💔Google Duplex creates Break Up 😱

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Alex James : Google duplex actually sounds more fluid then this

Rarity Crystal : Wow that's kinda cool for relationship people who want to break up

P. Vivek : Lol

George Moore : A woman sent 65thousand text messages to a guy with whom she had one date.Now she could program AI from prison to imitate her voice and make phone calls to that patient guy while she is inside wirh no phone privileges.

Smish Pattu : Is this for real?

warrior100girl : is this fake?

Halaboly : This would've made things so much easier 😂😂

Олександр Середюк : We trully live in the future *whipes tear*

Alpha Core : lmao

Alpha Core : lmao

Sergio Díaz Nila : this is exactly how is going to be used