I Fight Dragons Music Business Case Study - 1 song, 7.5 writers, 18+ versions

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sanoichiro : All of these versions are great.  I really feel though, that just like their thoughts on kaboom, the label was wrong from the get go.  "LIES IN STEREO" was by far the best for me.  Some of the lyrics for the other versions were great, but the chorus and melody in Lies were perfect.  I don't know what you're planning on doing with the track, but great work.

SomeCallMeWeird : The real mystery for me is that you tagged this 'Himalayan Folk Music' on soundcloud...

metvelle : looks like it became chicago, I heard it on warped tour, turned out awesome

flabort : If I understood their blog correctly, IFD is now taking Chicago and changing the base that these were all built off of - the Wells Track itself is undergoing some changes for their next version of that song. I'm thinking I Will Be the One [v2] would go wonderful with a similar changes, and blow "Radioactive" out of the water. BTW, before anyone complains that I'm getting IFD and ImagineD confused, I'm not. It's just that that song gets so much radiotime, IFD deserves more radiotime too.

likeLlikeH : I thought that It's Not Me, It's You was my favorite, but after listening to all of them, Drive Thru is the one that's stuck in my head =] They were all lovely. It's Not Me, It's You, Drive Thru, Lifeline, and Down With Perfect were my favorites. IFD is amazing and I'm so glad that you were able to take your music to Kickstarter and get funded to make a record that you love <3

BraveBreaker Gaming : Well...now I know where the track name "Chicago" came from...

Susan Bachner : This is a great band with great songs, ( I've seen them play live). And it's a crazy story of what happened with this track. But as I songwriter, I think the looniest part of it is that for some reason the label listened to the original track, which was not a song at all good, bad or neutral, but merely a musical "bed" of organized chord progressions, and decided that this thing was a "hit song". It wasn't a song at all so how one earth could they come to this conclusion? Then they drove the songwriter nuts for a year, and spent all kinds of money on studio time and got other songwriters involved, thinking that some person or combination of people could be the ones to "fix" it so that the non-existent song would be what they would consider a hit. Makes absolutely no sense at all. I like the collab he did with Matt Mahaffey ( not surprised since I'm a big fan of his) but the most "real" version of the thing was the last one where he went off on the frustration of this experience. Real songs come from a real place.

Ci Gallagher : So strange to hear one song become just over an entire album's-worth of demos. Glad it finally found it's home on the new album as Chicago.

Melanie Murder : Wow those time lines is when my friend first told me about you guys. And of course being a Nerd & a Gamer I fell in Love. But anyway, I'm really good and picking,out a band's next hit off an album. Don't know why. It's just ALWAYS my forever song on the album. And thing you k now it's ' the band's' New hit... It kinda pisses me off sometime. But Kaboom is an amazing album. And that demo totally would have been a HIT if record labels weren't such Dicks. But that suck you didn't get to put it out there. I would have loved to have heard it all.

Kojirou Takeshi : @thesch Well, its a stage in the songwriting process. The band will come up with a tune or riff on the guitar or piano, saying "hey, listen to this riff I came up with." Then, after playing that, the band will say "wow, that sucks. Lets write a song around that." and then *poof* a song is created. Well, not really in this case...

Clayton Kilmer : I dont know any other stories behind any other bands and their labels but from what i have heard about your label Brian they were horrible. They didnt put in the effort to get you on the radio nor did they think KABOOM was any good, and to top it off they couldnt see the awesome in any of these tracks... i really like all of these and i will download all the full song versions. i especially like Lies in Stereo, BetterLivinThruTelevision, and It's Not Me it's You

Elmer The Tree : Glad to see Chicago survived. That was my favorite version, my SO preferred Better Livin' Thru Television.

Lo-Fi Loser : That sucks what happened, but it made some amazing songs come out as a result. I love Lies in Stero, Down with Perfect, and Fight or Flight, but my all time favorite of the tracks has to be Losing the battle, Winning the war. Can't wait to see what you guys make next!

Rock, Paper, Cynic : I've got to say, it's pretty fascinating getting to peek in on the songwriting genealogy!

Henry Holman : Dude, Brian I feel the same way! Now I'm not a music writer but I am (personally considered) a director and writer and a I do a lot of it with my friend(s) who have different opinions and it is totally frustrating when your idea that you think will be awesome is shot down for one reason or another. I feel ya, man.

Chris Parker : Music like this exists.

Seger Marion : This is crazy! You should come to CU Denver and talk with our Singer/Songwriter Ensemble. We're constantly doing rewrites of our tunes.

SeumiseuTV - 스미스티비 : I really liked Lies in stereo, Runaways, BetterLivinThruTelevision, Can't get to me, Down with perfect and finally Its not me its you, you can really tell its aimed at them, wow at least the ones I liked are truly amazing, I like to think that I only like good music, and yet they didn't like them...

Daniel Liedtke : Wow, you weren't kidding about the blunt part. I like it though (the 'It's Not Me, It's You' track). I think my favorite versions along the way were Lies In Stereo and Chicago.

WolfDemon69 : I really love that you shared the journey of this song with us in this way. I love how raw the emotion feels in the final track and it definitely has a victorious aura. It's absolutely crazy that the label pushed you to that point but in a weird way, I think it produced the best emotion in the song and it's always going to be one of my favorite songs of all time

Icarus : Wow yeah when he said blunt I did not expect that. I actually really liked it though, haha. That one and BetterLivinThruTelebision were my favorites.

HelloAlice/Alexcinder : chicago, lines in stero, pretty much everything sounded good

Panfugirl79 : i really got a laugh out of down with perfect's chorus. "Down with the flawless, plastic piles of sh*gameboy noise*"

Madison Sheriff : haha I love its not me its you that was the best! could you please play that at warp tour june 20? plz ill be the one screaming the loudest =3

computerfreak6432 : The funny thing about "Its Not Me Its You" is that the song itself is about the frustration Brian went through in order to make a song good enough of the label he was working with. I agree,there is some awesome variations to this track but for me, "Its Not Me Its You" fits well

Jack Nix : Lies In Stereo was AMAZING!!!!

Aeroxima : Really love 18, all I can say.

Jack Nix : 2:52 HAHAHAHAHAHA

Callefang : Gotta love that Himalayan folk music.

spakuloid : Runaways is my favorite version.

Crispymenace : Mega great video bro .my experience exactly.art n money..not a good mix.....

TheWordsmythe : Somewhere before the first album, I remember mentioning IFD to my friends, describing the sound as "Fountains Of Wayne, but with chiptune." So: NAILED IT.

Benjamin McLean : I think chiptunes + rock + violins would sound awesome. Wasn't there some cello on "Disaster Hearts"? If there wasn't, there should've been.

Nathedrall : honestly I prefer "It's not me, it's you" the best.

Josh Bahr : Brian once you decide what version you like best you need to make the video of it just like this, you singing in front of your bookshelf clips of the rest of the band lyrics in the 8-bit counters.

CronoMkI : Definitely Chicago. One of the most emotionally charged songs I've ever heard.

John S : It's Not me It's you is the best one! I love it and the story behind it makes it even better.

Rafa : funny that It's Not Me It's You was my fav one xD.. (after that, Down With Perfect and then Lies In Stereos)

scratchedrecord : He lost the demo for that one.

scratchedrecord : There is. You download the tracks on Soundcloud.

Tairn McBeth : i really lked the demo ^^ fuck the labels they let gaga an nicki put utter SHIT on the radio all the time... im ready for good music. yall have my vote

MootroidXProductions : Ah. Thanks.

Furfect Score : If you log in either via facebook or create an account and log in, then you can download it.

Austyn Zapf : I find it hilarious that the tag on soundcloud is "himalayan folk music"

MootroidXProductions : Why is there no download link?

Dustin Jorgesen : I think that chicago is tremendous, but I am biased to all things chicago. wish there was a full on version

Matt Burkett : Kaboom was awesome! you guys rock!

Radioactive242424 : I want to hear "Grow The Fuck Up", since you namedropped it an it's not on the Sound Cloud.

Koopa Kid : Brian, you are perf. Everything on Kaboom! is great, and being happy with your work is more important than anything else. So ignore that silly label, because if you, and the band, and your fans love the work, and it's a "hit" to them, nothing else matters. :) -awkward unnecessary pep-talk-

Napivore : Beautiful I say! I loved Kaboom, and I'm loving this! I'll see if I can come up with lyrics to this! :P