Migrating to Synology Moments from Google Photos

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John L : 3 minutes in and this already incorrect. Ticking the "Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder on Drive" WILL NOT put prior uploaded photos into drive. This is a convoluted mess on the part of Google that has not been working since day 1. What it may or may not do is create subfolders (in Drive) that are based on the year date the picture was taken (extracted from Google Photos). Once ticked that option will put *newly* uploaded or edited photos into Drive. So, that entire library you have of already uploaded Google Photos, had you not had this option enabled from day one, will need to be redownloaded, then uploaded. Of course that's a tremendous waste of time soooo... Ultimately what you'll find you need to do in order to get all those photos properly downloaded, is to go to Google Takeout and select your Google Photos to download. Once downloaded, feed them into Moments. Sadly while there are good cloud sync packages in DSM, there isn't a good Google Photos only sync package that lets you take advantage of the free storage of Google Photos. My best recommendation is to keep both apps on your phone (Google Photos and Moments) and let them act independently- that is, both uploading to Photos and Moments separately/simultaneously. It's nice to have the free cloud backup of Photos, while still maintaining the master files and ultimate control of the files in Moments.

Mathias Morzek : This doesn't work. I tried to "migrate" two different Google Photo accounts. The Google Dashboard says that one account contains about 8000 photos and the other contains about 22000 photos. After Cloud Sync indicates that everything was synced I checked the amount of photos in the synced folders via DS File. The first folder contains about 4000 files and the second contains just 20000 files. It seems that some other people ran into the same problem. The sync was set up on saturday so "waiting" is not the solution. Takeout is also no option because of the missing metadata. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? Or knows about any other solution?

steve minnick : do you think this is a better set up and sync by using Moments vs something like PLEX? I have trued to use PLEX to manage and view all my photos but keep coming up with sync issues.

Allen Pinkley : How about migrate from /photos to /homes/user/moments/ without having to move them?

Carsten Andersen : Very cool, thank you for sharing your amazing video

fotogeek : Thanks for the video. I have the DS 218play and it does not show HEIC or HEIF videos / photos neither in Photo Album or Moments. Is there any workaround without having to convert all those? Because Google Photos supports HEIF / HEVC, they are left as they are in the Google Drive but the NAS is not able to show them =(

jarborra : Thanks. I was hoping Moments could ID and organize all the full-res photos I already have in my /photo/ folder on my Synology not the more highly compressed picture I have on Google. Short of moving the picture on the NÄS, can’t I just point Moments to the existing /photos/ folder? Oh and the photo backup thing has been possible with DS File from iPhone for a while.

Tommy Eggers : Pictures and movies are fun. A more serious thing is WOL (Wake On Lan). In this (good) tutorial, you are told to use Cloud (or any digital photo-book-system) instead of a paper-book. BUT: It is expensive (power) to keep your NAS'es running 24/7, so a lot of users have scheduled their NAS'es to power down several times a day, to make sure they dont use power when not in use. So, if you want to see your pictures, you need to power up your NAS. And this is where wol comes in :-) Could you please make a tutorial? Or maybe 2, one where everything works as expected, and one that deals with the things that can (and will) go wrong. Thanks in advance.

Aleziss : there seem to be one freakn missing thing with synology cloud... I would like to sync a particular folder in my android phone just one way to my synology cloud but nope... TOTALLY impossible... the only thing you are able to do is to get the full synology drive in my android phone... I just want to backup some folders to a cloud not consult the synology cloud...

GC : REQUEST: Could you do one on COPS and/or BicBucStriim? Or bossibly how to set up Calibre in a Docker? I used to run my Calibre eBook library on an older Synology using DSM 5 but DSM 6 broke it for good and no amount of tinkering has ever resurrected my eBook library. Thank you

Horace Ho : Hi does symbology nas support sync between nas and google photo? I want to sync nas photo to google photo by using google free photo storage. Note. I am not talking about syn between nas and google drive. This counts storage size.

NOOBODY : i would love to see a tutorial on how to correctly sync my android phone and synology photo and the dsfile for android to bakcup my phone on the nas automatically ( basically how to use the android synology app with the nas)

Nigel Burrell : I have more than one Google Drive account. Is it possible to set up multiple Google Drive accounts in Cloud Sync?

Haider Abbas : What kind of conversion it does when moving/adding photo or videos to Moments. Does it reduce size or change file format?

Greg Lackerman : Can you do a video on installing Windows 2106 server on Virtual Manager?

Al Fareej Typing : Thanks man that was helpful Merry Christmas

Gary Munson : Awesome love the facial recognition.. thanks for sharing

Daniel Carneiro : Great video. Not a single glitch. Kudos. Thanks for sharing. Best regards.

JamesG10100 : How do you add photos to moments from the photos already on the synology drive. I have played around with Google Photos, but never pulled the trigger. I still just have all my photos stored on the synology using Apple photos from my desktop to view them. It's not as smooth as I would like it to be.

David Rea : Hey, quick question: How does Moments do when it comes to duplicates? I've been pushing photos to Google since I got my phone about a year ago, then I set up Moments with auto-backup a few months back. So some of the photos on Google already exist in both locations, and some don't. If I follow this process, will I end up with months' worth of duplicates to remove manually?

Andre Schimanski : Synology still without HEIC support.

Jag M : This is very useful. Thanks mate!

Per Nicolaisen : Can you make a video about Synology Mail Station and MailPlus? I was thinking of moving all my E-mails (from years past) from my laptop to my synology? If I do this can I access them remotely, from other locations outside my home/ local network?

Sebastian Silander : Thank you! Great guide.

Andrea Cilimato : Good I have a question, however: why does not my Google Photos put all the photos inside the folder in Google Drive? that is, I know I have over 3000 photos but within the synchronization it tells me 935 photos to sync. Thank you

Efraim Nazario : Thank you for sharing. :)

Guy Keren : Great video! thanks for sharing

AlexPro : Very useful. Except the bright red desktop.

bitsorbytes : Did I miss it, or did you forget to declare this was a paid promation via Synology?