Incredible: This Innovative CPR Dummy Comes With A Second Dummy That Audibly Mourns Its Dead Son

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That'sWhatSheSaid : I hear that they are making one which, when successfully resuscitated, berates you for depriving it the sweet release of death and dragging it back to the unceasing existential nightmare that is human existence. So excited!

Rasengan0101 : Clickhole's videos are seriously underrated lmao

Shizzlenizzlebizzlebar : I like it, but what would it sound like if it were slightly more racist to people of Celtic ancestry?

Postcinct : Dead son? I thought that he had died weeks ago...

Gwen : I can not stop laughing. That monotone aaaaa

Chris Storms : The miracle of life is a heartbreaking thing to watch.

Just a Tiger thing : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

ded ses : holy shit, that heart attack was meant for me

Hákon Sigurðarson : Dostoyevsky sheds a tear.

SimplyMasonZero : Sexism. Girls can drown too you know. Thanks a lot Trump.

James : There was a real scientology ad before this...

velprox1 : SHAUN!

Timothy Costorf : One of the best things Clickhole has published

Jeffrey Ingraham : and don't forget to ah ah ah ah staying alive staying alive

Cintron Dominion : oooooooAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Allen Russell : Notice the mommy dummy says "God, IF you are up there...." Lack of faith cost her everything. Now she'll spend eternity standing over her dead dummy son mourning "aaaaaaaaaa". Well, at least until her batteries die.

D S : I like how his not covering or pinching the nose when his doing mouth to mouth. Dont let the air escape.

Wrinkled Pugoda : When do they harvest the organs?

Steve27775 : Annie, are you ok? Are you ok, Annie?

Eric Decker : I want to teach a CPR class with this and laugh at my students when it starts talking

Keyon Hogan : wow this made me tear dummy lives matter

Peek the Ankylosaurus : This is revolutionary!

Zia Whatsittoya : He didn't ask if Annie was okay

Russell deJesus : If we come across somebody with no arms or legs, do we bother resuscitating them? I mean what kind of quality of life do we have there?

nd4spd : You got the wrong person to do the voice, do it again.

marigo88 : What song is this?

Bleach Nation : 1000 likes on this comment to bring her son back to life.🙏🏼 Like and save a life⭐️

Shauna — : I found this really entertaining

lovelyxskinny : oh my!! :'(

Ayanna Scott : Why does the second dummy sound like a woman when it's a man? Lmao "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh" And aren't you supposed to keep going until help arrives?

Señor Cuesta : why god. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

MonikerOne : not funny

Monsterkiller IV : The dummies voice is hilarious. Can we do something so this channel gets more views

Meister Kaos : I wish they had this back when I had to do CPR training for my rescue diver certification.

Isabella Ferez Escarcega : The lady thought 🤣🤣😭😭

big boy : He didn't pinch the dummy's nose

Ornstein Smough : I cried so damn hard!!! she should win an Oscar for her performance!!!

sak sezo : i don't recommend it to anyone, even if you saved the son she won't thank you and keep mourning. Need a fix asap

Ayanna Scott : OMFG XD I was replying to comments and rewatched the vid and read the title. It says "Leavitt Medical." lmao

luke : this really comforts me. my mother never mourned my imminent death while i was in need of cpr

Jorge KN : The technique is awful. The mother should sue him

文力更 : Science is making cool new things faster and faster, when will we stop?

Sobrasada : El vídeo no esta mal pero la nariz hay que taparla con las insuflaciones.

Pointless : He didn't pinch the nose, the air would have just blown right out

Danny Boy Jango : Wow, they almost got CPR right. Good job, guys.

Elinia Tollea : Yes. It should have been you.

Sam Forsyth : "...our last conversation was a fight..." lolol

TheBadgerbruin : Our last conversation was a fight.

Abby Stephenson : Who is the voice of the mom/dad or person

Kayla Ledbetter : only did 28 and then 22 compressions. do not trust