How To Sing Falsetto | Matt Mulholland

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Tuna Yeğit : 1:41 I Just shat myself

t - quit : Falsetto; false as in not real, and etto as in falsetto

Teach'EM : Its like somebody under the piano keeps yanking on his nuts every time he hits the falsetto notes

JellyForSale : I don't know why I'm watching but I'm glad I am.

Octavio Brito : Dude I couldn't tell when he changed to falsetto

Brandon Ijames : I wasn't expecting to die of laughter before watching this lol.

Digmer : don´t know what´s funnier, the falsetto face or the falsetto voice. my chest hurts really bad from laughing so hard.

jjpark : My mom heard this and thought I was watching porn


Ivan : shit dude i actually thought this was real for a bit and i've never laughed so hard

720p : am I the only one who found this extremely funny??

Michael Corcoran : Jesus Christ I wasn't expecting to laugh this hard. "It's quite a subtle difference!" "Enough of that shit!" "False as in not real, and etto as in Falsetto" "The best way to remedy a sore throats is a good old fashioned blowjob!"

Linet : What parts were the ones where you switched to Falsetto?

N Diaz : "Enough of that shit" lmao

PopTartNeko : Actual learning singers will be very confused when they find your video

Sari Mercury : In the ARMS of THE anGEL fly aWAYYYYYYYY from HEEEEEEEEERE

Kaiya Kelis : I'm not sure if he is kidding or not

Iroquois Pliskin : The description of why it's called a falsetto had me rolling. 

Maria Shutter : _"and etto, like falsetto"_ LOL. Dude. You serious here? Or are you just a walking comedy joke? xD

CarouselBlind : didn't expect it to be funny lol

vybz974 : " and ETTO as in Falsetto " i died !

Brent Mena : I found this seriously wanting to learn how to sing falsetto. Did not find what l was looking for. Still tho. Was not disappointed.

Jesus Requena : Still waiting the video on the old fashioned blowjob.

Leonardo DaVinci : The face he makes when he switches is freaky.

fluffy kitty : Such subtlety, music really is a beautiful thing

Lance Chuah : I lost it when you sung the falsetto. Not that its bad but i wasn't fucking expecting that lol

Anthony W. : "Could you tell which was which?"

Pro Player 1⃣ : I thought he was being serious until he said about blowjob...

Erin Jayne : I have absolutely no regrets finding and watching this entire video No. Freaking. Regrets

E L : Etto as in false etto. GOLD

Tumi Peters : 😭😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂no I came here to learn and ended up with a sore stomach and even worse voice "enough of that shit" 😂😂😭😭

­ ­ : I wish he would continue doing comedy sketches such as this one instead of those covers

Olav : Didn't hear the difference Pls halp

Drew Kilpin : I came in expecting a tutorial. I left knowing how to sing falsetto. 10/10 tutorial.

Terry Jones : Falsetto isn't the same as head voice...

Awkward-To-Awesome : I had to watch the video over 9000 times to spot the difference. I'm still not quite sure though... can you do a follow up?

Jimmy : just now I realized how freaking talented Zayn is

About With Nemo : Ok so I thought this was a genuine video. You had me in stitches. Fair play. Lol.

Seth Hughes : I lost it at "etto, as in, falsetto."

Vaibhav Pachange : Voice of Mickey mouse 😂

tube trash : This is officially the funniest video on YouTube 😁😁 Informative yet hilarious

Jamie Dome : *I cant take it anymore....*

DatFaceClan : even if you were deaf, you can still tell if his singing folestto, just look at his facial expressions when he sings folestto lol

Liam Smith : No joke, I was expecting a legitimate tutorial. This was better

SchneiderUnlimited : This, my friends, is art

April Hale : It's been a long time I didn't laugh this hard, thank you for this video 😂

Sharmeen : 01:14 is he being serious 😂😂

Noise59 : why am I getting images of unfortunate pets.. pets with this song.. blah..

*um* *what?* : Lol his face looks so evil when its falsetto

GeraldKyle Cristobal : My god I died when he said "Enough of that shit"😂😂 He looked so innocent