James Henenlotter : I'm probably 658 million times better than you at CS:GO(lowball estimate), you've clearly never been anywhere in 1.6 which was the real serious version of CS. CS:GO is just settling for less, even source was a better game, and if your game is worse than source you've really dun fucked up

nosd : I miss these guys, no one wants to do this shit anymore

Peter Delincak : 27 yrs old, played since beta 7.1 with POD bots, still rocking AWP 1.6 servers

Erin Andrews : when cs was about passion and fun. now it's all about skins/greed and trolls/meme's.

Gwee : when counter-strike was counter-strike

Adam Arzo : The absolute golden days of 1.6.

Lucas L. : 2015! still alive

Khazaroth : Thanks to ZeratoR :D