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Simte : Even in my small country I love being a teacher, but one must imagine how awesome would be if people care this much about education.

thecultguy : What a wonderful existence this would be

Fabricio Nogueira : The level of production on this is amazing

Jared Druhl : "Living paycheck to paycheck as a pro football player"

Levi C. : "His father living from paycheck to paycheck as a pro football player." lol

Christina Charest : wouldn't it be nice if we cared this much about education.....

Yabuza Gardens : I couldn't laugh because this is exactly how education should be valued! This is more like a fantasy than comedy. Magnificent job to Key & Peele & their team!

Damian Hawkins : this is actually interesting

logicalfallacy234 : This should have been a full, 30 minute episode, complete with an interview with Mr. Garvey.

Hexane & Heels : That BMW commercial should have featured a physics teacher... Would have made so much more sense.

Blue&Orange : love this skit. This is what America was suppose to value instead of sports. I think this is the actual message of the skit.

Annu Naki : Teachers need to be paid more.

Sliph : In a perfect world.

D0NTST4RT : that was some monty python level genius right there

Jacob S-H : I actually thought the parody BMW commercial with the teacher was more inspiring than when famous people do it

Scate : Actually not a bad idea

GoldenWarrior7 : As a teacher myself, all I can hope for is that my school doesn't trade for me a head librarian and 2 lunch ladies to be named later.

rpandya97 : His father living paycheck to paycheck as a humble pro football player. 😂😂😂

Dominique Jacques : BMW should totally buy that commercial....the bmw ad was hott!!!

IceColdMeat : It's funny to joke about but our educational system would be so much better if we payed teachers more, and actually funded schools in low income areas.

Sam K : Teachers have harder jobs and are worth much more to society than a pro football player ever would be.

Mark Yates : Brilliant Satire and Heart Warming! They get it. Good on them!

Seba Cabré : As a teacher myself, this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Brandon Peoples : this is how it truly should be. lol shit funny though

JustJoshin' : I would watch the heck out of that show

Snuggbugg : It's like I'm looking into a parallel dimension where America is a great place to live *o*

NerdReview : I wish school was actually this interesting.

Eru Iluvatar : Such a serious underlying message from such a funny sketch.

carlos rivera : the way things should be lol

Aashrai Ravooru : this totally can be one of the rick and morty alternate universe

Go Green : "his father was a professionall humble football player living from paychek to paychek" life of a footplayer is hard indeed

Hamid Pasha : A stripper'gets paid more than a teacher in USA.

Tay K : lowkey this is how its supposed to be in america 😭😭😭

Yabuza Gardens : I couldn't laugh because this is exactly how education should be valued! This is more like a fantasy than comedy. Magnificent job to Key & Peele & their team!

94shipwreck : every time i watch this skit i almost tear up cause this really should be a thing, but no, titans ramming each other is what the public cares about so supply and demand.

Niichal Huffstead : This like, needs to be a thing.

Kordell Menefee : this made me want to be a teacher

TheWumboTrolley : I would watch this.

Everything Music : If only...

TheJumperAM : This so so true and So Sad at the same time. Wish this would happen in real life!

vincentpol : If only this was true.

Presanth Michael : Loved the ending! LOL!

homer alyami : I've never wished for anything to be more true than this. Can you imagine how the world would be if it was?!!

HerEyesOpen : This is seriously one of their greatest sketches... The only show to match The Chappelle Show in comedy and wit.

Kyer Cole : shout out to BMW for working with them for that last part that was funny

Brandon Toney : I'd be all for a teacher draft.

Nina Sharifi : That commercial at the end was just amazing

Obroa-skai : As a hopeful future English teacher, this is heavenly.

Spodermen : Was that a BMW sponsorship at the start of the video?

abraham lincoln : If america valued teachers as much as they value sports stars then this would be a much better country