The Rock's Cancelled Video Game Movie [Gaming Movies] - Did You Know Gaming? extra Feat. Dazz

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RebelTaxi : SpyHunter ft: the Rock was such a guilty pleasure game for me. I find it so strange there's still recent news articles from 2015 talking about it's development hell. I guess after a Rampage movie, anythings possible.

Retro-Spect : Calling "The Rock" "Dwayne Johnson" sounds soooo weird

Nitro Rad : I never knew about Stranglehold 2! I really liked that game back when I was in middle school, would have loved to play a co-op sequel.

Tuli0hWut : Spy hunter did have quite a sum of script rewrites, but it’s not as worse as Super Mario Bros. Now THAT had too many major script revisions. They ended up hiring two directors that had no idea what they were working with. And the movie ended up flopping because of those two.

Bryce McKenzie : Canceled Video Game movies? It's probably for the best

Dad_Shoes : Dwayne Johnson should have played Tim Goodman in Detective Pikachu.

Zombie Hunter : Still waiting for the Midway Cinematic Universe

Hemang Chauhan : 0:10 Netflix Geralt

Doom2Guy : Surprised you didn't mention Enter the Matrix, which was part of a similar game/movie cross project. Too bad the game sucked

what's it to ya : can we just have dazz narrate all dykg videos?

cholesterolGamer : Wait a Kirby mode where you can't inhale enemies? They already had Milky Way Wishes where enemies don't give you any abilities (except certain special ones like Mic and Crash) so there was already a mode with heavy reliance on Copy Essences. How would you even beat bosses in that mode? I mean, yeah, you can grab copy essences to grab an ability, but I mean what if you get hit and you lose it? You wouldn't even be able to suck it back up. Normally you'd have to inhale and spit out whatever projectile they throw at you but with no inhaling, that wouldn't work. Unless they all do the thing that one computer boss does where it'll randomly spawn a copy essence. Huh. Nevermind I guess that could work. Now I wanna see a rom hack with this idea. With Kirby 64 music because Kirby 64 music is freaking cool.

Simon Richards : Dazz: The most soothing voice on the internet.

• dot : Wait… it's The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are the same person?!!

Riffer : What game is at the end when they're showing the top patrons?

Slingo Dingo : >not mentioning the nightmare creatures movie cancellation feels bad

Joel Montoya : All of them were basically generic action title with generic action movie ideas. I think it's for the best they didn't pan out cause I'm sure the movies would be as forgotten as these games are by now, and probably not worked out great in the first place. It's not like any of em scream "passion project" as mush as "marketing line."

Macy Godwin : Actually, regarding the planned Suffering film, they did have an actor set to play Torque - Chiwetel Ejiofor.

EnglishChikenLoner : HEEEELLLPP how do i cook a lasagna??????

Erick FTW : Anybody remembers rumors about a movie about The Sims?

F0reman371 : Video game movies don't work Movie video games don''t work Stop. Trying. Hollywood. No, wreck-it-Ralph doesn't count guys.

Dracomut : Did you know? There are actually good video game movies, there aren't very many since a lot of people who make either don't remain true to the source material or justo make them in an attempt to make a quick buck, but thanks to games becoming more mainstream more good game movies are popping up.

Hemang Chauhan : Game/movie tie-ins fascinate me, because sometimes I feel like a movie should have a decent game version or vice versa after experiencing it. Keeps me engaged with the property.

JR Texx : The Suffering was gonna get a movie? Damn I would have loved thst the games was great

Mace 2.0 : I've heard about the Spy Hunter film for years. It ain't worth the wait after 15+ years of development hell.

sonic_plusmario : i love this

pspdsi22 : eh sorry not interested in this type of content

SummerWave : Keep Dwayne Johnson away from gaming

burgnut : Rampage was a video game..?

Kyle S. : 3:08 Is that a pun on yesterday’s big release?

TheCreepypro : this is hilarious cause I remember that Spyhunter remake, Wheelman, and Stranglehold and thought it was weird that all three were made like they were tied into movies even though they were not super fascinating to find out all about it after the fact

KyEz0aR_ : Thats a lot of writers.

X2011racer : No mention of The Legend of Spyro 3D, huh? But then again, there's little information about the canceled movie anyway; it's pointless to cover that.

Karma Sen : I recommend you guys Watch Critikal's "review" of SPYHUNTER.

MaxN'Motion : Did you know? When Midway again lost their director and replaced him with Waluigi from Smash Bros. Then Shrek. Then the narrator for DYKG. Then Mr. Game and Watch. Then President Trump. You see where this is going? Also that Kirby fact sounds terrifying tbh lol

Stanley Chaney : SHEEEIT Midway, 3DO, Acclaim, and LJN made some bad games! I wonder what games they would've made if didn't go bankrupt?!

Robin Paine : You'd think after that many botches they'd just call it a day

Pedro Magalhaes : Paul WS Anderson was brought on board... STOP

FNHot : Im offended they felt the need to explain who Stan Winston is. I mean Im dumb, but come on ...

jphpwinner : @5:47 The spelling is right, but Stephen Fung's surname is more like "Foong". (just saying. cos if my surname was Fung, I wouldn't want someone to say it out like "fungus!")

GSVProductions : Screw these movie tie-ins, I wanna' know more about this scrapped sub-game from Kirby Superstar!

lazy bacon : With FIFTEEN years of development hell, are people really clamoring this much for a Spy Hunter movie?

Nicolas D. Madsen : ok no sly cooper still hard to find info on the sly cooper movie

Jack Cade : Where Midway failed Cygames prosper.

Muhsin Kaymak : Stranglehold was an awesome game

John Sorrows : the problem with video games and movies is a video game is closer to a visual verson of a book they can take 50 hours or more and you try and fit that same story into a maybe 2 hour block buster also videogames are more interactive as you actively doing it in game not just watching the final problem is film studios dont do it justice just looking for a quick buck off of a pre established franchise instead of actually being fans and understanding the lore

AnimeWolfgamer : I would of love to see a spy hunter film with the rock.

John Sorrows : dwayne johnson should be in the next mk movie

Louis James : The only property I know that actually worked out with this method is Defiance.

Mr. Squig : Can i get a lil heart

Venomex : knew about the spy hunter movie, didn't know about john woo being attached