Last Night Part II

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Comments from Youtube

T3C™ : the details on it!!! beautiful cinematics! Everything really well executed!

ShadowHunter 311 : Why aren't you working for riot?

Lord Spyro : ummmmm........... <3 This is a leauge edit form the future

xLuccio : That was impressive, loved the theme, the sync is sooo powerful, the vfx and the intro fits sooo well, it really creates a "hype" around the edit and this is everything you can expect of an intro, the sound effects are really a plus on it too : very well executed ideas !! I just wanted to see a bit more of the first part, the moment when the song change is a bit inappropriate and breaks the flow. ---- Very good edit spliffiam but i think that continuing the first part and probably adding an ending reminiscent of the start would have been perfect. Good job ! 💪 🔥


diyyo : I love the unique stuff man <3 did you animate lucian at the end? looks super nice

ItsJiego : This is a nice piece of work, good job Spliffiam!

ERROR Cloud : This is just amazing, every time I watch something new from you I get inspired. Love the edits, love the theme, love you.

SoaR dnsqe : One of the best league edits I've ever seen!

revisn. : you created a masterpiece spliff.. best league edit out there

Wassim : Best league edit ever done . <3

InFamous : Amazing fucking work man, you're one of the most talented editors out there, really excited for your next work

ReeDy : Bro... the Cyberpunk reference, first league edit in my favs! I am impressed!

xXxhobnobxXx : a project vayne montage with that background would be so cool

Jaxi : Insane edit spliffiam from rift editing

Kevin : 🤟🤑 a vibe

Nom Nom : Iffy uh spliffi got the stiffy uh

메 리 큐 : are good at editing ! What is this BGM ?

kizu 友 : i see the next t3c upload :D

Asap Huis : Wow dude you have become so insane

phille : I n S a N e

Hurry Calls : I like that little The Last Night scene at the end. Also noticed you used Cyberpunk 2077's trailer music too.

FvlioN : omg this is sick af


Kivoi : This is insane. One for the favourites

ScubaKick : Been so hyped for the first part. Same shit for the second :O

Meebro : amazing cinematics and whole look of the edit <3

Pablow : Holy shit this is so good


Jab : the first time i've ever commented on a league edit, you've got the vibe and atmosphere down perfectly

igb_ : PART 3 WHEN

ΛSTRΛY RΞD : Dude just make a League of Legends movie based on Project. I will actually pay you for tickets xd

slim jmy : spliffiam chill!!!!!

DAZTi : Why the hell its only 6k views man!

Vultar Edits : Awesome stuff!

BlaCkTy : are u serious why you only have 407 like? peoples wake up please

Brian. : That was noice

KrasheR : cyberpunk 2 reveal trailer

Sdreoos : this is freaking insane

Ando : genuinely the best league edit ive ever seen, keep it up man ur insane

Konstah : Hate league, love the edit. This is sick man :)

Pleb Marv : the skybox looks soooo sick :D

Jinxx : omfg... this is insane

Key Blvck : this deserves to get on t3c :D

Adept : Yo, this was great. Nice to find something original and pretty creative.

NPC_133769 : New Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is looking great !

Higura : how you do that i want you for teach me XDD

watuzzZ : hot <3

j g : This is crazy dude.. very good job