Dana White Gets Banned From Casino After Winning Millions

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DoughboyDavis : Wins 7 million dollars but still has flip phone lololol

whitesmoke hiding : Bout to quit my job,leave my gf and go be a casino cage cashier in Vegas

rmiran : I use to think Joe rogan and dana was the same guy lol.

Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez : Dana loves money and money seems to love him back. Good for him. No need to be salty guys.

McDouble Good : They let you lose money but if you win you get banned lol

Chris Ferrero : Dana is the Mayweather of MMA

Vida Minha : The secret is to have a flipping phone ,that’s his secret of success

what’s up 124 : *Life advice from a stranger in the YouTube comment section* ... *NEVER GAMBLE*

Milwaukee Brewers : Mayweather is richer than Dana... but they both rich asf... and mayweather said in front of Conor " Dana me and you know who has money, we don't have to wear suits like conor, he's a worker.

Thijs J. : "He gets banned because he's good at blackjack". You can't be good at blackjack. The only way to improve your odds is to count cards, which I guess he doesn't do.

Tidwell : So casinos love robbing people. But once you win they will kick you out

adrian salas : Love seeing people beat the casino's! Awesome$

Kevin Colt : just a note to some haters here: Dana White is a billionaire, this is a hobby and enjoyment of gambling/betting and try to win!

Junito Punto Comm : That’s what I don’t get !! There’re ppl with gambling problems losing their Life plus $1 and Casinos let them play. But they have the right to Ban ppl as soon as they’re winning...SCAM !!

Brian London : The secret is having so much money that you can lose a few million and not be effected.

LiveLife 101 : Dana is worth like $400 mill, dresses like your dad during the neighbourhood BBQ, and gambles and wins millions. The dude is a boss.

selfie kroos : Goes to show how gambling is a one way street.

Just a blue banana : It’s a scam on top of a scam.

Castro Troy : Gamblers always tell you how much they win..... Never how much they lose.

MrJobofo : Same with all forms of gambling. When I win a few online football bets, they start reducing the amount I can place but I can lose as much as I want!! Scumbags all of them.

Gee Badd : I wouldn't kick his azz out b4 calling the goons. Seriously he could stay bcause he'll loose eventually. If not they still in route!!😎

Junito Punto Comm : 1:25 My $7M phone !! 😅👌🏼 Simplicity at its best.

Schoolstuffs2011 : Be wary, this may be a slick promotion for the casino. Making the average Joe feel like the system is beatable.

Netflix & Chills ASMR : Counting cards is an art.

Chee Tang : Now that they banned you, screw them and happily spend the money. I'm so glad that someone had beaten the system.

Hammer Sandoval : Dana build your casino, and call it MMA THUNDERDOME and cut me in at 50% 👍👍👍❤ it will have modern day arenas and it will host the biggest rock band from L.A. and music world combined. And the start up will be from billionaire who want their life time press boxes. From private jet pick up, private party will start from a million, it would be a modern day Coliseum of events with it own ppv network 24/7.

Junito Punto Comm : Somebody said COUNTING CARDS !? 🤔😂 Good Job Dana !! 😅

it's true : that's awesome that he wins he doesn't need the money and he also needs to remember gamblin's kind of a rough road.

Sir Ishy : Dana be Robbing the fighters and casinos damn


deep nuts : Dana white wins millions of dollars on gambling but he got a flip phone :/ 1:32

Jae KiDd : I bet he bets a million doubles up then leaves so they mad he doesn't stay long enough to loose it back like most degenerate non knowledgeable rich gamblers... How TF the casino don't want you playing once you win but love when you loose they a bunch of corn balls Dana is the man & he's from Massachusetts like me !

Junito Punto Comm : 0:52 Cashiers will feel his Absence !! 🤑🤦🏻‍♂️

Y M : Good things only happen to rich people apparently. Like winning the jackpot.

Diego Bolanos : As a software engineer for gambling business, I can tell you this story is fake. No casino will ever ban a winning player. Quite the opposite, a casino wants that gamblrr back ASAP, so the winning strike will end soon or later. You can't beat math, even with card counting at black jack

Recon from the shadows : I would of dragged there name through the mud😡

Johnie Draper : I need to link up with Dana White and get a few tips and pointers...🤔🤔🤔 On God 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Rikasi Ryujin : it shouldn't be called gambling if you get banned for winning lol

Lexkceus Aggartay : Hey at least we know that casinos aren’t being crooked.

Pimpin-Aint-Easy Channel : Who else thought Dana White was talking about himself.

MSTC INSANITY - : He could be just counting cards

Josef ASW : Did he just tip them $500 for doing nothing? and he pays his fighters pennies.

Michael Snyder : While I think Dana is a scumbag, I have to admit he’s one lucky SOB! Man, to get banned at three casinos because your very good at cards says something about this guy’s mind.

Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guard : Stream gambling

Eric Smyth : The casino spends millions of dollars a year to keep people from making $10/hr off them

Johnny Blaze : Are you still considered a degenerate gambler if you're currently on a winning streak?

Christian D'Amore : Meanwhile fighters are getting brain damage for $20,000 to show and win

jackis lol : He got the skills, the time and the money for black jack

Hello Challenge : Bout to go work for a casino and get those $100 tips from Dana

ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij : the rich get richer