The Very First Wilhelm Scream

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Edgy News : *Finally, I've been trying find this forever.*

Jrod ProductionStudios : Screw Disney for not having the Wilhelm Scream in episode 8.

Anonymous 7707 : i can believe his scream became more known than the actually movie

Metroid B : A legend was born that day.

excelon13 : The most famous scream in Cinema followed by the worst gasp of all time.

Daniel Jones : and thus, one of the earliest memes was born

Boss Bunny : Should have said "MY LEG!"

Echo Voltage : The Wilhelm scream: a meme before there were memes.

Ketorulz : That guy must be a billionaire from royalties

Norbert Kass : oh my, i love the way he just feints into the water xD Also how he's still screaming after his face is underwater! Oh man xD

UH_60_GTAHAWK : Wooooow :) This is the first Wilhelm scream you can tell it sounds more natural :)

Zack T. : This carried on for over 60 years.......

Satou Kazuma : Red Dead Redemption 2 looks great

TGX Game Reviews : hearing this in the Ratchet and Clank movie as a soldier was shot off a bridge I couldn't help but role my eyes, until his supporting officer yelled "Wilhelm!!!" I was the only one in the theatre laughing.

Craig Hicks : Greatest scream of all time.

Zug75 : so this is where it all came from. lol i 1st heard it from star wars

Jurassic King : The audio log for this was called "man getting bit by an alligator". It's called the Wilhelm Scream because the cowboy named Wilhelm made it famous.

RoboTekno : "Clever girl..."

Jimmy Bruh : 0:16 for the wilhelm scream

Naila Aurel : I came here for the "AHHHHHHHHHHH"

GuyThatUhate1 : This is actually the second time this scream was used

Luraine Alteria : Press 5 over and over You're welcome

Dr Gammaray : This scream was even used in Man of Steel (2013) It's been used in fucking everything, I swear. 

Vanilla Unicorn : The one that started it all... I worship you, o' mighty Wilhelm Scream...

SealMeme6 : This man is a legend, I tip my hat to him.

Carson Lee : what is they copyrighted the sound.... they would have trillions

TheShadowfire204 : I've heard it from every Star Wars movie, Hellboy, Man of steel and more. It has been used over 200 times since 1951

zaandarbrow : This scream is the reason why people toon into star wars XD

RebelRatchet : i'm not gonna lie, I repeated the scream scene over and over again and it brought a grin to my face.

Hassan Tahan : 0:16 for those impatient

SaviourMK2 : the Legend begins

JAG ÄTER BARN : I was expecting some German guy wearing a Pickelhaube...

Guru Laghima : Why does he just slowly fall over?

Cytron Let's Plays : Press 5 for more fun! =D

JBroZ Tv : A scream that will never be forgotten

ㅤFiv5 Sev7n : A cowboy created this masterpiece? Oh wow lol. Still, I find it funny how he stills screams after being underwater

Its Ali64xX : Man i can swear i heard that in Avengers Infinity war in the scene where doc strange, Spider-Man and Iron Man are in that donut shaped spaceship. The sound happed when that black order guy fell out of the spaceship.

psychoticmortacarn : "Move your arms around, so it looks like he's killin' ya!"

Jason Quicke : It’s strange how this is the only movie to actually make the scream sound natural. You know what they say: “can’t beat the original”.

Andy Tee : Why and how did this sound effect get so popular😂 like when ever someone falls of a ledge or is about to die you expect them to add the sound effect.

xDarkhazel : I just love how nobody bothered to jump in and at least try to help him. A+ for team support!

Dackster1994 : he even screams under water :)

Jumbo Cat Studios : And thus, a classic sound was born.

Magnav Games : *The birth of a legend*

NERD SAUCE : I love how the gator is in water clearly deeper than shin high

Wag33z : I really don't understand the appeal in this. They used this in the StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm trailer, and it just made me laugh, even with all the amazing action going on at the time..

Clanker : This scream was recorded in post so this guy didn't actually scream it.

Daniel : And so began 60 years of movie awesomeness ahaha Thumbs up if you noticed this in star wars or lord of the rings ;)

flashkraft : They fed a real guy to the alligators too. There was no Actors Union back in those days. Every movie was practically a snuff film.

Gypsyblood777 : Rip Wilhelm