Blogilates Is A Bad Role Model (Re: I didn't eat for 3 days)

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RL sa : I lose 3 pounds after my morning pooo

Cassie Autumn : Aww. I love Cassey. I’ve met her in person and she’s a gem. She’s worked hard to get to where she is now and I really appreciate seeing an Asian-American (like myself) flourishing in the fitness industry. But yeah, I do have to agree that I was not expecting such a video. I’ve done juice cleanses before and they’re’s surprising that she took it well and didn’t plan everything out more accurately like weighing in during the morning rather than at night and all that, taking account into water weight and salt retention, etc. I agree that I can tell a bit of body image anxiety during her weigh-in, so I only feel bad for her and I completely understand her intentions because I felt the same way for a while. Genuinely, I wish that she made a week’s worth of food where she got back on track after her vacation, showcasing a more practical way of losing weight. I’m sure that the juice cleanse idea was a little impulsive out of fear and she made the video to get in more views. But overall, I’m glad you kept an empathetic eye while telling the truth. It’s true: You don’t have to do a juice cleanse, fad diets, fasting, or anything like that at all to be healthy.

Bunny Runner : This is a tiny compliment, but thank you for saying “people” instead of “girls” when talking about how people look up to her. I think we often forget that boys have body issues too. So thank you!

lounakin : 'I never weigh myself.... I weighed more than ever' That's some accurate sensical shit right here!

sophthehedgehog : Recovering anorexic here. I used to watch her videos a lot, mostly because I liked the workouts. Her nutrition advice always seemed a bit sketchy even in my disordered mind. But this video made me unsubscribe. I was honestly shocked at how irresponsible she could be. I agree it’s a major red flag. The idea of her young impressionable audience watching that makes me shudder, and let’s be honest, I know from experience that those kind of videos draw in people already pre disposed to eating disorders. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Alexis Ross : Lol so she lost the water weight she gained from flying and eating a little more than normal 😂 Could have saved herself a lot of money by just eating her usual diet and a few extra walks hahaha

Angelw/aShotgun : I'm a huge fan of Blogilates workouts because I like her energy and personality but this vid seemed way out of character. She has always warned against fad diets, so this was a total shock.

Wittybberry : I'm always surprised by all the people who don't seem to know that most of us fluctuate anywhere from like 1-5 lbs A DAY....

Gynet Gloria : I stopped watching Cassey's videos a long time ago. She constantly contradicts herself exactly as you pointed out. I always found her very triggering because of that. I didn't know she did the juice cleanse vid until now but wow... really she "doesn't care" about the weight loss? Hard to believe. Besides, it's normal to have some post-vacation bloat, there is no need to attach shame to a little bit of harmless indulgences while on vacation.

JennInLondon : I just checked to see if her video was sponsored. It isn't (thankfully) but it certainly gives the company a heads up that they should sponsor her in the future. If she wanted to do something completely authentic and devoid of any potential branding, she could have made the juices / smoothies from scratch. That said, this video is problematic for all of the reasons you so eloquently said. I couldn't have said it better. Thank you for being a voice to clarify and counter her actions on this platform.

RandomCC : Yeaaah ever since the engagement and the video she came out with about her body issues I feel like her insecurities have gotten worse, not better. It's like instead of loving her body the way it is, she has resigned herself to not looking the way she wants to and those are two very very very different mindsets.

sarajinki : I definitely didn't buy the 'I just wanted to do it'. I could really feel her insecurity and it's sad for her viewers but also for herself, I wish she takes a good look at her insecurities and works on them everyday! <3

Lucia : You don't starve yourself "too feel better". You just don't.

lavidaesplendida : That's why I love Fitness Blender. They have all kinds of workouts and never promote dieting, cleansing or any kind of "miracle" products. They just encourage their followers to make good food choices and keep working out... I haven't found any other YouTube trainers like them. I tried Blogilates in the past, but her style didn't fit with my more calm approach to exercise, she's too "enthusiastic" for my taste. Of course, that is a matter of personal preference.

Sonali Deshpande : I fully knew this was problematic but after seeing the results it was hard to resist the temptation to want to do it. She should know better, these kinds of videos fuel super disordered mentalities around eating. She claims to advocate healthy lifestyles over "dieting" yet this type of quick fix totally contradicts that... It's ridiculous.

Yuyiyo911 : I liked the video because I thought she was being responsible with the idea of a juice cleanse, I didn't think she tried to talk up the benefits or anything or use bad studies to support dumb conclusions, she was just like "I just wanted to so I did!". But I can see how you would interpret that attitude as "flippant of criticisms", as you said. I just interpreted it totally different. I've always liked the idea of a juice cleanse just for fun, not because I actually think its a good idea from a health standpoint, so I connected with her "I just wanted to!" attitude. But again, the points you brought up of eating disorders were very valid concerns, so thank you for pointing that out.

Peace.Love.Veggies : You’re glowing Swayze! Rock that second pregnancy girl!

Lydia Chong : I clicked off Cassie's video as soon as she said 'juice cleanse'. Nobody who goes on a juice cleanse is credible. Full stop.

Zina K : I agree that cleanses are bad, but Kate Fruit Flowers whom you recommended just the other day does even worse cleanses, just with green juice. And her former partner Mae Flowers promotes doing enemas along with juice cleanses. Just saying, because it's inconsistent to recommend (collaborate?) one person with clear ED, while criticizing another.

Fawn Whisperer : I hadn't seen this video - I stopped watching her a long time ago, could not stand it anymore... just like you. I'm really glad you politely but firmly called her out. This may sound harsh but part of the reason why I had to stop watching her is because her content and demeanor just "reek of issues"... I don't understand how you can be as unbalanced and anxious and up-and-down as she is and then try to be a rolemodel. She clearly doesn't have her own fitness down to where she's happy with herself, so I don't feel like listening to her would teach me anything. She clearly hasn't made peace with her body and health at all.

Matthew Maltese : I have an eating disorder and I've been working for about 2 years to recover, and I know if I had seen that even a few months ago it would've triggered me into a starvation cycle for sure.

Renny Wilder : I watch her pretty religiously for the past 5 years and I was honestly pretty surprised to see this video. Like at first I didn't think it was such a big deal but I was reading all the comments and there are SO many girls who recover from eating disorders who look up to her so much. I personally haven't been through an eating disorder so reading the comments made me realize how triggering it was to other people. I think her title was definitely the most problematic part, like I was honestly concerned when I saw the title before clicking on the video. I also don't get what it is about people and doing like a complete 360 on their opinion of juice cleanses, like I watch Boho Beautiful and over the summer she put out a video that was like "absolutely never do a juice cleanse it didn't work for me" and like 2 weeks later put out a video that was like "you have to try this juice cleanse it's life changing" and I didn't know why I was the only one who was like really freaking confused.

Génesis S : Am I the only one to find the before/after pictures offensively misleading? I mean, seriously! She just fixed her goddamn posture!!!! I don’t understand how can anyone follow such a person.

rose novel : I'm sorry but she essentially starved herself for nothing. All she proved was that you shouldn't weigh yourself at night while bloated because you will get an inaccurate reading. She could have weighed herself the very next morning and she likely would have lost at least 3 lbs already just by getting some rest and by the end of the week while back on her normal diet she would have lost the other 3 lbs. Also as someone that regularly goes between 139-149 lbs without any change in diet; I can say with confidence you dont look any different with a 6lb weight loss. So if she loves her body more now, it's not because of any difference in how her body looks, it's because of an obsession with the numbers.

icequeenperkey : I've followed Cassey and her videos since 2012, and continue to do so in combination with some other workouts. Firstly, the notification to her video actually appeared on my phone before the actual video was made public, so I can tell you that the title alone had me very worried about what she had done before I could actually watch the video. After FINALLY seeing the juice cleanse video, however, I was both surprised and a bit unnerved as she has, as you mentioned, claimed to have had problems with eating disorders and restrictive eating in the past. I didn't, however, think too much into it as she had previously stated, either on her Instagram or blog, that she was trying to look her best for her wedding, which occurred a few days after the juice cleanse video was posted. Now that I think about it though, it is a bit unnerving as she has also admitted to increasing her workouts as well...not to mention her statement in the cleanse video that she shot three workout videos in one day while on the cleanse. I am hopeful that these actions were simply due to her wanting to look a certain way for her wedding and hopefully will not lead to something of a relapse. I do personally really like Cassey and her workouts, but I agree that this juice cleanse mess was a bit concerning, both for her and for the people that I know decided to try the cleanse after watching the video.

hill ster : I felt like this video was really out of character for her. I was really surprised that she would even consider making a video about something so contrary to what her channel stands for, not to mention the title was just plain insulting to people with or in recovery from an ED

The YouTube : Boobs ❤️

Kate Maureen : I'm pretty sure she's being influenced by the wedding culture of the bride having to be the thinnest and "prettiest". I wish she didn't post this as a video, but as you said she got a lot of views so...

Renee Renee : As an eating disorders therapist of 20 years I’m appalled by Cassey’s Video. The only thing that should be promoted is intuitive eating. Never dieting Very irresponsible of her and shows to me she still needs some help in that area

Antigone78 : I did this exact "cleanse" once because I was on a late night shopping binge and it seemed like a reasonable idea at 3:00AM. I did lose weight but I'm pretty sure it's because I had raging diarrhea for the entire time and 2 days after stopping. It was horrible. My butthole was never the same. Do not recommend.

HonestlyKyle : I know you’re vegan but I’d love to hear what you think about Dr. Berg. I’m increasingly starting to believe he’s a quack peddling junk science.

Michael Curtis : I did that juice cleanse for 3 days and it was horrible. By the end of the 1st day I was throwing up, and having flu like systems. The 2nd day was okay for whatever reason and by the 3rd day I was sick and miserable again.... So it didn't make me feel better at all afterwards.

Miss Kai : To quote Lilykoi Hawaii: "I have one rule and it has served me well: If the person giving me advice is trying to sell me something (a supplement, a protein powder, a workout plan, a meal plan, a retreat), I'm immediately skeptical. No one has ever tried to sell me whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, or nuts/seeds. The profit margin on those are piddles. Not coincidentally, they are the healthiest human foods on the planet."

La Pâquerette des Vallées : Kale seitan cleanse for everybody

Niemstress : I don’t remember if she mentioned if the video is sponsored, but a bunch of other youtubers and insta fitness gurus have casually used or had that same juice brand flashed in the background recently. When I clicked on the video and saw the bottle it induced the biggest eye roll. I wonder about whether or not she’s advertising while pretending not too. I don’t know enough about the industry, but it makes me question the integrity of all these gurus.

V Verde : 3:38 "It was higher than ever. I normally don't weigh myself " So, wait, if she doesn't weigh herself how does she know her weight was higher?? Higher than what if you don't know how much you normally weigh? She's either lying or ...confused.

Liz Shiver : Cassey is the one who got me started working out regularly and I'll always appreciate her for that. But over the past year or two, I totally lost interest because almost everything she puts out now is an ad. Between that and videos like this one, she doesn't come across as relatable to me anymore. Perhaps a symptom of living in L.A.?

Weronika M : I follow Blogilates on social media and do her workouts from time to time (like once a month when I can't go to the gym, I am super short on time etc.) I think that she got a bit obsessed with her diet before her wedding. I think dieting and eating disorders are super complex and we don't know her/don't live with her and don't know how she eats normally and can't say what is for money and her channel and what is for her. But her wedding gave her a lot of stress (she admitted that) and from my perspective (future psychologist) it might have been a cue to less healthy eatign patterns and kind of comign back to what she was doing in the past. (She had a post on her blog whetehr wanting to loose wait is body positive or not because a lot of people commented that her wish to loose weight before the wedding and working out a lot is a bit opposite to her normal message)

Lisa Emely : To be completely transparent I love Cassey and her channel but I was very put off by the video as well. That being said, she's human and makes at times poor decisions - knowingly- and I feel like we forget that sometimes. I wish she would own up to it more because she is a public figure but as a long time viewer of hers, I can't bring myself to write her off for this because I know there's more to it than just wanting to do a juice cleanse and make money off of it. Sadly, you're right a lot of people will walk away with only the number in mind. As a side note you mentioned that she points out there's no such thing as spot training and to clarify she said that you cannot lose fat from a specific part of your body but her videos focus on building muscle in those areas not reducing fat there. Just wanted to point out that difference 😊

Cleopatra Starseed : I mean technically the title wasn’t misleading... she didn’t eat... she drank juice. There is nothing wrong with a short juice cleanse... it can be great to give your digestive system some rest.

Rebecca Marchand-Smith : I loved that you swore so much in this video, hahaha! Fired up about this one, eh ;)

Jackie Papa : Fasting isn't inherently bad. Short fasts (1-2 days) can greatly increase the bodies health level, by giving the time and energy it takes to digest and process food, to other body parts instead. This is why fasting when sick is benifitial and helps speed up recovery time. Fasting has also been used as a method of healing for millennia, spiritually speaking.

SwordOfTheMorning - : Those tiny Juices are outrageously expensive why not just make your own? Is she trying to bankrupt her audience? What a waste

Esoteric One : Pretty lip color!

Ace 44 : Eh,wouldn t think she is a bad role model overall. Fitness and pilates are her speciality,juice cleanses and weight loss might not be. So thanks for the science but I don t think it s necessary to drag Cassey so bad. So long as she made this video with her experience and not coercing anyone to do this without their own research,then your vid basically is an entry into the research,so nobody here is doing a harmful thing.

Elizabeth Carr : I love how objective you are in this video, I have always heard Cassie's videos were kind of iffy and as someone who has had problems with an eating disorder in the past I just avoided her all together. It's a shame to see so many contradictions and it seems that a bout of low self-confidence might have lead her to that video. I just wish she had some quality control people, or even just some common sense telling her that maybe posting that kind of content wouldn't be beneficial to many if any people.

Safia Williams : I've been following Cassey for over 5 years now. I too think that the titles of her workout videos are inappropriate, but to be honest, that's how I found her workouts 5 years ago. I believe she titles the videos the way she does in order to attract that kind of viewership, but that once her followers get to know her, they learn that her brand is so much more than sculpting a great body (she does have a video about this). Although her titles suggest target toning she does make it clear that by doing these videos alone you will not achieve a "Kim Kardashian butt" - it's a lifestyle and your genetics that inform how you look. I also find that she frequently stresses the importance of "loving your body every step of the way" and that we're looking to work out "to get stronger, not skinnier." I was honestly very disappointed when this juice cleanse video came out. I almost felt ashamed to say that I follow and admire this woman after she released this video, because as we all know juice cleanses are not common sense! To give her credit though, she was in a vulnerable position of self doubt, under a lot of pressure from her followers, and we all slip up and fall into old habits. I just don't think she should have released this "experiment" to her community of followers. Because if this was the first video of hers that I came across 5 years ago, I may have had a very different experience.

Adam Waddington : People gain like 5 pounds every day....

MyFiveSeconds : I've only stopped following her on all social media a couple of months ago, but this video did confirm to me that it was probably the right choice. Personally, I believe you're spot on with your criticism and I wish she could take it more seriously instead of brushing every woman who criticizes her off as a jealous hater. I don't know man, I'm just very serious about my fitness and I don't like the ambiguity in her content. It's like she is trying to please everyone, still. But some of the people in fitness I respect the most, have ruffled my feathers in the past. Didn't make me unfollow them forever. Sorry for being all over the place, I have many feelings about this.... but ultimately, I also don't want to waste too much energy on it.

Yasmeen Musa : This blogilates video made me so sad :(