Peng Peng Lee - Balance Beam - 2018 NCAA Super Six

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iluvdance00 : wow I just bawled my eyes out again 😭 so freaking proud of her and the Bruins 💙💛 Peng's career was filled with so many ups and downs- I'm so glad she was able to perform so incredibly today. this really is the absolute perfect ending to it all ❤️❤️❤️

Abraham Lora : Seeing some twitter comments from hurt OU fans saying Peng ‘slipped’ and the judges are unfair.. 😂😂😂 5 of the 6 judges gave this a 10.0 and the one that didn’t gave it a 9.95. I guess all 6 of the judges are blind..

Abraham Lora : Perfection and the judges agreed.. 👌👌

Jade Eliot : My absolute FAVE gymnast (to say my favorite of all time sounds like an overstatement but honestly it's kind of the truth) delivering in her last performance ever for the team I love the most - what an incredible moment. Even though I was watching/listening to the broadcast I didn't fully realize that UCLA could actually win with Peng's performance - I was just excited to see her rock her last routine! And then when the announcers said UCLA had clinched the championship it was unreal! So proud of Peng and so proud of my Bruins for a spectacular meet!

Jennifer DING [12N08S] : I mean, OU is a fantastic team, but to say Peng "slipped" as their reasoning to why they should have won is absolutely rubbish, because not just Peng, the whole UCLA beam team brought it tonight! Congrats Bruins!

Mark B : I came for Ross, stayed for Ohashi, and watched Peng Peng conquer Oklahoma faces. This team... good lord.

Thors D. : omg somebody make a movie!!!!2018 was a roller coaster for ucla.

G- Gymnastics : I actually sobbed at this result! For the longest time I’ve been supporting UCLA, LSU and Florida and I’ve just been hoping and praying that one of them out performs Oklahoma and wins it all. Congratulations UCLA on a well deserved title! 💙💛

Amelia Brown : This is amazing. The highlight is when Peng is like 'yes I got a 10 okay' and then the whole arena is freaking out and she's just standing there like 'cool'. Then she realised.

Skeptical Monkey : OU Fan here. Congrats UCLA, that was a spectacular routine. We'll have to get you next year.

NewMusicFan : The ultimate clutch routine!

mimi's gymnastics life : She is my fav college gymnast!

Andrei Manila : I'm not crying, you're crying 😭💙

Samantha Dicriscio : This was well deserved! Love her, an amazing finish to her career!

mariam : A QUEEN. YES HUNNY. YOU BETTER WORK THE BEAM. I AM SO HAPPY OMDS! (It's 07:30 in the UK so I just woke up to this news) I AM SO HAPPY WOW 😭😭😭💙💛💙

sammysamz21 : Reading these comments, I'm glad to hear others got emotional. That way I don't feel like such a weirdo for crying when they won! It was such an amazing reaction to Peng's scores, then the realization they had won.

D Leo : Peng said she thought at first the UCLC bruin fans were screaming cause she got a 10, she was like yesss, 10, awesome, jumps screams, hugs, turns and then she saw the team standing and was in shock, jumping up and down! lol :)

Sommy Nnoka : Thank you❤

Ken R : This team is pure Joy!! What a fun ride this season has been. Peng Peng = Excellence.

Severus Snape : miss val 2020

Grant : I can die happy now. Best finish ever

Robert Crompton : To say the 2018 season for UCLA was magical is an UNDERSTATEMENT! They were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

MaKayla Clark-Sol : When I say UCLA Bars and Beam this win wow to be honest I think Kyla could’ve gotta some Tens too

trudisify : Legend

fra fra : Wow wow wow.Such an AMAZING team,they're amazing and see them win made me speechless!!!I cried!! And Peng!!!WHAT A CAREER,WHAT A GYMNAST,WHAT A HUMAN BEING💙💙💙 and Miss Val and Jordyn 😭😭💕

EroticCakes : Well deserved. Those girls are absolute studs.

Adele K. : Can’t watch this without tears

ISUringman1974 : AWESOME!!!! Congratulations UCLA Women's Gymnastics Team!

Jersey Representing : Peng Peng Lee! Along with her bars, amazing performance, fantastic gymnast, very fun to watch. Fun to watch the tears and freak outs too.

Your Biggest Fan : Very well deserved.

Paola Tellez : Every time I repeat this video gives me chills! It was an amazing moment for the team and fans! What a Super Six! Just amazing! Go Bruins!

Emmy Johnson : A beam virtuoso.

Christopher : What an amazing way to end your gymnastics career! So happy for Peng and all the other girls!

Michael Rey Pangan : Thank you for posting this! My DVR cut out the very end of my recording so I didn’t see Peng's score. I cried tears of joy just now.

Shivesh Lal : I'm not crying you are 😭😭😭

glazn flip : So glad to see a team with interesting and exciting routines win. Oklahoma reminds me of Romanian gymnastics in the 90’s, solid but safe and boring.

Zoetropeification : WTG Peng

Rochere Olabe : Peng should have a her own movie just like Ariana Berlin. Her story is so inspiring

Léttucé : how about those magician hands at 0:47 wowee

Jayda Bailey : Chris I think at 1:18, I’m crying 😂🤣😂🤣 penguin penguin lee don’t need no Asian persuasion she gotta gift

Severus Snape : true diversity recognizes no division.

Justin Time : I'm crying and I can't even do a freaking cartwheel. This Bruins Squad is truly special...the perfect mix of Veterans and underclassmen who really stepped it up. So happy for Miss Val,Chris,Randy and Coach Jo!!

Wrenn Myere : Sadly, she didn't get to compete in the Olympics. But she ended her competitive college career in a way that she'll surely never forget! ~ Amazing and awesome job!!!

longbranch11207 : she should go back into heavy training and try out for the usa team

Bigboy123 : Someone call the police. OU was just robbed.

Troll Colate : Can you imagine the amount of estrogen in that room right now. UCLA girls will be pregnant tonight, OU girls just experienced miscarriages...

k8 : Yeah... still crying....

Kamikaze Gorilla : Ass like a pancake doe...

Ezra Sheppard : That was freakishly amazing

Ezra Sheppard : This group of ucla is freaking amazing,no wonder they are hard to beat,peng,ohashi, tratz,Kramer, hano,etc,how can you compete, theyre like the main band and everyone else iare openers