Who's got the gun! - Cops Mistake Honda for AK47

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ihateintros : Pig with the 80s mustache was aggressive af from the start and AFTER BEING PROVEN WRONG he blames his idiotic actions on the innocent civilian. Congrats for being douche bag of the year

PrawnBalls : goon?

C Miller : The guy couldn’t even attempt to explain himself without that police officer getting mad. People that get mad that easily should not be able to become police officers. I hate how he even apologized.

Aldi Dewantara : And this is why i love 2-Stepping Cars! Iam proud as a car guy

C.L. Leigh : Where’s the apology from the cops for calling him a liar?

William Apps : "Ya, but this is Launch Control" hahahaha... too funny !

C Miller : “He’s armed and dangerous but I’m going to tell him to walk back into the building where we think it is without even trying to detain him” God damn I find more bullshit in this video every time I watch it.

Dylan Balcome : Don't apologize for their anger. So ready for violence they don't think for a minute.

shadowlilman : This is a cut version of the video for those to lazy to find the full video this is how it plays out in the end, douche bag cop with the moustache yells at him for wasting their time and storms off and the bald headed cop is the only officer to apologize for being to aggressive

Walleye Slayer : And you didn’t get there badge number or anything??? Wow smh. They acted sooo sure it was a gun... poor training? Coulda got you killed my friend.

Just Me : it piss's me off that one cop called him a lire, then when the person proved it was the car, HE never said sorry. that one cop should be reprimanded and they should be entered into his permanent record so he cant get any promotions since his record would show he is hot head to blame instead of finding the truth.

Darth Vador : What kind of exhaust is that

Jc : Well at least at the end they were laughing at their mistake XD and yes it does sound like gunshots so they werent wrong =/

Kavika : They were ready for their next promotion!

Sabbah Dal : Probably one of the best car videos I've seen period. The attitude them pigs had was disgusting but more vids of that dc3 she's a beast!

Rose Maqousi : Its a acura integra aka a honda I have one and its a dark red😂

NoJusticeNoPeace : It's nice to see Uncle Fester found work after the Addams Family.

Alberto Grimaldo : Bro literally they say sorry in Spanish so why is everyone tripping about them not “apologizing”. They legit apologize and try saying it in Spanish

Lwize : Ban Hondas.

Alex Belt : This was amazing

Patryk Rogacki : Dumb cops, they look like a totall rednecks with brain damage xD

Mark Villanueva : The bigger cop was cool.. the cop that looks like a pedo was being a little disrespectful "stop talking and do it"


MrChillerNo1 : Only in the USA... too many weapons...

David Perez : He said "this car I test it because I'm gonna bring it to a customer" in case you were wondering

C : a gooon😂😂😂😂😂

Xnknown X : There wasn't even a single apology after that swat team pulled up with their modded rifles and then left; as if thirty dead bodies were on the floor. Shit, they were even looking for any brass ammo expended on the ground and found nothing, yet still proceeded to wrongfully accuse him cause they don't know what an "AK-47" sounds like, and neither do all of you. I must've missed the fact that anyone can simply buy a fully-automatic AK-47 and decide to shoot it out of their car garage; where you more than likely have modded/misfiring vehicles that sound like firecrackers on the 4th of July but are AK-47's/CANNON's. Don't start calling the cops on colored people on the 4th of July because of AK-47's/Cannon's, kids. Also, while we're at it, let's pass on the blame to the innocent, mexican man in his garage that can't speak good English and is interrupted every two seconds while blaming him some more to cover up our stupidity and wrongful allegations. That fat cop said, "We're not our here for our health." Haha, all of you need to be out there for y'alls health every day; y'all need it, especially you, doughboy. While the other fat lip, mustache cowboy says, "Don't even question me on that saying you didn't hear anything we were sitting right there, and heard CANNONS going off." 1st off, is it an AK-47 or was it cannons? 2nd, take a breath before you pass out. 3rd, y'all were under the bridge cause they put y'all there; I bet it's the most action y'all have ever got too. From now on, we need to have every city put up possible "AK-47" and/or "CANNON's" signs in case of modded and/or misfiring vehicles in car shops now. This also brings to question: What were two cops doing under a bridge? Glad the video was caught and released by the "liar" that was proven "wrong" at least. Even after proving them wrong and making them look like idiots, one of the idiots still had the audacity to state that he was wasting their time with a dumbass look on his face. You can't win with ignorant, stubborn, and stupid people, just like all of you. There's too many logical, reasonable, non-racist individuals on this post. Stay Frosted, Snowflakes. #ppppriusdrivers #logic

TVNando : “You think we’re out here for our health!?” Well you’re obviously not tubby.

Phantom4Flyer : Is this legit?

Schlomo Sheckelbergsteinovich : They should have asked for his permit to be in the country.

Xnknown X : Some people shouldn't own firearms because of their ignorant statements. Some people also shouldn't enjoy the fourth of July in case they hear all kinds of fast-rapid, automatic AK-47's. I forgot that an AK-47 sounds like firecrackers and has that type of fire rate. Hahahaha, but what does an infantryman know about fire rates and common sense. I guess everyone can simply go buy a fully automatic AK-47 and start firing it off during work in a garage; where more than likely there's vehicles that may, or may not, be modded and/or misfiring. Every mechanic shop should probably put "AK-47" signs up for police officers now, just in case if they have any modded and/or misfiring vehicles. Something Prius drivers wouldn't have to deal with either of those. #priusdrivers Guess I got blocked again after being a logical "pedophile" and asserting stupidity at its finest. This is what all of you represent. #subtleracists Haha, gotta love hypocrites too though. I never once stated I wouldn't respond to ignorance with any limitations; both of you on the other hand though. Hahaha, both of you were posting on other comment sections against me, yet are commenting without reason and emotions. Haha, and somehow I'm a pedophile now for asserting stupid children, subtle racism, and wrongful actions instigated by police officers. I'll keep standing up against this certain mentality that you all have too. Defamation of character is quite an allegation, kids. Better start being careful.

Daniel Tomaz : 😂😂😂😂😂 top 💪💪

Depot msa : hahahahaha

auntie rose : LMAO!!!!

Lord Serpentine : Fuckin pigs

Raw and Uncensored : Is Handa? Or ak47? It's sounds are louder... than usual. And I'm on my way looking for the answer. Is it Handa or ak47?

Spencer recnepS : this is so funny hahahaha i love to watch it over and over again hahaha

dzonson : Im crying Hahahahaahahahahahahhah

gtrdline : we don hab no gune

Rex H : I'd be trolling those cops every single day after that bullshit "OK boys time to fire up the car!"

warren411 : He lucky they didn't shoot him first

itz Musawer : Haha cool cops 😁

agnostickamel : "We're not out here for our health" says 500 LB police officer

justinjm466 : 0:15 thats cop that eats doughnuts everybody thinks about

Chamber : this guy no goon

Ravage Gonza : So, If I fart in public will I get charged with having a chronically armed weapon?

Ravage Gonza : So, If I fart in public will I get charged with having a chronically armed weapon?

Su Seno : 1:24 , looks that smile .. honda make people more healthy

jbkman : Lol that's one bad Honda

jake t : Clearly not out for your health fatty