The Very First Wilhelm Scream

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Edgy News : *Finally, I've been trying find this forever.*

Jrod ProductionStudios : Screw Disney for not having the Wilhelm Scream in episode 8.

Anonymous 7707 : i can believe his scream became more known than the actually movie

Daniel Jones : and thus, one of the earliest memes was born

excelon13 : The most famous scream in Cinema followed by the worst gasp of all time.

Echo Voltage : The Wilhelm scream: a meme before there were memes.

Ketorulz : That guy must be a billionaire from royalties

Metroid B : A legend was born that day.

Satou Kazuma : Red Dead Redemption 2 looks great

Boss Bunny : Should have said "MY LEG!"

Zack T. : This carried on for over 60 years.......

TGX Game Reviews : hearing this in the Ratchet and Clank movie as a soldier was shot off a bridge I couldn't help but role my eyes, until his supporting officer yelled "Wilhelm!!!" I was the only one in the theatre laughing.

Norbert Kass : oh my, i love the way he just feints into the water xD Also how he's still screaming after his face is underwater! Oh man xD

Craig Hicks : Greatest scream of all time.

Jimmy Bruh : 0:16 for the wilhelm scream

Zug75 : so this is where it all came from. lol i 1st heard it from star wars

RoboTekno : "Clever girl..."

UH_60_GTAHAWK : Wooooow :) This is the first Wilhelm scream you can tell it sounds more natural :)

Mon zilie : 0:16 When you step on lego

SealMeme6 : This man is a legend, I tip my hat to him.

Jurassic King : The audio log for this was called "man getting bit by an alligator". It's called the Wilhelm Scream because the cowboy named Wilhelm made it famous.

Bean Eater In The Theater : I like how youtube has run out of good content so they recommend old stuff to us now

Naila Aurel : I came here for the "AHHHHHHHHHHH"

Dr Gammaray : This scream was even used in Man of Steel (2013) It's been used in fucking everything, I swear. 

zaandarbrow : This scream is the reason why people toon into star wars XD

GuyThatUhate1 : This is actually the second time this scream was used

Carson Lee : what is they copyrighted the sound.... they would have trillions

Luraine Alteria : Press 5 over and over You're welcome

Vanilla Unicorn : The one that started it all... I worship you, o' mighty Wilhelm Scream...

Pajama Sam : Why does he just slowly fall over?

TheShadowfire204 : I've heard it from every Star Wars movie, Hellboy, Man of steel and more. It has been used over 200 times since 1951

RebelRatchet : i'm not gonna lie, I repeated the scream scene over and over again and it brought a grin to my face.

Billy Siravo : And thus, a meme was born... Via a man being viciously torn apart by crocodiles.

JAG ÄTER BARN : I was expecting some German guy wearing a Pickelhaube...

JBroZ Tv : A scream that will never be forgotten

Freestyler NS : Who is here from Venom?

SaviourMK2 : the Legend begins

Mackenzie Coombe : Crikey, look at that croc!

ㅤFiv5 Sev7n : A cowboy created this masterpiece? Oh wow lol. Still, I find it funny how he stills screams after being underwater

Date Mike : It's interesting to see it actually fits with something.

Cytron Let's Plays : Press 5 for more fun! =D

NERD SAUCE : I love how the gator is in water clearly deeper than shin high

Hassan Tahan : 0:16 for those impatient

Daniel : And so began 60 years of movie awesomeness ahaha Thumbs up if you noticed this in star wars or lord of the rings ;)

xCupcakeEdits_ : Finally, this video was recommended to me.

Jumbo Cat Studios : And thus, a classic sound was born.

Cheesy Rice : 0:16 the scream

psychoticmortacarn : "Move your arms around, so it looks like he's killin' ya!"

Wag33z : I really don't understand the appeal in this. They used this in the StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm trailer, and it just made me laugh, even with all the amazing action going on at the time..

Andy Tee : Why and how did this sound effect get so popular😂 like when ever someone falls of a ledge or is about to die you expect them to add the sound effect.