Arowana Fish World Championship CIPS 2018 - Aquarium Co-Op

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Aquarium Co-Op : *Check out these crazy fish we saw last time we were here:*

Bentley Pascoe : Some comments on the Arowana from a big arowana nerd friend of mine over seas that might help folks better understand each of the fish shown: 1st Arowana: Long-fin, short bodied Albino Red Arowana from Qian Hu - some Albino golds can cost $25000 or more, and reds are even more desired - making this fish incredible! 2nd Arowana: Gold bao ten la which translates roughly to "Push Head." This comes from a somewhat normal genetic defect that is considered very desired by some Arowana collectors. 3rd Arowana: "high back" red arowana (hence the hump upward on the back behind the head) is an FFL which is commonly called a "King Head" or "Super Spoon Head". 4th Arowana: Blue base super red "Cross belly" which is still a juvenile based on appearance and size The champion red is a long-fin spoon head super red. The black scaled silver arowana is a Xanthic silver arowana. The final is a platinum arowana, which several years ago were fetching nearly $100,000 each, but have since become more common and less pricey. Awesome video Cory!

Mad Fish Diva : Those goldfish basins are stunning. I want! Great video. Thanks for sharing!

KG cichlids : A WiFi canister filter? The future is now!

Deansfishroom : Those Arowana are sweet!!! Except for the pug, no place for it in the hobby. I would get some goldfish if I could have one of those big bowl/basins with the built in filter in the bottom. Those are very cool!

drgnft jsus : That red with blue scales arowana I never wanted to own one before but I had no idea they could have just beautiful mutations like that 🤤. Now I have to start saving 😪😫 😂

Bomber Harris : Will the Chinese ever stop finding new ways to abuse animals?

GhillieKatana : Wow those gold fish pots were spectacular! I would definitely look into getting one if they had them here

Mike Kinseth : Those bowl tanks are insane. I wish they catch on here too

Eli Johnson : Dude hitting it out of the park every video now.

Betta Aqua : Arowanas are amazing to watch but very expensive...😲

Gary B : I love those bowls or pots with the it. Is there a way to order those?

Tay h : Those goldfish remind me of those dogs that are so obese that their stomachs drag along the ground when they walk lol. Arrowanas do look really neat, but they barely move. I think i'll keep my tetras and white clouds, love the activity and liveliness.

rm709 : The Ryukans just look so uncomfortable!

Wes Barshinger : Need longer videos please.

Alasdair Aquatics : Wow great video Cory! Those Arowana looked amazing. I particularly liked the huge pots for fancy goldfish, I agree and think they would make a wonderful centre piece in a living room! Thanks for another great video! Alasdair (UK)

Candi Overhuls : Beautiful fish! I WANT those gorgeous porcelain goldfish bowls. Love!

Ricky Ranchu : Holy cow! Why can't they just legalize arowana here?

Jaime Y : 长城杯

Ngoc Ly : Please Make it legal in the US :)

unholyorders : Those were some sweet paludariums! Nice video Cory.

vaden wasfaret : Arowana and Oscars are my favorite fish

A Gamer's Wife : Is it weird I was most excited about the canister filter? 🤓

Ginger Graves : WOW!!!

CADguru78 : Wish we could keep Arowana in the states!

HUKIT : It’s ridiculous we can’t get them here in the states. The video/photo clarity was amazing!

Erika Blub blub : Someone! Send this to Joey!

Lisaspets : Those Arowana tho 😍 unbelievable

John Hooper : The Arowana they are absolutely amazing the colours wow!!!!

April Wood Art and Pets : Very cool! Those goldfish were beautiful. ❤️ Little chunks swimming around

Tazawa Tanks : I love that this video is finally getting the traction it deserves!

Love of Pets : Beautiful fish! I love the Platinum Arowona. I like black on Goldfish also, they are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Ben Ochart : Very cool products and fish. The Red arowana is nuts! The media in the sumps is very interesting. I wonder if the hollowed out middles creates a low flow area to promote anaerobic bacteria?

cicco : Wow so awesome and sweet thank you for video....

Oliver Knott : Love it :-)

Prime Time Aquatics : Those Arowana are amazing!

The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium : whoaaaa awesome shots, thank you

Corona Ken : Outstanding thanks for the video

Tazawa Tanks : WOW!!!!

dj johnson : i dont get the hype of arowana i think they are ugly fish.

Edward Pincus : The whitish fish is leucistic not melanistic. Melanistic means abundance of melanin making for a black or at least very dark color.

Steve Poland Aquatics : Really cool stuff. I'm all about wifi everything so I'm glad to see it hitting canisters.

Laurel Branch : 1:36 I think the arowana here is actually Leucistic. It’s like albinism, but it doesn’t remove all of the pigmentations, leaving the animal with flecks of color. This is most commonly bred and seen in axolotls. And 2:11 is not melanistic, but leucistic. Melanism causes dark pigments in the body to become even darker, usually turning almost completely black. However, the catfish is obviously lighter and even has the signature blue eyes that tend to come with leucism. Hope this was informational! 😁

NiX aKi : Here I am again drooling while watching your overseas videos. I'm so envious right now. Thanks for another awesome content, Corie 💪

UhhhWinski? : i remember buying my 220g years ago from an asian guy who barely spoke english in philly. he had an 800g custom acrylic tank being finished in his basement and we got talking fish as basic as we could with the language barrier, after about 10minutes i guess he trusts me enough to invite me to the main floor. 24+" super red in a 300g in his main living room. these fish are crazy expensive and i have no idea what he had to go through to get it into the us, but after hours of staring at it. i kinda get it. and people freak out when i tell them my imported piranha was 750 lol

Thom Drinkstomuch : WiFi 5 g in our fish tanks , that can't be good for the fish.

Thom Drinkstomuch : The red arowanas are amazing

Aqua Apprentice : Wow the 2nd Arowana was odd. A lot of cool setups they had but just seems like it would cost a lot of money. Will be curious to see how the WiFi canister is accepted over here in the states.

william amely : Thanks for sharing. The Asian Arawanas look fantastic. Those color variants are always fascinating to watch. That Redtail Catfish almost looks albino. I have seen many of these "White or Platinum fish, which includes Knifefish and several other large fish species.

Paul Mace : They seem light years ahead of anything we see over here in the UK 🇬🇧 , as someone else said I would love to see longer videos please 👍🏻🐠🐟🐡