The Beatles (Rooftop Concert)

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The Beatles Stuff : My Mom says at 3000 subs we’ll Get a cat so Please subscribe

Scammacca Ottone : 00:11 Get Back 03:22 Don't Let Me Down 06:57 I've Got A Feeling 10:39 One After 909 13:42 Dig A Pony 17:36 Get Back PS. Finally we got the whole performance! Thank you

102gab : here before copyright strike :(

Luigi. : 3:57 Ah! The horror!

Kevin Rodriguez : The best 20 minutes in the history of concerts.

Strawberry Fields Forever : You're a hero

Sara Allen : The Beatles were simply fantastic and the world would be completely different if they had not been there to inspire, experiment and cultivate new music. So unique and original, no one will ever come close to their level of talent and innovation.

MANHATTENMAN ! : Finally after nearly 50 years theres never been a full of video of it on youtube so dude thanks!

i am the walrus : Live aid? Noh... I'd like a rooftop concert...

Hanna : Why didn't George and John want to go on the roof? I think we're all grateful they did looking back!

The Beatles Stuff : Any recommendations on what Beatles thing’s i should buy?

Annie Lennon Mccartney : OH GOD THE BEST CONCERT EVER

LaundrySheets : I’ve never heard the “And hibj ja goobla djdios” line from John before. Lol what a goof

Dole Boy : I worked in the west end when this was going on. My boss phoned the police complaining that someone had their radio on too loud...

倉地哲郎 : ライブアルバムもブロックしないで下さい。

Jonatan Emtveden : It don't sound very well on get back with John's guitar , 14:27 John and George, 18:00 RIP

bluepeng889 : I wish someone had the full concert

EnzNelson2018 : Thank you buddy for posting this video <3 greetings John Lennon icon and trend

Nandoplaycross :v : Heroe

Nandoplaycross :v : Saludos desde colombia :v


TRANSSEXUAL Em busca de uma vagina : The name of songs..PLEASE

Eddie Brant : nice video man you just earned another subscriber

Spigax Sabbath : Is this all songs They play on The rooftop really....? Thankyou..!!

HIWATT Steve : Great post! For as long as it will last. I have been a Beatles fan since birth. The best version of "Let it Be" that I have is a converted Japanese laser disc. Why EMI and The Beatles have not released this masterpiece is beyond me. I can only hope that when the 50th anniversary of "Let it Be" and "Abbey Road" are released they will finally release this on Blu-Ray.

Wilhelm II : i come for alan parson, he was there

Thomas Smith : Wow

Louis Cracchiolo : this is amazing thanks man ur a fucking homie good job man the joint man

Lil x : There last concert

OpiumVEVO : Thanks, this is gold.

Nate Walker Productions : god bless you

San Gonzalez : God bless you my friend

Citroendriver Vorever : Was die 4 Jungs da vor fast 50Jahren gemacht haben , einfach auf einem Hausdach in London ein kleines Konzert für die Passanten und Anwohner zu geben , ist ganz große Kunst . 👏👏👏

Wendy Eastham-Minkley : Wonder if the people really understood they were watching an historic moment

Leila Lucas : This shows the hard work they put in during the early years. All of the time playing three gigs a day made them into a tight live band.

jojo paycana : Deyyymmm ive been waiting for this thanks pal <3

Marc Edzel Danao : Lucky Policemen

Jorge Luis Aquino Tejeda : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

ScappahNikolai : Okay, I'm seeing way too many comments about this being the whole concert, when it's NOT. The entire concert was 42 minutes and planned to go even longer, they had a keyboard, acoustic, wah pedal, a lap-steel guitar and other things, so there are high chances they were to perform Let It Be, For You Blue, Across The Universe, or other songs. I don't remember the full order of songs, they played that day but I know WHAT songs they played. Get Back 3 times, Don't Let Me Down 2 times, I've Got A Feeling 2 times, and only played Dig A Pony/One After 909 once. The versions of Dig A Pony, One After 909, and I've Got A Feeling you hear on the Let It Be album are all the first takes of the songs performed on the roof (but cleaned up obviously). The Let It Be Naked versions of I've Got A Feeling and Don't Let Me Down are a combination of the both takes of each song from the performace. People often day the album versions of the songs I listed were studio songs. THEY WERE NOT. Paul, John, and George cranked their silver-twin reverbs max, to the point the speakers almost blew out and even distorted the tone a little more than anticipated. You hear it at the end of I've Got A Feeling with George's telecaster. They couldn't put the amps max volume in the studio, and they never did. Though there isn't a full VIDEO of the concert, we do however have access to the full raw audio of the whole 42 minutes, which you can download here: You will need WinRAR or 7zip to open it, but it's worth it. There's cameras A B C and D, plus the street audio from each song. TLDR: The full concert was 42 minutes which extra takes and some were used on the album. I included a download of the 42 minute audio above. Debunk shit to me again

Zachary Barclay : 8:23 shut up ladies and enjoy the music

Forston Da_pizza : I’ve been searching for this video my whole Life

Jim Whitaker : What a great show!

Jayant Bakshi : 08:41 you're cute. I'm 50 years too late tho

Jayant Bakshi : You, my friend, are doing God's work

David A. Morgan : I love One after 909. George is pretty much soloing through out the whole song.

David A. Morgan : You read a lot of comments on these Beatles clips where people down grade George Harrison as a lead guitar player. I do not see how anybody can watch this and make any other comment except that George was the man on guitar and when he feels like it he can keep up with all those top notch guitar players. Rock on George.

Ethan Taube : The best gig ever

Window - : Great post

Gabriel Gates : Does anyone know why that dude at the end kept interrupting them ?

Jack Cade : #1 place I'll go to once I invent my time machine!