The Pizza Slap
The Pizza Slap

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Dough, double-cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce. Instruments of joy for most. Utensils of destruction for one twisted hero... Captain Pizzaslap. Serving justice in 30 minutes or its free.


Ashreinu90 : I'll bet there was like a big triangle of zits left over where it hit.

kat alvarez : That kid with the beanie and glasses... SETH ROGEN ANYONE?!

DerMetzger : This music makes everything that is slow motion ever fucking epic. EVAARRR!!!!!!

Sam K : did they ever use the same pizza to slap a different person?

Brad Rice : This rules. VOTE FOR THESE GUYS TO GET A WEBBY!!!

Goran Aleksic : Pardon my ignorance, I don't get it, where is "comedy" here? Of course, you should have fun, but you should know something about the world you are living in: people are starving and dying somewhere, right now. And maybe right now you have more food then you can eat just because you are part of voting machine. You should respect food.

Alex R : i dont get why this vid only has 5,8k views :S Deserves much more, Hilarious vid :D! Wish the pizzas were more juicy/moist for extra splashyness :D:D

HeyRadialMoon : I'm totally LOL! THIS got nominated for a Webby! How the hell did that happen?

winterl0ve : LOL. This is hilarious :p

Allanardful : this is awesome!!!

Tankson4 : AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 1:45 I can't stop laughing!!! RTA for the win!

Le Multimedia Dude : lmao, the show wouldn't be funny, but nice selection, he looks like an old-epic-classic grumpy grandpa. Just cool

Le Multimedia Dude : 2:01, I just love the way he screams like the pizza was made out of acid

Rena Ashton : Ack! Wish I could have been there. It's so epic. Brilliant, brilliant, encore! - Rena

Claymation42 : This. Is. Art.