Get to Know the Beautiful Niece Waidhofer

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littlemarcus15 : It's a good thing she's pretty cause she's got the personality of a cardboard box.

PhoeniX : Just make a porn!

Jus Me : why do women need so much validation?

IOIOOIIOIO : The crazy-eyes really come out at 31s.

ghettoblaster36 : the perfect organism <3

graeme truckwitt : wow I think she's an absolute Babe, Gorgeous is another that comes to mind! you go girl!

Matt Payne : Use the f word. Daily. Haha

expo1403 : Is it bad that I've watched this ten times?

Kyrie English : 1:30 She wants to get hit on in a loud place, so the noise could mask her intelligence or lack thereof.

Shaolin Manny : Thanks Niece's Mum :p

bozitojugg3rn4ut : Don't wish to be rude, but I would love to motorboat those knockers.

Dan B : Perfect

Eze Todoroki : Get roasted.

Ryan Kats : Yep, definitely a dork lol😂 love ya Niece

Booker DeWitt : <3 Texas women!

Vrati se u Tavelića dvere : she is such a slut omg