Classics Of Game 109

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deathtrips : R.I.Peepo

PikaMario : Mario....was I of....assist...ance...?



Vulcan64 : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

SuperBlahmaster : The game is called OverBlood. It's... something.

Taz Gator : Is this Snatcher?

even now, still i think : harvey weinstein has gone too far

Aleff Correa : Barry Burton had his own game with a robot sidecick? Holy shit

Blorp Weatherby : I appreciate how much of this game you had to endure to reach this.

CommandKey : peepo no

Stephen Byerly : Ugh, I'm a dead man.

Dresden_stl : It looks like he was eaten by a crow or something...

thechosenundead : that actually made me feel a little sad, poor guy

rkotm : And the Oscar goes to..something else!!**clapping**


Sheepy : nassa peeop

Jizzburn Gigaqueer : its just a fuckin robot dude u can make another one like fucking calm down ok

Matthew Gilman : KNEEL BEFORE ZOD

Nightmare Enterprises : is this Loss

PixelatedAwesome : ༼ಢ_ಢ༽

Bleeep : Don't leave me, Pipo.

Calling Out Fascists Online : I think Resident Evil is trying too hard to return to it's roots with this new entry

IwantShawn : First CoG I knew!

RirseDeBlood : What am I fighting for!

SemperCallide : PEEEEEPOOOOO

Eric Braun : This is just Fallout 4 with ultra-low graphics.

TheWingless : Self diagnose with this one weird trick (PeePoos hate him!!)

Terjay : Powder that makes you t-pose and fall backwards.

NimbusFilms : Rest in Peepo

Outof sight : hwat in the

Jimblus : man metal gear solid got fuckin weird after kojima left

R Lou : Hwat in the...

dmitrisalcedo : Awww, he thinks he's a peepo

NotMadeByMe : haters gonna hate, but i still think resident evil gaiden 3d was ahead of its time

Dasyati : Short Circuit 3 (2018)

BaronVonBaron9 : goodbye, peepo

MarkVega : but...thats Overblood... poor Pipo...

L1ama : peepo

Goosho : .... was this made by the people that made Deep Fear...


shreko2 : c'mon people be people now.

Dizz Domingo : BEEBOOOOO

Kzinssie (porygonlover322) : man, the later seasons of home improvement got weird

Callum Kilby : Truly, Asimovs most heartbreaking vision of the future

Tedi47 : A boy and his droid (1998)

landfill baby : :(

KinkyVersatile : why you gotta make me remember Peepo's death

「 OKAY 」 : If you look carefully you can see strings and the animators' virtual puppeteer hands.

mongomoves : poor weinerless steve.