How One Film Can Fix The Superhero Genre

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What makes a great superhero movie? It's the million dollar question in Hollywood right now, or more accurately $6 billion, with Marvel creating what is now the most successful film franchise in film history based solely on superheroes. The answer surprisingly lies in Wachowski's 1999 cyberpunk masterpiece 'The Matrix'. The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: INSIDER on Facebook: INSIDER on Instagram: INSIDER on Twitter: INSIDER on Snapchat:


Johan Zhao : The matrix is a true masterpiece.

ian74747 : The Matrix is produced by Warner Bros., the owner of DCEU. Irony is strong in this one.

Abhi : The matrix makes you question the nature of reality itself. I love the film.

Gavin : Thanos in Fortnite saved the superhero genre.

wearelegion : I just wish they'd invest in film scores. Especially for the X-Men franchise. I miss their theme song.

James B : The Matrix was such a great film. I don't know how many times I rewatch it.

Alex : The Matrix already saves superhero films. If it wasn't for the Matrix and its technical innovations it wouldn't even be possible for any of the current superhero films

Max the Madvertiser : The Matrix series, including Animatrix, is STILL the best there is out there.

Dave Moon : What makes a good superhero movie? - Good writing, comprehension of the source material, and interesting characters.

George Caldwell : Such a soft and relaxing voice. It makes me feel sleepy.

mrigendra kumar prajapati : 19 years and counting... The one is still a benchmark.

kludd28 : All excellent points. A well defined and valid description of what makes The Matrix great. The death, resurrection and decision to fight of Neo are still great. My only hang up with your video is truly nerd based. Superhero landing. Major Kusanagi did it first in Ghost In The Shell. I assume the Wachowskis probably saw that too and liked it. Don’t take me too seriously. Your video is great and I did enjoy it. Cheers!

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE 1⃣ : We do not talk about Green Lantern................

Elzo Kerstjens : nobody understood that neo REALLY wasn't the one. agent smith was. it makes the final scenes in the end of the movie make sense because the oracle lied to everyone except Neo in order to achieve peace through the one (agent smith) who posed a threat to the matrix, was born (program) in the matrix, could shape the matrix at will. neo and the focus on neo was just a distraction so that the one could grow in influence and control the programming of the matrix to such an extent that the machines HAD to bargain for peace. - flies away -

HoraceVCHarriott : Probably the best video you guys have ever put out

Abhishek shrivastav : Video is amazing

ABDUL RAHIM : The struggle in matrix is what made it worth watching it

Kapil Shrawankar : Who is we in this context?? I for one like marvel as it is..

Anutpal Gogoi : Still giving me chills, after 19 years.

Rishi Joe Sanu : This is a criticism of DC movies really

Bun Bun : marvel doesnt need saving. DC does.

anonymous one : make it a super hero for adults that teen can also watch.... Not some cringe crap for kids.... make the film seem to be grounded with some sense of realism. No over the top unbelievable BS

joosunkmybattleship : Wow great breakdown, I want to rewatch the matrix now and look for the details

Jaime Massa Cerqueiro : Amazing analysis, as a writer I agree and this has actually helped me further understand why I love The Matrix so much, keep it up!

dr. maLik : Perfect video. Cinematic super hero genre defined so perfectly

Wilson Botlero : This is one of the best videos to come out of this channel .

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : The MCU franchise is doing fine. It is the DCEU needs fixing

TafTabTah : Wrong! Matrix did not create the superhero landing. That credit goes to Blade which is a Marvel film

Lewiss Stevens : I think your channel needs saving. Marvel is doing just fine.

SanraS Uzumaki : This is true to the core, that's why Thor Ragnarok was better than the other 2 put together(imo of course) and why most DC movies have an epic fail but Wonder Woman succeeded.

Celso de Sá : Beautifully written and performed (both this episode and Matrix)

aaronrgunter : superhero movies are a matter of taste and fanbase, marvel is dong just fine, DC not so much .. and its not the casting ...

SHIN BAKI HANMA : I'm sorry, but the 1998 BLADE film should have been the focus. It's the quintessential late 1990s superhero film. It was the Matrix one year before the Matrix.

Jeffrey Williams : Superhero movies are NOT in trouble. The reason why the DC movies (except for the Batman ones) is because they were TERRIBLE, and too many studios are rushing their movies through production in order to catch up with Disney... who they all HATE. Just admit that Disney did the right thing and decided to go slow with creating their heroes' backstories, and THEN brought them all together for a mega-franchise. Don't blame Disney for getting right what everyone else (except Christopher Nolan) got wrong. And can you PLEASE STOP BASHING superhero films? Sorry, but not EVERY movie that gets made has to be a "deep" movie that makes you question the purpose of life.

Norm DePlume : That first Matrix movie is still one of the best movies even made. Why did the sequels suck!?

Senura Kaduwela : Sexxy girls and costumes like wonder woman saved super hero movies 👏👍

Kevin Johnson : All these butt hurt Marvel fanboys coming to the rescue are hilarious. "Marvel doesn't need saving!...whaaaaa"

Chef Lambo : `The Matrix Trilogy will forever be one of my greatest movies ever

Ulrich Nubias : How changing your video titles can save you would be more appropriate to this videos title.

el-sig : Wonderful! A very well thought out analysis and presentation.

sanjay natra : Then why didn't The Matrix save it's own franchise.

XY Z : Can I say that both the movie and the video are amazing...

Letlhogonolo Segoe : The Matrix was a new story, so we didn't know what was going to happen. Comic book films are based on stories that are decades old. We already know what's going to happen. Unless marvel studios decides to switch things up

Wistbacka : Say what you want about the rest of the movie, but Man of Steel definately put Superman in a vulnerable and human spot.

Reon Baruah : Does *Marvel* needs saving or *DC* ?

sirius4k : It's clear that most people don't understand what's been told in this video. While the Marvel movies are ok to watch and the offer some, very brief, excitement, they are all the same.

mavishill : Matrix is greatest marvel in cinema when it comes to philosophy.

William Jean : Lamentations 3: 33 " For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to anyone."

Patrick Pacheco : I like your taste. The Matrix is maybe the best super hero movie. That and Unbreakable.