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Simte : Even in my small country I love being a teacher, but one must imagine how awesome would be if people care this much about education.

Fabricio Nogueira : The level of production on this is amazing

Snuggbugg : It's like I'm looking into a parallel dimension where America is a great place to live *o*

Jared Druhl : "Living paycheck to paycheck as a pro football player"

rpandya97 : His father living paycheck to paycheck as a humble pro football player. 😂😂😂

Christina Charest : wouldn't it be nice if we cared this much about education.....

thecultguy : What a wonderful existence this would be

Yabuza Gardens : I couldn't laugh because this is exactly how education should be valued! This is more like a fantasy than comedy. Magnificent job to Key & Peele & their team!

Levi C. : "His father living from paycheck to paycheck as a pro football player." lol

sexyloser : To all the introverts saying they wouldn't want to be called on, the introvert in the video was engaged and wanted to answer. The teacher can tell the difference between an introvert who wants to be called on and one who doesn't. That's what makes them a top teacher.

Sam K : Teachers have harder jobs and are worth much more to society than a pro football player ever would be.

Hexane & Heels : That BMW commercial should have featured a physics teacher... Would have made so much more sense.

GoldenWarrior7 : As a teacher myself, all I can hope for is that my school doesn't trade for me a head librarian and 2 lunch ladies to be named later.

Eru Iluvatar : Such a serious underlying message from such a funny sketch.

Jacob S-H : I actually thought the parody BMW commercial with the teacher was more inspiring than when famous people do it

D0NTST4RT : that was some monty python level genius right there

Blue&Orange : love this skit. This is what America was suppose to value instead of sports. I think this is the actual message of the skit.

IceColdMeat : It's funny to joke about but our educational system would be so much better if we payed teachers more, and actually funded schools in low income areas.

Seba Cabré : As a teacher myself, this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

HOLYFEAR96 : These guys are comical geniuses 😂

Dominique Jacques : BMW should totally buy that commercial....the bmw ad was hott!!!

Travis Mohan : I will never understand how sports players make so much money and people that do jobs that actually matter earn far less and never acknowledged when they do a good job

Sliph : In a perfect world.

Annu Naki : Teachers need to be paid more.

Ju M. : What an interesting video. So clever.

Ballin Balgruuf : That BMW commercial tho. whoa

RoomerJ : Maybe if this was actually how our education system worked, I wouldn't have had a damn Baseball coach for a Social Studies teacher.

Mark Yates : Brilliant Satire and Heart Warming! They get it. Good on them!

Damian Hawkins : this is actually interesting

rachel hokaj : Tbh I'd actually watch this if it were in tv. It isn't even half bad.

Andromeda Lasso : What a delicious fantasy. Teachers regularly getting paid millions plus bonuses and endorsements for the impact they have on the future. What a concept!

Muslim Mystic : this should be a real thing

JustJoshin' : I would watch the heck out of that show

Brandon Peoples : this is how it truly should be. lol shit funny though

Kordell Menefee : this made me want to be a teacher

Coldby : "humble pro football player" 😂

Vapa Man : This is how teachers should be treated instead of the pro athletes who can throw a ball.

Hamid Pasha : A stripper'gets paid more than a teacher in USA.

Yabuza Gardens : I couldn't laugh because this is exactly how education should be valued! This is more like a fantasy than comedy. Magnificent job to Key & Peele & their team!

littlehouseonthepreposterous : 'I'm taking my talents back to New York City'. I'm dead.'

NamiRocket : What's so absurd about this skit is that it's considered absurd at all.

HerEyesOpen : This is seriously one of their greatest sketches... The only show to match The Chappelle Show in comedy and wit.

94shipwreck : every time i watch this skit i almost tear up cause this really should be a thing, but no, titans ramming each other is what the public cares about so supply and demand.

Brenda Schouten-Beckett : All teachers deserve this kind of veneration. All of them.

Scate : Actually not a bad idea

NerdReview : I wish school was actually this interesting.

Niichal Huffstead : This like, needs to be a thing.

Kamille Brashear : Why is this not a real thing?!

diulikadikaday : Ruby Ruhf may have the fundamentals, but she's got no game on Mr. Garvey. He deserves this year's Substitute Teacher MVP after all those years unrecognised teaching in the inner city. Remember his big defensive play to shut down Jay'Kwelin, B'laké and D-Nice... all in the one move?. Not even A.A. Ron could bypass him with his trademark "1-2 insubordinate/churlish combo". Don't believe me? Well, Garvey just got his contract extended by none other than Principal O-Shag-Henessey.

jred7 : man, I've been working in education for two years now and this was right on the money