Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Uke Cover

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Maurice St-Jean : Très belle prestation mais, vous me semblez triste. Excellent interpretation!

Tejas Tez : Wow! Hey, please record "la vi en rose"; like in HIMYM. :)

Toni Perrone : wow!! Amazing Voice!!! #beautifullydone

Reno Verrin : you have a beautiful voice dear :)

Ayush Anand : You know something, While I was listening to you singing this song with my eyes closed, I felt strong a feeling, A feeling of content, peace, So ephemeral and Nostalgic, Well we all are made out of stuffs, And every atom in our body will be recycled, So In a way, Nothing dies but continues it's existence in other forms, You know like energy is never created nor it is destroyed, Well You are an amazing singer :)

Marco Carranco : D: we need to do a project !!!

Corey Wilbur : Another great song.

macplastering : Thumbs up

Nate L : Now maybe you can make a video for those of us that have never heard any of these songs.

Steff Vill : +1 like!!

subhan fakhru : MERRY ME NOWWW

Steve Christie : blinkinfirefly where are you from?

Ayush Anand : You know the movie conjuring, I heard this song for the first time in that movie and I loved it, And you know you have a very beautiful voice.