Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel Reveal Trailer! (E3 Nintendo Direct)
Zelda Breath of the Wild Sequel Reveal Trailer E3 Nintendo Direct

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Alex M : Me: Oh sweet a creepy dlc! Nintendo: It’s a sequel. Me: YOU WHAT!?

Jonathan Barrus : A story based Zelda game. This is going to be the greatest thing since BREATH OF THE WILD

Narocklee81 :l : Gannon: *resurrects Link: how many times are i gonna have to deal with you old man!

Tata ! : Every company at E3: We are gonna win this time! Nintendo: I'm gonna do what is called a *Pro-Gamer Move*

i K. : I can't wait for a 1 hour analysis & speculation of this clip! lol

Joe Bridges : That’s underground hyrule castle! This is to explain why galamity Ganon came from beneath the castle. That is ganondorf’s corpse, under hyrule castle!

Triforce44 : Nintendo: Should we make a DLC for BOTW or a sequel? Eunoma: Yes

dad : Hyrule: Ah finally ganon is gone! **ground shakes** Hyrule: *GODDAMIT*

tnt clasher : The music makes it feel more scary and darker. Cannot wait for the sequel in 2040

SEAN GRIGSBY : This reminds me of Majora’s Mask with the creepiness... AND I LOVE IT.

Holo : Breath of the wild; Endgame is looking sick

PRETZEL KING : this reminds me a lot of twilight princess and I love twilight princess

Jayden Palermo : I was expecting DLC But it was it Breath of the Wild 2

Maple Samurai : 7/10. Not enough Deku Scrubs. But seriously though, this game needs to bring the Deku Scrubs back.

Rei Baal : Goodbye, daylight, I'm about to rewatch and overanalyze this 3000 times

troloinkto : that looks like a dark version of the shrine of resurection

Bradhp11 : It took me way too long to realize that that was Ganon’s corpse

Thokdok : The first time i saw this i thought it was a hoax. But now I'm purchasing my ticket for the hype train. I love the series. I love botw. I love how they're making a sequel.

Drewmanian :P : Hes gonna be so mad i took his horse

Super Dragon Kune : Link: Welp. Time to lose all my stuff and heart containers and go to sleep for another 100 years...

Trisha Vordemberge : 1. Wow Zelda looks really good with her hair short 2. It's a sequel!!!! 3. IT'S A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!

Steven Singleton : 0:12 Ganondorf on the wall 0:27 rat consumed by malice, some enemies will be malcified 0:40 link absorbs that weird sealing hand 0:42 actual dungeons! also 0:42 flash of Ganondorf's silhouette before sealed / mummified everything I could find

OliRock92 : 3 things! 1: This looks a freakin' LOT like Ganon's Tower from Wind Waker, seemingly now burried but Ganondorf's corpse is on the top where it should be. 2: The hand grabbing Ganondorf looks like something straight out of the Twilight Realm (so we got both WW and TP elements here). 3: During the whole trailer, Link and Zelda are seen together. In every scene or the other one does not seem far. Aonuma said he wanted multiplayer. If someone controls Link and the other Zelda, that will be a great game for gamer couples!

PK stfu Ω : Some guy somewhere is making a rule 34 of short haired zelda right as we speak

KiDD340 : Ganondorf rose from the dead to DORIAH Link into another dimension

Whisky, Weed and whips Watson : More boss and enemy variety, more traditional dungeons (in greater numbers), less reserved musical score BUT same open world, discover at your own pace ideology of BOTW would be the perfect Zelda game IMO

MicManGuy : Short Hair Zelda + Long Hair protagonists notoriously cause clipping issues *= Play as Zelda!!!!*

Carla Silveira : The Guardian music sends me into a panic every time, this entire trailer was an inverted panic attack *Ganon's eyes snap open* Me: absolutely nOT

hank03sw : i just saved this mess, cant i just keep it saved? for thirty minutes!? -link

flegoron : Now i understand why Nintendo send a lawyer for a cease and desist to that dude. Holy Hylia what a suprise!!! Nintendo killed it with their E3.

ニクラス : Zelda: "You did it Link. You defeated Ganon once and for all" Ganon: Well yes but actually no

Treyon Daren : Thats Ganondoft 100%... The hair, the jewel in his forehead, the jewelry he got.... that he was sealed away

NinjaristicNinja : I've never been so happy during a direct. That was absolutely amazing.

BlazeSix : First of all, this is so damn scary. Second of all, Link has set a new record by keeping Hyrule safe for 5 months. Well done Link!

Lazy Sloth : Notice how link kinda falls/disappeaars in the end and only zelda is left standing. I think you can only play as Zelda in the game and this time Zelda needs to save link and hyrule. That would be a reaaon why you dont have the master sword, shields and stuff from botw.

Ettore Lentini : My biggest fear: that this sequel will only take place inside and underneath the castle. My hope: that it will take place inside and underneath the castle BUT ALSO throughout the current Hyrule to restore the various sites destroyed by the bad guys. This reveal was truly epic though!!!!

Unstoppable Plays! : ZELDA'S ROCKIN THAT SHORT HAIR!!! oooof woolies gonna be happy lol

M. Knox : This trailer had a bigger sense of urgency than the entirety of Breath of the Wild's story. I can't wait :D

Emil Sellven : Wooohooo i thought they would just announce more DLC for BOTW but a sequel? SIGN ME UP!

Tristan Neal : Zelda is so much cuter with short hair! Also, I predict classic dungeons will rise up from the ground below Hyrule, like we saw at the end of the trailer. That’s how they’ll explain their absence in the previous game. Really hoping for more story and larger dungeons! Having the story take place in present day is already a big step forward.

TheKewlPerson : When you’re so hyped that you put an exclamation point in the title...

Link : Ganondorf is back in da hood fam, it been 13 years gosh darn, how I missed that ol goof *flex* *flex*

Bleach : Finally...seemingly a return to dark Zelda games.

Jazael Rosado : Fortnite: I am inevitable Zelda Botw 2: And I am iron man

Samuel Morton : Ganon: comes back to life Link: *Ah shit, here we go again*

Natsu Salamander : Full dungeons and make the weapons more durable & repairable .You can also add forging and this game will be PERFECT .

Gabe Coronado : The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Majora's Mask 2

Jacob Chapman : "No ones ever really gone." *Ganon corpse snapping noises*

Shlig Bit : Zelda’s new haircut lookin FRESH