3D-printed Car by Local Motors - The Strati

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Schlomo Shekelberg : so i can download a car ?

Shade Meadows : So... you CAN Download a car!

Jason Faulks : Wow! Simply wow! I have been following this project with excitement for a while now. I can't wait to see it finished and rolling! Great job to whoever put this promo piece together too!

RyoHazuki224 : This is so strange!! I was just reading some car magazine the other day, i forget which one, but it was talking about a LaFerrari and it's carbon fiber monocoque tub, and the thought came in my head "Hmm, I wonder how feasable it would be to 3D print a car? Not all of it of course, but the main chassis and body?" This was just like two days ago, and now I'm watching it happen!! Great minds think alike huh? :) Now all we need a 3D metal laser sinterer to print the engine and other metal parts while it's printing the rest of the car. Imagine a whole car printed with not just composite materials but metal as well and at the same time! Now that is the future!

PlasmaMongoose : _"You wouldn't download a car"_ But soon you can.

Marcin Wagner : Nieźle, nieźle :)) #Druk3D  

soltystoja : Gówno! I nic więcej!

starview1 : Soon everything will be 3 d printed, will be awesome,when graphene is used on stuff,the things will be almost indestructible ( almost) . Steet version expected around 2016 (at least that's what is reported)

Gaming Droid : Now lets see some crash tests

Thomas Lee Mullins : It might not be a practical way to make a car but if one has the money, it would be - IMO - a cool way to create a car. 

Mauricio Villegas : Waiting for Top Gear's review

Ki-Hwan Jang : Dear whom it may concern, This is Ki-Hwan Jang who is a teaching assistant of K-MOOC (Korean-Massive Open Online Course) class. I'm writing to request permission for use of copyrighted materials. The K-MOOC program is a open lecture course that anyone can take at no cost. It is supported by Korea Government. The name of class is "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" and Prof. Sung-Hoon Ahn (Seoul National University) will give a lecture. I would like to use your video for the lecture material. Your video will be utilized to show the potential of 3D printing technology. Because your video is very good to understand, I really hope you allow me to utilize it. I will identify the source. I'm looking forward to your reply with permission. If any further information is required, I hope you let me know. (jkh162332 at gmail dot com) Thank you. Ki-Hwan Jang

Spoon-Dono : The video shows no info as the only purpose of this vehicle is to get into history books. The way the vehicle is being printed is not structurally sound and it constantly wants to break itself in half. The plastic that has to be used through the extruder can't withstand prolonged bouts of extreme AZ heat. It's not meant for the general public to buy, at least right now, because it shatters in crash tests. Besides, it would be far too expensive after all the man hours and specialty parts to buy. If you tried it, you'd first need to buy the really big, really expensive, still not perfect, 3D printer. Rich people that go to LM all the time might be able to afford it but it'll take a long time to make sure it stays together although I doubt it will be safe.

Segara : the person that did it is a genius

Tom Ormiston : Great concept. Alas printing speeds probably a bit low at the present. But in future we could be downloading paid professional designs to the nearest 3D car workshop/ indi-manufacturer to be made to our specifications. Mass car manufacturers may even allow some of their designs to be purchased for printing I? The electronics, engine, sensors etc still need to be designed and installed, but lots of people would be happy to build cars like this for retail.  Recallable plastic would be needed as well, also ways of getting nice finishes and textures. Not sure how this would work on the legal side but where there is a will etc etc. Exciting concept though..... and Im not even a car fan!

A. F. : well..let's see..first: what engine you can put in it and what is the top speed and the maximum distance covered? as i see it won't speed more than a scooter...second: security matters, can we see a crash test?it seems that it will colapse at first touch to any hard surface..third: what is its price? i heard it will be between 10 000 - 20 000.. wtF??why all these electric cars made by big corporations are so fuking expensive?again somebody took the monopoly on this technology and puts its prices..i just wait for the time when they will make electric cheap cars, affordable for everybody, and 0 polution.


eNZy lb : DAMN MAN!!!! at least for the history books!!! thi FUGLY design will haunt us as the first printed car!!! WHY??? i feel sry for the effort put into this! why not making something like KTM or POLARIS or lambo EGOISTA...???

abba zhaba : У них был 3Д принтер для создания корпуса автомобиля, а они напечатали такое уебище...

ВОЛЬДЕМАР Вечерний : а как же колеса, двигатель, всякие шланги и подшипники? Хрень какая то...

ВИДЕО ДЛЯ ВСЕХ : нада принтер который будет печатать любую еду )))

Jonathan Long : What kind of filament is this, and could it be used to make motors im very curious

Chen Yang : Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way, did they also printed the engines, gear box and shafts?

josh bishop : The hype really died down on this. Although local motors rushed to be the first, its not actually a product anyone wants. It was a golf cart. If they could make it run on the highway and put it through some crash testing all while being affordable, it might have made some waves.(yes I realize it wouldn't need to pass crash tests to be street legal due to the customer involved build process but crash treats aren't just red tape, they give people peace of mind, even if they weren't official crash tests).

EllidanX : Вот если бы они электрическую часть напечатали, или хотя бы аккумулятор.

Tiia Kahila : Yay. Soon we see pirated copies of luxury cars and boats.

Omikron : 3D printers print house, now car. Tesla motors. Automatization, shorten working hours to 6 hours

thealbumcollector : Interesting that the ad plays, but the video doesn't. Is this YouTube's attempt at protesting the internet takeover?


Адель Мулюк : It's not the world's first. Urbee 2 the first

zoiuduu : cool idea, great work of the print,,,,,,but awful video,,,,, i cant see the print work , always something popup in the scrren

kickinbackinOC : I like the car, I like the technology. But I want to slap the video editor for the jumpy editing, with all the interposed images and shifting views. That completely distracts from viewing the 3D process. Cheesy, hackneyed editing. Hooray for the car! "Boo" for this video.

T8o Spinners : Boy! That's one ANNOYING video! The cuts are so fast, I couldn't focus on anything. Or was that intentional? :-)

James L : AWESOME ! ! ! !I bet the car floats too - do a boat next ! ! !

Steve Kroll : I did not see any 3D bearings being printed. How will it move efficiently without precision bearings? OOPS?

Gencoil : Now show us the car on the road.

william foster : fantastic work 

Mily TM : i always think about those people who "dislike" everything ... hahaha by the way . that`s amazing . viva technology and knowledge 

x3cut0ra : Nice, but 30 000$ is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for shit like this.

iamhole : printed from what? are you using carbon nano tubes?

Charles Damery : This will the type  of vehicle the insurance industry and governments will hate with a passion.

Corsia Logistics : Would be great city car and hopefully it will be electric! 

Lee Patterson : Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn.....not impressed

bill boyd : Optional printed passenger for the HOV lane.

Nandesh Nair : Can a printed car pass crash tests?

parapobabam : ugly finish. needs to be a smooth shiny surface.

freemanfriend : subbed, for the future...THIS IS FUTURE! AS IT SHOULD BE!!!! greetings from germany , i want one! ....

TheMagicmodel : Now that's what I'm talking about!

Berixist : awesome cant wait

JourneyedAvenger : I can imagine how often you'd have to be printing parts for that. It would probably be worse that bought from China