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Boyd Maxwell and Perry Schmidt report on the latest developments in the exciting world of pro teaching on TV network CSEN's "TeachingCenter."


Christina Charest : wouldn't it be nice if we cared this much about education.....

Simte : Even in my small country I love being a teacher, but one must imagine how awesome would be if people care this much about education.

Yabuza Gardens : I couldn't laugh because this is exactly how education should be valued! This is more like a fantasy than comedy. Magnificent job to Key & Peele & their team!

Jared Druhl : "Living paycheck to paycheck as a pro football player"

sexyloser : To all the introverts saying they wouldn't want to be called on, the introvert in the video was engaged and wanted to answer. The teacher can tell the difference between an introvert who wants to be called on and one who doesn't. That's what makes them a top teacher.

thecultguy : What a wonderful existence this would be

Awka Liwen : As a teacher myself, this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

D0NTST4RT : that was some monty python level genius right there

rpandya97 : His father living paycheck to paycheck as a humble pro football player. 😂😂😂

Annu Naki : Teachers need to be paid more.

Blue&Orange : love this skit. This is what America was suppose to value instead of sports. I think this is the actual message of the skit.

Sam K : Teachers have harder jobs and are worth much more to society than a pro football player ever would be.

Ballin Balgruuf : That BMW commercial tho. whoa

Snuggbugg : It's like I'm looking into a parallel dimension where America is a great place to live *o*

rachel hokaj : Tbh I'd actually watch this if it were in tv. It isn't even half bad.

RoomerJ : Maybe if this was actually how our education system worked, I wouldn't have had a damn Baseball coach for a Social Studies teacher.

Coldby : "humble pro football player" 😂

Nina Sharifi : That commercial at the end was just amazing

Yabuza Gardens : I couldn't laugh because this is exactly how education should be valued! This is more like a fantasy than comedy. Magnificent job to Key & Peele & their team!

94shipwreck : every time i watch this skit i almost tear up cause this really should be a thing, but no, titans ramming each other is what the public cares about so supply and demand.

Kordell Menefee : this made me want to be a teacher

SHIELD : this is probably there best, most thought out, and meaningful skit they have ever done and ever will do

Focused All Day : the way things should be lol

Brandon Toney : I'd be all for a teacher draft.

mercytoday : This alone will make them legends!

Girard Whiting : as a teacher thanks k & p

starfruit mango : Wow. This was brilliant..

Live Alive With A. B. Martin : If only...

Ethamal : Did he say Vince Clortho High? I am the...KEYMASTER!!!

Spodermen : Was that a BMW sponsorship at the start of the video?

Kamille Brashear : Why is this not a real thing?!

TheWumboTrolley : I would watch this.

Kunaal Bakhtiani : This is one of the best things I have seen so far, importance of education and teachers in our life was subtlely imbibed in this video, simply amazing.

kamacazi8 : omg I love sports but I would watch this over sportscenter anyday

Andromeda Lasso : What a delicious fantasy. Teachers regularly getting paid millions plus bonuses and endorsements for the impact they have on the future. What a concept!

crazedvikingfan28 : Pure Genius.

Abdul-Kareem Abdul-Rahman : amazing skit! :) thank you for widening our imaginations!

mörkö fantti : Now this is a game EA should make

Onida Son : That BMW ad in the end though....brilliant.

The Comment Referee : Mike Yoast joining Central Rapids High, he's going to improve the scores incredibly, their calculus team will be a force to be reckoned with. #GoRapids!

Rosemary Williams : O If only this was real!

Juan Briceño : it's just the best kind of humor I always enjoy this sketch

Sliverbane : 1:58 Wait WHAT...Vinz Clortho High....As in....the Key Master Vinz Clortho!?! LOL XD

Kyer Cole : shout out to BMW for working with them for that last part that was funny

The713Sonic : Behind every joke there is a truth.

Em T : This was so good I had to watch it twice

Ahsan Hashmi : "She's bringing the introvert into the discussion y'all" LMAOO

Arion : Cool BMW ad

Eru Iluvatar : Such a serious underlying message from such a funny sketch.