Christopher Hitchens on Hannity & Colmes about Rev. Falwell's Death

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Zarkow : The day Sean Hanity dies of an overdose with a strap-on in the behind I will crack out the champagne.

Throatwobbler Mangrove : Hitchens is dead, but Ralph Reed and Hannity are alive and well. Clearly, there is no god.

Smash Diggins : Hannity actually called hitch a pseudo intellectual LMAOOOO

John Superits : I love how Christopher just gets underneath Sean hannitys skin

Josh Cohen : "You as a Christian require hypocrisy of people" #savageaf

Outlaw Soul : Sean "the idiot" Hannity: I knew him. CH: *tell me about it. it takes a lot to make me cry.* damn. that was filthy. ice cold and deadly.

Charl Malan : Playing the world's smallest violin hahahaahha

Andrea Roll : Hannity is a man of such immense stupidity that i wonder why he is not u.s. republican candidate yet

Jacob Rattin : The irony of Sean Hannity using the phrase "pseudo-intellectual" in description of anyone but himself....

Tony Hall : lol, beautiful piece of pure Hitchslap at the end _"If you gave Falwell an enema he could be buried in a matchbox"_

Hoggar Krababbel : 09:40 "If you gave Jerry Falwell an enema, you could bury him in a matchbox!" - The Hitch :D

Mike Browne : Hannity is a idiot.

DoesNotExist305 : I've never seen a man tie a noose around the necks of 3 men simultaneously using only words. Unreal.

brobb1969 : Hitchens was the only guest whom ever made Fox worth watching.

Brandon DeLarge : If you gave Hannity an enema, you could stick the hose in his mouth.

lrathome : "....You're rather long, unlettered question." Hannity is so far out of his league, he makes trump look like a nobel laureate.

griggery kimothy : im glad somebody had the balls to tell these guys how bad they are at interviewing

T Toughtask : The Hitch is sadly missed.

Jack K : Hitch slapped 3 of them without getting out of first gear.

32103045 : 3 on 1 and still Hitchens crushes them

Pat Brennan : hitch knew the bible better than the fraudlant bastards that made a fortune from preaching it, the best way to know the truth is to understand the the lies that are accepted by the multitude of sheep followers, if there was a god, he would admire sir hitch..

Herc11355 : One of my favorite hitchens take down.

Dane Massie : As he said it's a pity there's no hell, it's really a pity Christopher isn't around anymore, the man was a critical genius and you absolutely couldn't debate him because when he took a side, he did his research and he was always right without a doubt! On the other hand hannity is a complete and utter moron

nick kushnir : hahahahahahahahahaha! "If you gave Falwell an enema he'd be buried in a matchbox."

Secular Guy : Loved Sean Hannity's gobsmacked face at 7:40, to Christopher's response. Brilliant.

Blaine Sandoval : I never get tired of watching this

Jeroim3142 : The passive aggressive bringing up of Mao was so annoying.

3rdcoastnyucka : There's so many small nuggets of greatness here. I like when Hitch says, "Well put, I think," as Hannity reads Hitchens' own quotes to him. 4:38

P K : Great man Hitchens

The Critic and The Uncle : i think Hannity is rude and a demagogue

lungcell : "And why not now a word from the friend of Jack Abramoff" Oh Hitch <3

mrbobevans : Hitchens is 10 times smarter than Hannity.

blues2oo : "You took up all the time for my answer with your long, rather unlettered question" HITCHSLAP!!!!!!!!

Mike Mike : What do religious and faithful people become when they loose a rational argument? They Cry foul and speak of hurt and Get insulting and vindictive and demand apologies. Fox news didn't invite Hitchens to debate, or participate in progressing the freedom of the press; they intently used him as a figure with views opposed to theirs to cast him as evil and cast themselves as righteous. There simply is no cure to religious fanatics and faithfuls, no matter how strong a dose of reason they consume.

comanchio1976 : Hannity: "I know you think that you're the smartest guy in the room..." He was the smartest guy in most rooms. In this one, he was smarter than all of them combined, by a factor of a hundred.Hannity: "...pseudo intellectual..." he obviously doesn't know the meaning of the term .

SayWhat : It's like watching someone being beaten with a big book of Shakespeare.

akshay rathore : 'If you gave Falwell an enema he could be buried in a matchbox' bwahah

Adrian Stone : 7:40 Notice Hannity's lack of reaction to Hitchens using the word 'unlettered'. It's like Einstein talking to a chimpanzee.

Don : "You're having me on and then arguing that it's bad taste to have me on."

Cannibal Teddy : Had to watch this again because Jerry Falwell jr. is proving to be an even bigger piece of shit than his father.

James P : Hitchens is my hero

Eliot451 : Jerry Falwell cared for poor people. But is sure didn't look like he ever missed a meal in his life.

Rogred : Dammit, I miss Hitchens.

Herpeslip Herpeslip : "I know you think you're the smartest man in the room" That's because he was the smartest man in that room.

Fernando Gonzalez : Hitchens Hitchens... you lovely MF!

MsMulattofromFL : "I know you think you're the smartest man in the room." Well, Hitchens WAS always the smartest man in the room.

David Wolf : man, it's been awhile to have seen Hitchens interviews but wow I never laughed and face palmed so much...R.I.P Mr. Hitchens

Bernardo Hernandez : Kind of a smaller portion of the video, but I love how Hitchens puts Ralph Reed on blast for his gambling scandal lol.

colin poitras : I love Hitchens.  Is too bad he's gone.  U have that idiot Hannity talking about God loves the GOP.  It really high lights how ridiculous these bible thumping Right wingers are.  They take the things out of the Bible they like, and ignore the stuff they don't.  Such hypocrisy.  I really don't know how Hannity sleeps at night.  He couldn't possibly believe all the stupid things he says.  If he does then he is an imbecile, or so biased he can't see past his own precognitions.   Maybe he has no soul?  He is the worst kind of human being.  A complete fraud, and he must know he's a fraud.  He has no honor.

Blues Bend : still makes me smile after all these years