Who's got the gun! - Cops Mistake Honda for AK47

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ihateintros : Pig with the 80s mustache was aggressive af from the start and AFTER BEING PROVEN WRONG he blames his idiotic actions on the innocent civilian. Congrats for being douche bag of the year

Mason S : *When they leave* *Pull's ak47 from backseat* I have a goon.

wesdog784 : "We're not out here for our health." Well you should be, Deputy Fatass.

Mike Hawk : Those cops owe him an apology not him apologizing

Tyler Passannante : Ban fully automatic assault Hondas! 🚘😲

rwplm : I think the best part of this is how they all laughed it off in the end.

Paul Lopez : It is the attitude mustache cops has that is the problem. Shut the hell up and let the mechanic explain. Once he did all was cleared up.

Steven Pham : Lol! "We just found shit" lmao

KingJacob : Plot twist: he actually had a gun and the car was just a cover up

wolfdude920 : "You know it ain't gonna do it!" That cop was no where to be found after the demo. Couldn't even say sorry.

PrawnBalls : goon?

gutz1981 : The only time a Honda will ever be mistaken for a serious piece of machinery.

BedsitBob : Why was he apologising to the police? Was he apologising for not having a gun?

Hugoj Sim racing : *plot twist, it was actually gunshots...*

John Smith : The sheer arrogance of those police officers was sickening.

Phillip Smith : Can't really blame the cops, it really sounded like gunshots.

AARM-USRA : Fat cop eats his own words while saying: "We're not out here for our health."

Heatseeking tactical fur Missile : That was perfectly acceptable behavior it sounded just like a gun they work to protect people and don’t want guns being fired near busy roads after figuring out everything they were kind and had a laugh how dare stupid libtards calling these brave cops who risk life and limb for YOU everyday “pigs”. I completely understand that there are cops that are very stupid and use their authority in bad ways but these cops were far from it they were just concerned that someone was firing a gun in public.

SOregonRob : What gestapo Police Department is this

Bitemyshinny Metalass : Fat cop : we're not out here for our health. Me: That should be his main priority.

Joseph Patrick Buckley : Just How FAT can you get before your put-out-of-the-Force''' Apparently VERY FAT INDEED'' @30 Seconds-onward

gutz1981 : I at least like that the cops demeanor changed the second they were proven wrong and started to smile. Cause lets be honest, if what they heard was actually the real thing, would you not want cops to be on full alert and take it seriously?

adrian salas : One needs english classes and the other needs to stop eating everything insight, fatboy slim.

Horton El Troll : To be fair, this cop was being honest when he said he wasn't out there for his health. Just look at him.

Es DeeKay : "DROP THE GUN!!!....." "It was my car, sir...." "DROP THE CAR!!!!....."

Kyriakos Kyriakou : So from now on he can have a gun and when cops ask for it he can fire the honda?!?!?!

gutz1981 : Tell you what. If the car didn't start up or work the last time, shit was gonna be harder to explain. LOL

Syrtech : Hahah I don’t blame them though. It was a mistake and any person that hears that is gonna think it’s gunfire. The cops and the guy laughed it off. They are just doing their job and it’s not their fault that the car sounds like an ak-47

ImASavage : Those cops were very unprofessional

Max Moore : Cant blame the cops

Red Cdot : I wish I could kill all cops

tankapples : I always thought hondas sounded like trash. Thanks for the confirmation

The KiDD : There should be some type of testing before letting over blown idiots out in public with a badge and a gun. It’s people like this that will make an entire nation loose all faith in law enforcement

C.L. Leigh : Where’s the apology from the cops for calling him a liar?

Jordan Ahamed : K but that legit sounded like an automatic gun hahahahah

Rocko : Assault Car

Toxophilus indomitus : Boss Hog lives!!!!

bigtx77 : get rid of the pos ricer

C Miller : The guy couldn’t even attempt to explain himself without that police officer getting mad. People that get mad that easily should not be able to become police officers. I hate how he even apologized.

Jaylin M : But why would 2 regular cops go to someone that has an ak that’s a death wish

MN Creek Water : "were not out here for our health.." .... Clearly YoUr not.

Xilentium : Holy Shit! That sounds like an AK-47 to me! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

pattystomper1 : Did you modify the car somehow to make it sound like gunshots? If so, they you're inviting attention, and shouldn't complain when the cops show up.

Mafia Level.99 : And this is why i love 2-Stepping Cars! Iam proud as a car guy

NiggoAmStizzle : They were super cool about it after they did know it was no danger

htclightning 845 : I heard Canon's go off I didn't know cannons go off so fast

M-Aw : anyone got that to recommended?

Charles Hodge : “We’re not out here for our health” As a 500lb cop waddles by...😆

Dogman690 : To be fair that did kinda sound like gunshots

Mackleb : The cameraman is amazing and I love his accent 😂😂😂