This is How WEAK Men Deal With Emotions

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Mitch Manly : The process of making these quality animations is really expensive and time consuming, simply sharing this video, or sending it to a friend really helps :) Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Genesis Von Keglar : I cry when I go 3 days without a quality meme

hi. call me meng : nah we prefer suicide

Santa Claus : Now real reasons to cry 1 Death of Parents 2 birth of son or daughter 3 depression 4 When Arthur dies in Red dead redemption 2

BB O B : *When you can't handle the no nut November*

Twan Hams : 1. Sit down. 2. Try not to cry. 3. Cry a lot.

Wealthbuilderz TV : Crying has its place just like anything else but not because a girl won’t date you. IMO

Shrek’s Wife : I will face my emotions by committing big oof

Fernando Contreras : suicide is a good option actually

Pravex : Not crying doesnt always mean youre running away from your emotions...

Netherwolf6100 : Honestly, I think this video illustrates why men value emotions far more than women, simply because due to society's stigma against what makes a Man, men are not allowed to be human. We're told to be rocks, foundations, support, unyielding and strong and any quality that shows weakness; that shows that you're human, that you live, breathe, eat, sweat and bleed, these are not considered to be masculine and that as a whole creates problems. It creates adults so emotionally stunted that they don't know how to open up and communicate or it creates adults who have a deep yearning for expressing their feelings but hate the idea of being ostracized. We understand the weight of releasing these emotions and we hold onto them because we're viewed as weak or cowards for allowing ourselves to feel.

Same : My mom decided to wash my gym bag and my squating shoes. I don't want to skip leg day. No joke, I'm about to cry.

Attack Titan : If I saw a guy I knew cry. I'd hug them. No one should be judged for crying. I feel sorry for a guy being embarrassed for crying.

CRUSHPROBLEMS 17 : I cry when it's no nut november, fortunately, it's over

Alsana : Chris shouldnt have texted Andrea more than twice in a row, thats big neediness. Rest of the ideo is ok.

melkisedeck : There are only 3 occasions when a man can cry: 1) Your parents die 2) Birth of son/daughter 3) In the final scene of Terminator 2, when Arnold dies to save the kid.

Tarek CH : It’s not that Strong men don’t cry. It’s that Strong men know how to deal with their feelings. A Strong man doesn’t care for the little things girls care about. For example when failing a major test a girl or a weak man will cry, a Strong man will feel really sad but will know that crying isn’t the answer and think how he can fix the problem and that thought itself will calm him a lot better than crying. Men should cry IMO only when major things happen like a divorce or a family member dying.


msdrakegx : So what, is this channel supposed to be some sort of a (not so) clever deconstruction of masculinity? Everyone and there brother is trying to change what it means to be a man these days. I've had to learn the hard way that traditional male values are definitely the way to go. It's okay to cry occasionally, no one thinks that's wrong. If you cry a lot though, you are a weak man. Crying is just a release when you're dealing from too much stress. If that is happening frequently you're a weak man. The idea is not to suppress your tears when you feel like crying, it's to build a healthy life where you don't need to cry so much. Women and your peers will want to be with you if you can build a life for yourself like that.

Mountain Fox : It's okay to private or around those you trust. Crying in public or around strangers is rude no matter what your gender is. In my opinion, it's only appropriate under certain circumstances. There's a time and a place for everything, and men should only cry for things that matter. Other than the deaths of people I care about, the only times I've cried around other people is when I graduated at Parris Island and became a marine and when I came home to see my family after my first deployment. Men should not cry over trivial things or especially around women. No matter what they tell you, they are subconsciously judging you for a lack of emotional toughness.

Bat : Andrea was a thot

Maverickator X3 : Bet my soul every man started crying during No Nut November

profanador de waifus : i will just say this, i stoped crying and now i am unable to cry unless i am sleep or mad

Minetrooper_034 SHT : I find crying normal. It's okay. We have an organ called tear glands for a reason, right? Furthermore, even if there are no tears, we must've cried at least once in our baby times.

HBIjanuary : I broke up with with my girlfriend now I keep getting recommend these types of videos

Ten10 : I still can’t cry it just feels weird

WnWINTER : It’s really hard to cry especially just growing up and being told to “man up”. I’ve been told to grow up or stop crying aggressively by my parents to the point now as a teen it’s impossible to cry. I remember my ex telling me this same thing to just let it out my problems by crying. I replied to her it’s not so simple where on her hand she’s expected to cry, because she hasn’t had the mentality of her own emotions and feelings stripped away from her as she was growing up. But, she never understood my background even when I tried to explain it clearer. I don’t know if kids (mostly young boys and other teens) these days can relate to the guy’s story but I can and it’s merely impossible to let out that struggle, that feeling of wanting someone who doesn’t give a crap about us by just only shedding tears. well done on the video.

Randomtheboy 12 : I release my emotions by writing songs and poetry :)

Zeus Suez : Thats exactly what i did when my ex-girlfriend dumped me. I went to my room and listen to sad music like 1-this is me 2- bad bunny-(English version) I cried for like 2 hours And i gotta tell you man. I feel great

MediaMadness : This is kind of an insult to people who go through a lot of shit but just never resort to crying and sharing their emotions. For example, I've been diagnosed with both GAD and Panic Disorder; it really sucks, and just because I don't cry about it doesn't mean I'm "weak". It just means I'm dealing with thing differently.

Holo : I don't cry. My eyes just sweat when I'm watchimg something sad. They just can't handle the anticipation

diyagheith1 : I cry. but when I'm ALONE. and then tell everyone I'm fine

Andrew WithNoLife : I cry every day because nobody loves me

Esteban Castillo : Potatoes can cry Yams can’t

MonkaHmm : Thanks for the advice, now I can cry while listening to Despacito once again

Filip Bartoš : I disagree but still good video. Like well deserved.

BittyThread : If I'm ever upset or anything, I don't care what people think, I just let it out. But most of the time I'm alone so..

Bruno Z. : Nah man real men don't cry

Blert Shabani : Im very strong. Actually I dont know if I am.. Nvm im not, Definitely not. Nice quality btw.

Nehasha Nanayakkara : Great advice Most people hate this, especially parents and grandparents

Backalley of reddit : In this world, men are born and raised into a world where men are suposed to be fearless and brave, its easy to say for girls and such that, "just cry, there is nothing manly about not crying", but everyone who has had a boyfriend, ask yourself, have I ever said, "a real man wouldnt do this", or "a real man wouldnt cry or complain about that", realize that. The only times men cry is when they are by themselves and when noone sees them

Remy Buitenhuis : boys dont cry, but men do

General Atomics Gaming Co. Main Hub : I'm going to cry? THAT TEAR DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO LEAVE MY EYES! *Shoots tear*

D4 N3 : I really hate it when people say this stuff, claiming if you cry "your strong" and if you dont "your weak". Iv'e dealt with harsh emotional pains before and I don't believe crying does shit. I've never had an urge to cry, however when I was in pain I fount many ways to deal with it (but iv'e never hid from it). Just because you cry it doesn't mean you will become emotionally stronger and it will cure you. No way. This also applies to everything else. What I do personally works for me, and i'm sure what others do may personally work for them. But here your only point is that crying is the only way out. It's not. Whether you cry or not to release pain thats up to you. Crying doesn't make you any "weaker" or "stronger" than you already are, so please stop saying only "stronger" men do it.

Realism : You’re absolutely wrong, and have misunderstood how evolution plays into this entirely. Let me explain... While it is true that a large portion of men — likely the majority — would be inclined to cry given there was no pressure not to, there is still a smaller number of men who wouldn’t. These are alpha males. You’re right in that there are men who feel so insecure about their masculinity that they hold back the tears, but those aren’t them. Men of this sort have a higher level of masculinity — higher than the average. Their brain has likely been exposed to even more testosterone during pregnancy, and also have been shown to have higher levels of testosterone in their blood than the average male. This is what’s shaped them into becoming alpha-males. They’re better than us, tougher than us, stronger than us, more confident than us, and yes, they do not experience the same weakness normal men do in terms of their emotions. What does this have to do with anything? Well, men, wittingly or not, always attempt to climb this hierarchy to better their position and likely produce more offspring. Men know in which direction masculinity points. It’s very intuitive, and not a social construct. It shouldn’t come as a shock that we’ve become masters at judging masculinity after thousands upon thousands of years of evolution. It’s been vital for our survival. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why you immediately detect a gay man. And if you look closely you will see that there was very little reason involved with that judgment. Anyway. What I’m trying to say is not that men shouldn’t always suppress their emotions, but understand that it is a bad idea to take the other route. You will In fact have less sexual partners if you open the seal, and it will not point you in the direction of success. In fact, training yourself to steel yourself can be a very healthy thing so long as it’s not taken to the extreme. Allow yourself to cry when you really must, but don’t overdo it. Lastly, it is a complete lie, and a sign of weakness, to not admit that it’s weak to cry. Though you’re right, the men who are really ashamed to cry are probably weaker, you are still weak in comparison to the alpha-male. Do not kid yourself.

IceBreaker : Well I don't want to be bullied no thx

ツAllanzo : *Real men put their emotions in yodling*

Elige Gaming : A true man isn’t afraid of showing his true feelings

Jiří Dušek : Ok but now seriously. Man should not cry in front of his women. He is the oak the emotional support someone she can lean and be sure he stands still. Its our job to be strong to provide to fight and love. If you are weak and have need to cry than cry it is healthy but dont be suprised if woman leaves you for someone more stable. Go run punch a punching bag fire up those dopamines and endorfines. Find self worth. Occupy mind with work. crying over it does not help.

The Scarecrow : i never cry , i don't care