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Arowana Fish World Championship was amazing to see. CIPS was a very cool show. CIPS stands for the Chinese International Pet Show. It was great to see all the crazy fish and new products coming out. ✅Buy From Our Online Shop ► ✅Get Member Status on Youtube ► On the Aquarium Co-Op aquarium channel we focus on freshwater fish, tropical fish, aquatic plants and in general all freshwater aquariums. Our goal is to help take your pet fish and graduate you to an aquarium hobbyist. Aquarium fish in general we find are a great way to learn about ecosystems. Your fish aquarium will reconnect you with nature. If you'd like to take it to the next level, subscribe to aquariumcoop and check out our weekly videos. Are you an influencer? Become an Aquarium Co-Op Affiliate:


Bentley Pascoe : Some comments on the Arowana from a big arowana nerd friend of mine over seas that might help folks better understand each of the fish shown: 1st Arowana: Long-fin, short bodied Albino Red Arowana from Qian Hu - some Albino golds can cost $25000 or more, and reds are even more desired - making this fish incredible! 2nd Arowana: Gold bao ten la which translates roughly to "Push Head." This comes from a somewhat normal genetic defect that is considered very desired by some Arowana collectors. 3rd Arowana: "high back" red arowana (hence the hump upward on the back behind the head) is an FFL which is commonly called a "King Head" or "Super Spoon Head". 4th Arowana: Blue base super red "Cross belly" which is still a juvenile based on appearance and size The champion red is a long-fin spoon head super red. The black scaled silver arowana is a Xanthic silver arowana. The final is a platinum arowana, which several years ago were fetching nearly $100,000 each, but have since become more common and less pricey. Awesome video Cory!

KG cichlids : A WiFi canister filter? The future is now!

Mad Fish Diva : Those goldfish basins are stunning. I want! Great video. Thanks for sharing!

Yougo Blog : Mantap ikan Arowana nya.......oia yang mau beli ikan Arowana bisa cek yutub saya ya...saya jualan ikan Arowana hehehehe 🙂🙏 lokasi tangerang modernland 🤙🏼

GhillieKatana : Wow those gold fish pots were spectacular! I would definitely look into getting one if they had them here

Bernhard Kawell : O Fell in love with arawonkas but I have no space to have them. .this Kind of tank I need for it will take to much space in my Livingstone room. .So o will look from far away

Love of Pets : Beautiful fish! I love the Platinum Arowona. I like black on Goldfish also, they are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

CGS Cerita Gambar Seru : Arwana super cool fish.. 😍💛🙏🙏😀❤️🙏👍👍 really cool tanks and filtration.. thanks for your informative vidio.. SUPERR

NiX aKi : Here I am again drooling while watching your overseas videos. I'm so envious right now. Thanks for another awesome content, Corie 💪

The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium : whoaaaa awesome shots, thank you

The Fanciest Fishies : Wow this place is amazing, keep up the good work!

Sonicplasma : Wow, amazing job! thanks for showing how people from other countries keep their fish!!

Joseph Wakefield : Oh my goodness Cory, am I jealous of this trip haha Would've loved to be there!

Kristie Mowry : Thanks for showing this. It is incredible.

Beihoney escobar : 24 k gold from malaysia Super red from indonesia the most beautiful arowana

Eddy Ortiz : Awsome Cory all your China videos are so cool thanks.

Gary B : I love those bowls or pots with the it. Is there a way to order those?

Ben Ochart : Very cool products and fish. The Red arowana is nuts! The media in the sumps is very interesting. I wonder if the hollowed out middles creates a low flow area to promote anaerobic bacteria?

Benjamin Eldridge : Love the fish hope to have one of them one day

cicco : Wow so awesome and sweet thank you for video....

Villiam Yang : Awesome & amazing fishes that gold fish & the setup is cool riukin goldfish wanting to get some.

rm709 : The Ryukans just look so uncomfortable!

Caleb Andres : Love your videos some really cool scape at this show loved the arowanas 👍

NotFlafee : I think you should work on your camera skills, your videos are good and informative I just think that all the other aquarium channels so far know how to use the camera better

Mike Kinseth : Those bowl tanks are insane. I wish they catch on here too

Tazawa Tanks : I love that this video is finally getting the traction it deserves!

rocket5557 : Not really my cup of tea but cool nonetheless. Thanks for sharing!

CJ Black : Oh my, that red arowana with blue scales is stunning! ! Great video, thank you Cory 💕👍

Cliff Curtis : Wow that Red Arowana was amazing! The ultimate aquarium fish.

Betta Aqua : Arowanas are amazing to watch but very expensive...😲

Dope Aquariums : Omg those pottery work amazaeing ..I wish we had those in the u.s. ....I loved everything lol

Zach Brucker : Hey Cory, what kinds of plants and fish would you recommend for a community tropical river type aquarium with a fast current?

Madison Rhoades : Does anyone know if we can order those goldfish basins? I would absolutely love to have one! So beautiful 😍

peteon4 wheels : Awesome fish Cory.

Alasdair Aquatics : Wow great video Cory! Those Arowana looked amazing. I particularly liked the huge pots for fancy goldfish, I agree and think they would make a wonderful centre piece in a living room! Thanks for another great video! Alasdair (UK)

54Punchie : beautiful arrowanas - but my heart belongs to the goldfish :). Love those goldfish bowls! I wonder how hard it would be to make one . hmmmmmm

Rob G : Holy shit those arowanas are amazing!

Catfish Cave : Those giant goldfish bowls were amazing - the perfect thing for the livingroom or den! Even on a deck!

SC Aquatics : You need to pioneer this movement to the U.S. sir, you are the man to do it. We need this here. Thanks for the videos as always.

Ngoc Ly : Please Make it legal in the US :)

Ryan Blake : That wood for those cabinets are gonna mold away quick af

Kira Doom12 : I want a catalog also those Tank with nice wood is awesome

Corona Ken : Outstanding thanks for the video

Guitarras de Luna Guitarras Magicas : Awesome ! That´s amazing !

Deansfishroom : Those Arowana are sweet!!! Except for the pug, no place for it in the hobby. I would get some goldfish if I could have one of those big bowl/basins with the built in filter in the bottom. Those are very cool!

morneseirei : I miss your unboxing videos...

The Irishman : Love oddball fish, but I totally agree with the serious red with the blue-reflective scales!

Cody Showalter : So cool! I really wanted to go to CIPS but the Chinese national holiday makeup days changed my work schedule unfortunately

ZenXXII : That platinum aro with no drop eye is beautiful.