This is How WEAK Men Deal With Emotions

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Masculine Man : The process of making these quality animations is really expensive and time consuming, simply sharing this video, or sending it to a friend really helps :) Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Genesis Von Keglar : I cry when I go 3 days without a quality meme

Wealthbuilderz TV : Crying has its place just like anything else but not because a girl won’t date you. IMO

Bat : Andrea was a thot

melkisedeck : There are only 3 occasions when a man can cry: 1) Your parents die 2) Birth of son/daughter 3) In the final scene of Terminator 2, when Arnold dies to save the kid.

Red army : i release bad emotions in the gym.

Esteban Castillo : Potatoes can cry Yams can’t

Elige Gaming : A true man isn’t afraid of showing his true feelings

B O B B : *When you can't handle the no nut November*

Dani Rae : Real men cry.. period. Weak men operate from fear and ego.

MeGaPuRe : God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers, god gave you the problems that you have now so you can fix them and become stronger and better!

Anirudh Kumar : It's got nothing to do with being masculine or feminine. Men have the same tear glands as Women, crying is natural & is what makes us human. Cry when you feel like it. If you're afraid to show that you're crying, cry in private away from everyone.

Kenny Leone : Let me politely disagree, it's ok to cry yes but not often. As a man, you are meant to be a rock, especially if you have a woman, women are attracted to emotional toughness in men. I've lived over 20 years and only seen my father cry twice. And on those occasiona were pretty huge things, not over petty things. It's feminism that want to make men like emotional wrecks, later in life that guy will it hard to attract women or persevere in life when he faces difficulty.

hi. call me meng : nah we prefer suicide

Punisher Lee : I have cried over a lot of things (none of them has ever been over a girl because you can't lose what you don't have). The most common reason is that I miss my family. The first thought that pops up in my head is shedding little tears in the midst of friends (predominantly female) and then wiping them off and feeling like a strong man. But most of the time, the best thing I've done is cry gently, alone in my room and tell no one about it. After that, I feel like a computer that was refreshed or restarted. I feel energized. Crying is really good, just not in public sometimes... Sometimes

CRUSHPROBLEMS 17 : I cry when it's no nut november, fortunately, it's over

I am batman : Real men don't have emotions

Blert Shabani : Im very strong. Actually I dont know if I am.. Nvm im not, Definitely not. Nice quality btw.

msdrakegx : So what, is this channel supposed to be some sort of a (not so) clever deconstruction of masculinity? Everyone and there brother is trying to change what it means to be a man these days. I've had to learn the hard way that traditional male values are definitely the way to go. It's okay to cry occasionally, no one thinks that's wrong. If you cry a lot though, you are a weak man. Crying is just a release when you're dealing from too much stress. If that is happening frequently you're a weak man. The idea is not to suppress your tears when you feel like crying, it's to build a healthy life where you don't need to cry so much. Women and your peers will want to be with you if you can build a life for yourself like that.

Pravex : Not crying doesnt always mean youre running away from your emotions...

davidsirmons : You gotta be kidding me. Weak men deal with pain and sadness by changing it into aggression or violence. Venting your sadness with crying or by discussing it with an equally strong man (you know......a man who DOESN'T choke when another man confides that he's sad or hurting about something) is the very healthiest way to process those feelings. Our shitty civilization has practically barred men from expressing any form of emotion other than violence. What the hell do you think that does to a man's soul? Why do you think there's so much damn violence in the world today? Because for thousands of years, societies have only allowed men to express that. It's pathetic. Masculinity doesn't have a damn thing to do with feeling/not feeling/expressing/not expressing his emotions, ALL of them. Masculinity is being a source of strength mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually for those around you, not being a cyborg. Not only picking and choosing what emotions you want to acknowledge and ignoring the rest so they can fester and distort ones' soul. You need a better metric for gauging what masculinity is.

Viridian : There is a difference to crying in solitude and crying around people, if you are a guy and a girl is around you have anyintrest in or may blab to such a girl, don't. DON'T! DO NOT! Women instinctualy regardless of what they say. they like, if they say they like sensitive guys it's just lip-service, weather you like it or not deep down they do not want a man relying on her for emotional support, if your dad dies or something then sure fine go ahead. But it also depends on what you are crying about. If it has to do with weakness insecurity or loneliness, and you are not in a long term committed relationship or are trying to woo her, do not cry around them, you are a idiot, and will freeze over her romantic attraction for you, and most likely she will push you to be a backup boyfriend at best. I'm sure I'll get plenty of comments below this from women, "oh I'm not like that", "you don't know anything about women" If you are a young guy listen to me please I beg you, I had to learn this the hard way. It is basically a test they tell you it's okay to cry WHEN IT IS NOT! So if you do cry she knows you are weak have weak genes and are not worthy to have a baby with her, and at best she will tease you lead you along and just use you for stuff. If you don't cry but she thinks you can around her then she on a biological primal level thinks WOW, this guy is so strong and resealiant, he doesn't crack under pressure, that shows confidence to them that you know what you're doing and know you'll be okay if things go bad (*snorting laugh* even if it's not at all the case how you feel on the inside) You have to think what are the feelings that come from the society we evolved FROM, not the one we are IN! Sex back then meant pregnancy, that means for 9 months she is a progressively slower vulnerable, target who needs massive support, and protection from a STRONG, not crying every other week, MAN. And I guarantee you never cry in the courtship phase. She will be utterly disgusted in you romantically, she may think it sounds nice to be a supportive women who can cry with and comfort her man, but if you cry at the wrong time about the wrong thing even if she thought she would be okay with it at first, it will turn her off. Crying to deal with a breakup, sure in private, crying over a loved one dying, in moderation okay. But there is also a big difference between a little light sob and a tear going down your eye, which you might MIGHT! get away with around a women, it is nothing like a guttural lonely inconsolable blubbering cry coming from a man that would sound more at home on a battle field as he bleeds out or coming from a chasm into hell, that deep lonely great hole you have inside yourself that if you tap into fully that could make you cry like I just described. RED ALERT RED ALERT DON'T YOU EVER THINK ABOUT DOING THAT AROUND A WOMEN! You would have to be really ignorant to think that is okay. Even in a marriage, that level of breaking down is not okay it could very well compromise your entire marriage. When you are more committed you can SLOWLY and SPARINGLY open up with not so deep or bad crying. Other then that keep it to yourself or cry in private if you have to. If there is a matter that effects both of you it may bring a certain level of catharsis to cry TOGETHER on a mutual issue, but don't cry to her, and if you do cry only crack the flocet and let a little bit out, don't turn it all on full blast and let go with all the water works. I'm not going to say you can never cry, but don't do it as the relationship starts out, funerals are okay for a bit it shows her you're not a robot or a phycopath, but if you are crying more then the women around you need to tone it back. And never fully inconsolably cry from your deepest wound, hole, or void inside you there is no amount of crying that will get it to go away and one it's not a pretty sight, two it will most likely scare her and freak her out if you cry in so much inconsolable anguish. She'll think if things fall apart and she needs to depend on you you'll break down when she's most desperate, even though that might not be the case. and they are separate issues a rending wound of loneliness may not be the same as crying in fear, but she may not understand the difference. But here is the other thing if a girl trys to comfort you and even if it doesn't do crap to help you feel better you suck it up that instant and make her feel she just worked magic on you to feel better. Makes them feel useful and wanted, and like they have their own power. Even if you stile feel just as bad. Because the only alternative is she trys to help and she realizes she can't do anything that means your helpless she's helpless and if the two of you get in dire straits you're both helpless. Then you'll have a real mess of a relationship to deal with. I wish my dad hadn't died and he could have taught me all this but I had to learn it the hard way myself through lots of pain trial and error and older men giving their experience. I would have loved this advice growing up. I hope it helps someone. And I guess you can ignore it all and cry openly whenever, and just see how it works out for you. Women's actions towards men who cry speak louder then their words.

Fenris Wolf : IT'S OK TO CRY. It only makes you a human being

polyGentle : If you don't cry, you never release emotions. It suppressed into you and you can never let go. Sure, you're "Strong" because you can resist crying but, you aren't very smart.

Revolting Swan : *Tears have no gender* Nuffsaid

Netherwolf6100 : Honestly, I think this video illustrates why men value emotions far more than women, simply because due to society's stigma against what makes a Man, men are not allowed to be human. We're told to be rocks, foundations, support, unyielding and strong and any quality that shows weakness; that shows that you're human, that you live, breathe, eat, sweat and bleed, these are not considered to be masculine and that as a whole creates problems. It creates adults so emotionally stunted that they don't know how to open up and communicate or it creates adults who have a deep yearning for expressing their feelings but hate the idea of being ostracized. We understand the weight of releasing these emotions and we hold onto them because we're viewed as weak or cowards for allowing ourselves to feel.

BittyThread : If I'm ever upset or anything, I don't care what people think, I just let it out. But most of the time I'm alone so..

Aahwan Singh : You're a beta. Sorry bro. Strong men have gone through that situation. And trust me. Alphas know how to cry but they don't cry publically that is the difference. Sorry bro.

MediaMadness : This is kind of an insult to people who go through a lot of shit but just never resort to crying and sharing their emotions. For example, I've been diagnosed with both GAD and Panic Disorder; it really sucks, and just because I don't cry about it doesn't mean I'm "weak". It just means I'm dealing with thing differently.

Gordon G : Women want a rock of a man to counter their emotional state. Don’t ever, ever show emotions around a wench.

Zeus Suez : Thats exactly what i did when my ex-girlfriend dumped me. I went to my room and listen to sad music like 1-this is me 2- bad bunny-(English version) I cried for like 2 hours And i gotta tell you man. I feel great

Minetrooper_034 SHT : I find crying normal. It's okay. We have an organ called tear glands for a reason, right? Furthermore, even if there are no tears, we must've cried at least once in our baby times.

Tarek CH : It’s not that Strong men don’t cry. It’s that Strong men know how to deal with their feelings. A Strong man doesn’t care for the little things girls care about. For example when failing a major test a girl or a weak man will cry, a Strong man will feel really sad but will know that crying isn’t the answer and think how he can fix the problem and that thought itself will calm him a lot better than crying. Men should cry IMO only when major things happen like a divorce or a family member dying.

Holo : I don't cry. My eyes just sweat when I'm watchimg something sad. They just can't handle the anticipation

profanador de waifus : i will just say this, i stoped crying and now i am unable to cry unless i am sleep or mad

Maverickator X3 : Bet my soul every man started crying during No Nut November

HBIjanuary : I broke up with with my girlfriend now I keep getting recommend these types of videos

Child Of The Grave 1970 : If men weren't meant to cry, why would we be born with tear buds?

Andrew WithNoLife : I cry every day because nobody loves me

cyb3rpunk 2077 : I cry because im not authentic and im hiding my true self.

goldenhotdogs : I agree that we need to confront our feelings instead of escaping them, but we shouldn't necessarily encourage crying and yelling to deal with them, though there's nothing inherently wrong with that either. That energy could instead be more productive spent on investigating and resolving its root cause rather than feeding the habit to act out upon it; it's releasing a built up valve but not addressing what's causing it, so it'll keep building up pressure that needs to be let out rather than regulating it in the first place.

HEC : that's the very first clickbait which actually made me happy instead of feeling regret. Good job man, i am so glad that i clicked on it. Keep the good work up.

Eudaemonia lyceum : I'm uneasy about the having sex to release emotions. I'm not Freudian but I get the feeling that more casual sex will compound the issue, making relationships tedious and meaningless. Trivializing that all too human need.

Bruno Z. : Nah man real men don't cry

the beast : There are times to cry and time not to its just emotion but unfornutly society doesnt alow men to cry

Aditya Malaviya : As I have experienced, negative emotions need to be dealt with and cannot be escaped, unresolved negative emotions manifest themselves as health problems later on.

TheMisanthroPunk : I am so strong that i can even show my weak self.

Martin Baez : let em be "weak". Depression will make em stronger eventually ._.

ak k : It's so funny men think women would be appalled if they found out they had emotions. But most women are actually kind of into that. Too many female friends told me that they think a crying guy is really cute. Probably the mother instinct idk. I myself don't fetishize it like that (I'm a woman) but fuck, any human being that isn't a sociopath reacts with kindness and empathy when someone cries. That's just what you do. The idea that others will think less of you for not essentially being a Robot or Mark Zuckerberg and being capable of showing human emotion is so foreign and ugly to me. I don't think I'd like dating a guy who's that insecure in his masculinity. Edit: also wtf andrea just tell him you're not into him don't ghost him like that you shitlord.

WnWINTER : It’s really hard to cry especially just growing up and being told to “man up”. I’ve been told to grow up or stop crying aggressively by my parents to the point now as a teen it’s impossible to cry. I remember my ex telling me this same thing to just let it out my problems by crying. I replied to her it’s not so simple where on her hand she’s expected to cry, because she hasn’t had the mentality of her own emotions and feelings stripped away from her as she was growing up. But, she never understood my background even when I tried to explain it clearer. I don’t know if kids (mostly young boys and other teens) these days can relate to the guy’s story but I can and it’s merely impossible to let out that struggle, that feeling of wanting someone who doesn’t give a crap about us by just only shedding tears. well done on the video.